The Best 6×9 inch Car Speakers

If you’ve just had enough of the mediocre sound quality coming from your factory installed stereo and speakers, upgrading to a comprehensive aftermarket car audio system would be in your best interest. But what exactly do you upgrade to? Is there really a way of upgrading without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, what if I told you there is? The answer to all your questions simply lies in a pair of 6×9 car speakers.

6×9 car speakers work perfectly fine and amongst car owners, rank as the most popular. This can be partly attributed to their pocket-friendly price tag and partly to their do-it-all nature. In fact, if your main goal is to find all-round performance speakers; these are just the speakers to go for. Yes, they offer quality highs and mids, but their main forte is in the bass area. In a nutshell, 6×9 speakers are for anyone looking for crisp sound, powerful bass, decent power handling and impeccable high and mid range frequencies – all for an affordable price.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the best 6×9-inch car speakers on the market, which entail the right cocktail of features for a quality audio experience. Note that we thoroughly tested an infinite variety of products to come up with the refined list below. We will first focus on the best coaxial 6×9 speakers, prior to embarking on the best component 6×9 systems.

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The Best 6×9 Coaxial Car Speakers Review

Our Pick: Pioneer TS-A6995R 6×9-inch Car Speakers – in your quest for high quality car speakers, you will notice that the main challenge lies in finding a set that sounds great in varying settings, and across all genres. In fact, you’ll likely notice a significant difference just by playing varying genres of music through a specific set of speakers. While classical acoustics may sound brilliant through your prospective set, rock music will come out as flat and boring. This is exactly what Pioneer had anticipated and sought to overcome by creating the TS-A6995R 6×9 speakers.

TS-A6995R 6×9 Pioneer car speakers is designed using rigid, high sensitive material pre-configured to cover the widest frequency range among all speakers we tested. They are able to produce powerful lows, crisp highs and crystal clear mids hence unmatched realism in virtually all music genres. Thanks to a rigid multi-layer mica matrix cone, you can experience fuller bass without any form of distortion whatsoever. In fact, with the exception of finicky characters, you can fully rely on them without having to purchase a dedicated subwoofer on the side.

These Pioneer speakers come in a wide array of configurations, meaning finding one that complements your needs shouldn’t be much of a hassle. For the finicky music enthusiasts, they can get their hands on the component version which packs a separate woofer, crossover and tweeter for optimal performance. You can also opt for a two-way, three-way, four-way or even five-way design depending on your preference.

Only downside with these speakers is the complexity of installation more so for the component version of the TS-A6995R. Other than that, the Pioneer 6×9 coaxial car speakers are just impeccable and eventually worth every effort.

Pioneer TS-A6995R speakers come in all ways possible from the basic two-way design all the way up to five-way systems for those that enjoy crisp acoustics. Our tests revealed that the speakers scored highly both in high and low frequencies. Drum lines are exquisite, the guitar riffs amazing and the bass dynamic. In short, it is an all-rounded product that offers excellent sound quality. Out of ten, we give the Pioneer speakers a nine. Similar to most 6×9 car speakers, the Pioneer TS-A6995R set won’t burn holes in your pocket. For as little as just $100, you can get your hands on these speakers.

Runner Up: JBL GTO Series – GTO939 Premium 6 x 9-inch Car Speakers – are you looking for car speakers that not only sound good but look equally good as well? If this is the case, these are just the speakers to get your hands on. Their bold looks resemble something designed in the future and you can be guaranteed of a stylish look for your car just by installing them. Back to the basics though, the GTO939 model remains one of the most after speakers in its realms thanks to the great audio experience they offer. What makes them special?

To begin with, the engineering and design of the GTO939 speakers is just on its own level. They pack rigid cones designed with carbon-injected fibers for accurate, fuller bass and of all 6 by 9 car speakers we tested, the GTO939 set was the only one giving the Pioneer above, a run for its money. Other design triumphs include a Plus One woofer cone, a rotating tweeter mount for wider frequency range and a My-Ti super-tweeter for great acoustics.

Its sensitivity rating of 94dB was the highest among all 6×9 car speakers we tested meaning the speakers can be paired with an average, low powered stereo and still get the most out of it by producing quality audio experiences. Besides this, they also have great power handling. Even though you would be hard-pressed to find any flaws, the two-way design limitation can be improved.

