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The 6×9 speaker boxes are common amongst car owners due to their distinct ability to boost the bass of your 6×9 car speakers without having to invest heavily in an external amplifier or woofer.

Finding the best speaker enclosures can, however, be a daunting affair owed to the wide array of varying products available. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top products on the market.

6×9 Speaker Boxes We Recommended

Image6x9" speaker boxesHeightWidthDepthMounting Depth
Atrend Pro Audio Tuned Speaker...
Our Pick

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7.75"11.88"4.75" x 7.75"6"
Car Audio Custom 6' X 9'...
Bang For The Buck

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12-1/2"5" x 7"5-1/4"
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7-7/8"H1 x 6-5/16"H2 12-13/16"7-7/8"D6-7/16
QPower Angled Style 6 x 9 Inch...
SUV Truck Option

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8.25"12"7" (TD-BD)6"
Our Pick

Atrend SC 6×9 PR BPro Audio Tuned Speaker Box with Terminals

If you are in the search for a trendy-looking enclosure made from solid, reliable material, in black or charcoal color look no further.

The Pro Audio Tuned series by Atrend pack a completely carpeted enclosure intended to enhance your car’s audio performance, without compromising on its aesthetic features.

For starters, the set sports a rare color scheme of black and red besides having unique rounded edges for safety purposes.

It is made from High-Grade MDF featuring a 5/8” MDF front baffle for solid frequency response and accurate music reproduction, underneath premium carpeting – the perfect combination for speaker enclosures. With a weight of 8 pounds, it is among the lightest products you can get your hands on.

Bang For The Buck

American Sound Connection 6”X9” Speaker Enclosure

If you’re looking for something cheaper than our top pick then this enclosure from American Sound Connection might be the right on spot.

With a lot of positive reviews from many customers, we think you can’t really go wrong with this one.

That said; the enclosures have been ranked among the top-rated in their realms mainly due to their effectiveness in producing quality sound with little distortion.

They sport a pyramid-shaped design with banana terminal plugs or bare wire ‘up to 10GA terminals for easier installation. The best part, however, has to be the enticing price that is shockingly low compared to others.

So, get your hands on this enclosure and stand out from the crowd.

Also Great

Absolute USA 6x9PKB Angle/Wedge Box Speakers

These Absolute enclosures adopt an airtight sealed chamber design made from high-quality half-inch MDF construction, alongside a terminal speaker cup and durable carpet to cover all your audio quality needs.

The popular speaker boxes usually come in a set of two and are very compact compared to others in the market hence making them a great fit for most cars.

In fact, they are among the lightest products meaning you can easily fit them under your back seats or trunk depending on personal preference.

New enclosures from Absolute with this price is a great deal offering good value for money.

Also Great

Sound Ordnance BB692W Wedge 6×9 Speaker Box with Terminal

Those on a budget but still want a high-quality product for great audio experiences can go for BB692W enclosures by Sound Ordnance.

Besides the set’s great price, the wedge shape design and MDF construction match the best standards on the market. It comes with a thin, durable carpet complete with speaker terminals for easy mounting.

With rounded corners and recessed panels, you can easily fit them into more vehicles. These enclosures are great solutions if you can’t install your 6″x9″s in the factory speaker openings.

SUV Truck Option

QPower Angled Style 6×9 Sealed Enclosures

Wedge-shaped enclosures are common, which is why the manufacturer opted for a distinctive look; slanted front and flat back.

Just like most of these boxes, the QPower is made from quality MDF hardwood meaning the longevity of the set is almost a guarantee.

At the back, you will find gold screw posts that should fit any car, and wire lead emanating from the silky black aviation carpet.

Its great price makes it a deal worth investing in. This QPower box is also a good 6×9 truck speaker box.

Also Great


The exclusive two-tone panda carpet color variation has to be the most outstanding feature of the trending VLYNX 6×9 enclosures, but this is not to say its pros are limited to its looks.

The aesthetically pleasing boxes adopt a sealed airtight chamber design, with high-end MDF construction material for a heavy duty build.

At the bottom, you will find easy to use terminals for a user-friendly mounting process.

Being that you can get your hands on the VLYNX enclosures for just $24, it reflects great value to the buck.

Types Of 6×9 Speaker Boxes – What To Look Out For

6×9-inches boxes are the most common mainly due to their distinct ability to boost bass, without having to break the bank for an external amplifier or subwoofer.

Looking for a 6.5-inch speaker box or 12″ subwoofer box?

In fact, the popular accessories are also widely preferred for their portability meaning if you own a compact car or boat, they are your best bet.

That aside, it is essential to note that there is a wide array of 6×9 speaker enclosures and to get the best, you will have to know what exactly to look out for.