As mentioned above, the GTO939 is limited to a two-way speaker design. This however, doesn’t seem to stop it from clinching the number two spot on our list. Besides being the loudest in our tests, the GTO939 set proved that it can provide an all-rounded performance just like the Pioneer above. It is particularly great at producing powerful lows – being a JBL of course – and fuller baselines. What’s more amazing is that with just $130, you can upgrade to a quality set like the GTO939. Compared to other options, they offer great value to the buck.

On the Budget: Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9-inch Car Speakers – Rockford Fosgate is renowned for being the first to invent a car amplifier and therefore, you can always expect nothing short of high quality audiophiles from them. The Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 by 9 car speakers go a long way in proving that quality is indeed a habit and in this case, it comes cheap. Speakers are plain simple and if you are looking for fashion accessories to fit in your car, these are not the speakers for you. So apart from their price, what else distinguishes them from the pack?

Even though the bass power isn’t just enough to match up to its counterparts above, the R169X3 produces neat high and mid frequencies. This can be attributed to the piezo super-tweeters and silk dome tweeters entailed in the speakers. They also pack an in-built crossover network that streams all lows to the woofer and highs to the tweeters hence ensuring a crisp and highly-detailed comprehensive audio experience. Considering the great price, the speakers are simply flawless. However, bass heads will find the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 speakers a little sluggish at producing low frequencies. Other than this, these speakers should serve you right.

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 speakers are designed with a three-way system that includes an integrated crossover. In terms of quality, they just go to prove that having a great car audio system indeed need not be a bank-breaking affair. In fact, you can get your hands on a pair of R169X speakers for as little as $44.

The Best 6×9 Component Car Speakers Review

Our Pick: Image Dynamics XS-69 6×9-inch HD Mid-Bass Drivers with Composite Nomex Rohacell Cone – top on our list of 6×9 component car speakers is the XS-69 by Image Dynamics. Being the manufacturer’s flagship series of speakers, they indeed had a point to prove and that’s exactly what happened. In fact, no other component car speaker system came close to achieving what these speakers did in our thorough tests. Not only did they demonstrate unparalleled audio clarity and frequency response, but also amazing accuracy that almost feels like you are listening to music through headphones. Those looking for the highest quality standards of car music reproduction should probably consider checking out the XS-69.

Mid-range drivers are effective at producing crystal clear sound that borders on perfection meaning with the XS-69, you can be able to enjoy every tone and sound coming out of the speakers including quality lows. The multi-layered ceramic fiber Rohacell cone enhances the bass besides ensuring that the speakers remain free from any damage. In a nutshell, it is one of the best high-end products available on the market today; a fact that can be attributed to its depth of sound.

Only downside with the X-69 mid-range drivers’ component system has to be its bank-breaking price tag. The $370 you will have to part with to get your hands on the speakers doesn’t really reflect great value for money. Other than that, you can indeed rely on them to give you the best audio car experience; that is if the hefty price won’t act as interference.

On the overview XS-69 Image Dynamics 6×9 car speakers is a new product and considering the fact that most people don’t like change, investing in the system can seem a mean feat for anybody especially at that price. With this, the manufacturer knew that they could not settle for anything less than the number one spot and true to this, the system is actually the best you can find. After thorough tests, we found the high and mid range frequencies to be impeccable and the lows amazing. At $370, this is a product worth investing in more so if quality is your main priority.

Runner Up: Focal Integration ISS 690 6 x 9-inch Component Speakers – clinching the number two spot is the integration line of speakers by Focal which mimics the exact same technology they use in their audiophile-grade home systems and studio equipment. That said, the Focal Integration ISS 690 can therefore only offer nothing short of amazing, quality high and mid-range frequencies, complemented by powerful lows free from any additional resonances. So, what exactly makes it worth the number two spot on this list? Let’s have a look.

These 6×9 component car speakers comes with separate aluminum inverted dome tweeters packing an in-built plug and waveguide to enhance the high notes besides boosting your stereo soundstage. You also get an angled mount to set up the tweeters in their most ideal position for a wider frequency range. Focal ISS 690 features 6×9 woofers packing polyglass cones that work at producing powerful cellulose sounds backed up by the strength of glass. In-built crossover networks make the installation process much easier as you won’t have to mount the extra boxes. Finding flaws in these 6×9 component car speakers is almost impossible. The price is great, the sound is impeccable and design just right. However, it is not as loud as its counterpart above.

All said you have a reliable component system that won’t cave in any temperature extremes thanks to the butyl rubber surround that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. The woofer is rigid and the tweeters extra effective at producing quality highs and mids. At just $270, you can get your hands on the Focal high-end product and be guaranteed of getting value for your money.

On the Budget Option: Kicker 40CSS694 6×9 Component Car Speakers – if you are on the lookout for a great component system that strikes the perfect balance of quality and value for money, it would then be in your best interest to check out the 40CSS694 system by Kicker. Regarded as one of the most reliable brands on the market, Kicker certainly ensured that these speakers live up to their reputation. Let’s have a look at why it is one of the top-rated products in its classes.

These 6 by 9 car speakers are well balanced and you can expect sweet highs, fuller mids and quality lows at wide frequencies. Tweeter imaging is however its greatest making them highly effective at producing crisp, crystal clear high frequencies without any form of distortion. Fatigueless bass power is also worth noting and at even in high volume, the lows remain heart throbbing. Mid bass frequencies are the main downside to owning a pair of the 40CSS694 speakers. Those who enjoy music at loud volumes pushing over 60 watts can expect some form of distortion. Other than this, they work perfectly fine considering the amazing price tag for a 6×9 component speakers.

If your main goal is to upgrade from your pre-installed factory speakers in a pocket-friendly fashion, then these speakers by Kicker are your safest bet. At just $120, you can own a pair, need I say more?

Top Of The Line: Morel Tempo Ultra 692 6×9-inch Car Component Speaker System – looking for the ultimate upgrade option regardless of the amount you will have fork out? Well, if this is the case the Morel Tempo Ultra will certainly knock your socks off. The system is not as popular as those above but it does live up to the billing. Let’s have a look at why the ultra 692 is worth a spot on our list.

Whole Morel system complements each component perfectly and you will be hard-pressed to find any sort of distortion in the speakers. Woofer is made using high grade ferrite to enhance powerful lows that won’t cave in any circumstance. The tweeters are designed using neodymium – a rare material that promotes quality and crisp high frequencies. In a nutshell, the Morel Tempo Ultra 692 is well designed using high-end materials to produce high-end sound. The only flaw with this one can be pegged to the hefty amount you will have to fork out to own the system. However, if its great performance is anything to go by, it should be all worth it eventually.

Overall, the Morel Tempo Ultra 692 is a high quality product that guarantees nothing short of a great car audio experience. It comes complete with an external crossover which ensures all frequencies are directed to where they should. At $450, it may sound expensive but if quality is really what you seek, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Essential 6×9 Car Speakers Buying Tips

If you are a first-time buyer, chances are that you would have gone for the most expensive pair or largest set of speakers you come across. Somehow, most view doing so as an effective way of getting the loudest set or speakers of the highest quality – it’s not. There are a plethora of aspects to consider before venturing out for car audio speakers. Let’s have a look at some.

Frequency response

Basically, the type of speakers you go for should have a frequency response that matches your specific preferred genre of music. If you are a rock or rap fan for instance, get your hands on 6×9 car speakers that deliver quality lows i.e. bass.

Build material

Main reason why factory-installed speakers produce poor audio quality is because of the material they are made of. Most are either made using cloth and foam, or paper and foam, which simply means that they deteriorate faster. While shopping for quality 6×9 car speakers, aim to procure speakers made with high-quality materials such as polypropylene and metal coated synthetic fabrics in combination with mica. Rubber also tends to work fine and last longer making it also ideal during purchase.

Power handling

Power handling of speakers simply refers to their efficiency. In basic terms, the loudness produced by speakers per wattage. That said, it is advisable to go for speakers that will be able to withstand your stereo’s power output or amplifier or else, the volume will significantly diminish if they aren’t up to the task.

Speaker box / enclosure

If you are like most car owners, your car audio system is arguably one of the most important features in your vehicle and therefore, upgrading it any way possible is indeed of paramount importance. There are many ways to achieve this such as going for aftermarket speakers and stereo, installing high-end amplifiers or using speaker boxes to achieve powerful lows.

Generally, you will have to compare and contrast a wide variety of aspects. For more in depth info read our:  What to look for when buying and comparing car speakers!

Wrapping it up

In a nutshell, the above just scratches surface on the best products available. However, you can be guaranteed of a great audio experience by purchasing any of 6 by 9 car speakers above. Buying 6×9 inch car speakers can be really challenging especially if it is your first time, but they are just what to go for if you want an all-rounded performance. They are effective at producing great high and mid frequencies, to complement the powerful bass which is in fact their main forte.

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