Like stated above, there are a plethora of essential factors that combine to make a quality enclosure. For instance, a speaker box may enhance precise lows and exquisite highs but the physical dimensions just can’t fit in your compact ride.

Also, did you know that the carpet covering the speaker enclosure is not entailed to only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also plays a lead role in the audio quality? Now that you know it’s not just a box like any other, let’s delve into the different types available on the market and how they are likely to benefit you.

Sealed 6×9 Speaker Boxes / Enclosures

A sealed enclosure basically uses a calculated volume of air to act as a spring used to control the cone’s movement. In most cases, they will have a smooth flat response that is not too “boomy,” but effective by all standards.

Basically, the accessories adopt an airtight housing that is effective at enhancing tight and precise bass. Their main strength, however, is the ability to radiate articulate, precise high and low frequencies.

Also, sealed speakers boxes are very compact and more often than not, will require minimal space in your car. Compared to other enclosures, they require the least materials and space making them cost-efficient.

Of all enclosures, they require the most power meaning you will have to use a high-powered quality stereo or amplifier to get the most out of your 6×9 beasts. In short, the additional power required translates to additional costs eventually.

Vented 6×9 Speaker Boxes / Enclosures

If you are a bass head or perhaps enjoys listening to Rap or Rock music with the groundbreaking punch, it would be in your best interest to go for vented boxes for your 6×9 car speakers due to the reasons below.

Vented/ported 6×9 enclosures entail a tuned vent designed to boost the output of lower frequencies – bass. With this comes more bass output compared to sealed enclosures, at any given power meaning they are also relatively efficient.

The vented boxes tend to have low sound distortion, especially in the low-frequency ranges. To deliver deep and powerful bass, the vented enclosures need to be much larger than their counterparts. Also, a slight error in construction and design may have a significant impact on the performance.

Bandpass 6×9 Speaker Boxes / Enclosures

These are basically tweaked versions of vented boxes where the 6×9 speaker is mounted inside a chambered box – one sealed and the other vented – with the frequencies emanating from the vented chamber.

This results in an extra loud, big sound even though within a narrow range.

Due to their optimal efficiency within the band’s range, they produce a maximum slam or boom that is great for a plethora of genres such as rap, hard rock, and reggae.

They also have great power handling abilities within the band. Even though the bandpass enclosures are effective at enhancing big sound, the design sacrifices low-frequency responses. They also tend to be largely due to their dual-chamber design.

Isobaric 6×9 Speaker Boxes / Enclosures

The principle basically recommends an alignment of two 6×9 speakers mounted face-to-face, with one wired in reverse polarity. The design, therefore, facilitates an alignment that effectively divides the duct into the half.

Thi principle is exceptionally great at boosting power handling capacity and besides this; they require a very small space being that two speakers are accommodated in the design.

Also, the isobaric enclosures cancel out any form of distortion thus making your audio quality really impressive and crisp.

Some experts have termed the alignment as not practical due to the minimal size of recommended boxes. Also, they need immense power to work efficiently meaning you will need to have high-end amplifiers that work hand-in-hand with an equally capable stereo.

Tips On How to Properly Design and Build 6×9 Speaker Boxes?

Building a speaker enclosure may sound like an easy feat to achieve for DIY enthusiasts but in all honesty, it’s not. A slight error in the design may have a significant impact in regards to the audio quality.

That said how exactly do you design and build an effective speaker box to serve you optimally?

The basic rule of thumb is to measure once and cut once as it’s way easier to correct a measurement error, than to cut a new piece of material, from scratch.

The most paramount aspect to keep in mind is that proper techniques and materials will always result in a quality enclosure.

As popular as they may be, chipboards, plywood and particle boards aren’t suitable materials for a 6×9 speaker box. You are better off sourcing for 75” medium density fiberboard material due to its wide list benefits in audiophiles.

When assembling the properly cut boards, screw them together prior to using quality wood glue at the seams, to deter the box from leaking air beside enhancing longevity.

Once you have a properly assembled enclosure, embark on sealing the seams inside using a high-end 100% silicone sealant regardless of whether it is a ported enclosure or bandpass box.

In a nutshell, you can decide to use internal bracing in larger 6×9 speakers to help reduce any resonances that may affect the overall sound audio quality.

Wrapping it up

As stated earlier, finding a quality set of 6×9 speaker enclosures can prove to be a daunting affair owed to a plethora of essentials factors.

For instance, a speaker box may be highly effective at producing powerful lows and crisp highs, but the physical dimensions won’t just fit in your compact car.

Also, black and gray are the preferred colors of most boxes and if you are after fashion accessories for your car, you will have to look harder.

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