The Best 6×8 Inch Car Speakers For Bass

The 6×8-inch car speakers are common fixtures in a plethora of cars such as Chrysler, Ford, and Mazda. Not only do they offer great power handling capacity ranging from 140 to 300 watts, but also offer quality sound propagation resulting in an extraordinary audio experience.

With 6×8 car speakers, you can expect to have all the necessary features required to enhance the quality of your car’s music and they consist of powerful tweeters to capture all high frequencies optimally, mid-range drivers and quality woofers for decent lows.

If you’ve read a number of our reviews in other speaker sizes, you will note that some brands such as Pioneer, Rockford, and Focal seem to pop-up often. Indeed, knowing the leading brands can serve as a concrete first step towards achieving your goals.

The three manufacturers, for instance, have a knack for quality and more often than not, you can never go wrong purchasing their products including 6×8 car speakers. However, the main idea here is to identify what exactly your needs are, prior to finding a set that suits your preferences.

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The Best 6×8 inch Coaxial Car Speakers Review

Our Pick: Pioneer TS-D6802R 2-Way 6×8 inch Coaxial Car Speakers

Like you may have guessed, Pioneer was likely to pop-up somewhere on our list. After thorough tests, we concluded that these 6×8 beasts were the best of the pack. We placed into consideration a number of factors ranging from sound quality, buck value, design, and features.

In a nutshell, the TS-D6802R speakers offer a sound quality that rivals those costing twice as much its value. Overall, the speakers sport high-end materials, innovative technologies, and engineering that will place you way ahead from where you initially started. What exactly makes them special?

For starters, the speakers feature a peak power handling capacity of 240 watts which is more than sufficient for most car owners. For the lows, the woofer comes with high-end composite material that consists of Aramid and Basalt resulting in a rigid, lightweight cone.

The bass punch is exquisite, to say the least, and this is further enhanced by the butyl rubber surround for smooth excursion. Supporting the cone is a thick metal basket designed to reduce any resonances and dampening vibrations.

For the highs, the TS-D6802R speakers sport soft dome tweeters designed to radiate crisp acoustics to complement the bass. The tweeters are enhanced by an exclusive waveguide designed to boost off-axis performance and better imaging.

These 6 by 8-inch speakers from Pioneer are simply amazing and finding a flaw to them almost bordered on the impossible. However, after getting through, we noticed that the midrange performance was not as impeccable as the high and low frequencies.

Pioneer TS-D6802R car speakers come in a two-way design with a sensitivity of 88 dB. This basically means that they will perform in outstanding fashion regardless of whether they are powered by a factory-installed stereo or external amplifier.

The sound quality is simply amazing and you can expect to hear even the most hidden guitar riffs in any song.

Runner-Up: Alpine SPR-68 2-Way 6×8 Coaxial Car Speakers Type R

Type R speakers by Alpine were built for those that enjoy listening to loud music and the SPR-68 is no exception. These 6×8 car speakers did more than enough to impress our panel of experts for the runner-up spot, partly thanks to their staggering fatigue less sound.

If you are looking for an upgrade option that will come up big regardless of the stereo in use, these are your safest bet. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

Bass lovers should note that SPR-68 car speakers pack woofers made from multi-layer hybrid fiber which is one of the best materials in its realms.

The largely extended cone – similar to those developed for their renowned subs – pushes massive air resulting in unparalleled punch and powerful ground-breaking bass.

For your high frequencies, the speakers consist of silk tweeters designed with a superior ring-dome for precision purposes.

Powerful Alpine tweeters sport high-end neodymium magnets which are smaller than the conventional models but more effective. In short, the result is a detailed, smooth high-frequency sound propagation.

Again, these speakers have no flaws except in the mid-range frequencies which only the finicky can notice. Other than this, they are certainly an ideal upgrade option for 6×8 speakers.

Alpine SPR- 68 6×8 car speakers come in a limited two-way design. They boast an impressive 200 watts peak power range and a sensitivity of 89 Db to cap it. In a nutshell, they are well-balanced and designed to offer both quality highs and lows for outstanding sound.

On the Budget: Rockford Fosgate R168X2 Prime 6×8 inch Full Range Coaxial Car Speakers

Rockford speakers are always ideal aftermarket replacement options and if you are among those building on their first comprehensive audio system, the R168X2 would be a great place to start.

These speakers are a good way to get quality sound without burning holes in your pockets. Below are some of the set’s features.

Besides the enticing price, of course, the woofer is made from a durable polypropylene material with butyl rubber surround to radiate heart-throbbing lows.

This is complemented by half-inch silk-dome tweeters with a high-frequency response. What you can rely on, though, is the inbuilt crossover network designed to optimally divide the frequencies to their necessary drivers hence facilitating a decent audio experience worth listening to.

Generally, you get a decent comprehensive audio quality for a decent price. There is nothing outstanding about the Rockford Fosgate R168X2 car speakers.

A pair of this car speakers features a limited two-way design, the sensitivity of 87 dB and peak power handling capacity of 110 watts per speaker.

On the Budget: Kicker 43DSC6804 D-Series 6×8-Inch 200W Speakers

Looking for quality speakers with power handling capacity of 200 watts? 6×8 car speakers by Kicker may be just what you are looking for. Basically, they offer high-quality sound free from distortion, at a really low price. Let’s look at some of its features.

The best thing about these speakers from Kicker has to be the powerful tweeters incorporated into the design. They perform in a classy fashion defined by high-frequency response and precision.

The speaker’s range is also worth writing home about meaning regardless of where they are mounted; they are bound to offer an outstanding overall performance.

Highs may be of high quality by all standards but the bass is somewhat lacking. If you are a hardcore audiophile that enjoys heart throbbing bass, these aren’t the speakers to go for, period!

Two-way design entails a comprehensive peak power of 200 watts and sensitivity of 90 dB. This should be enough to keep you going as you find your way up to the products above.

Also Great:

If the above products don’t move you, there are other great speakers you can settle for to upgrade.

For instance, the CERWIN VEGA V468 6×8 two-way coaxial car speakers have lately been trending among music heads – fact that can be attributed to their exquisite audio quality.

Those that seek 6 by 8 inch car speakers with impressive frequency range can go for a set of Polk Audio AA2571-A MM571 coaxial car speakers.

The Best 6×8 inch Component Car Speakers Review

Our Pick: JL Audio C3-570 Evolution Two-Way 6×8-Inch Convertible Component Car Speakers

Deciding whether to go for a component system or coaxial system can be quite tricky and if you are among the plenty car owner sitting right on the fence, it would be in your best interest to check out the C3-570 Evolution by JL Audio. Here are a number of good reasons why.

Like mentioned above, this system is for the fence sitters that haven’t yet decided which system to settle for. This is simply because it allows the user to switch to either system.

It is an extremely versatile system with crisp, and powerful sound profile that ranks among the best.

The only downside to this system has to be its simplistic aesthetic features. But if the music is what really matters to you, this can be easily overlooked.

The JL Audio C3-570 Evolutions spots all innovative features and technologies found in the top brands. Best of all is the customizable features found on the crossover which allows you to choose from a wide array of levels including three mid-range adjustment controls and four tweeter attenuation levels. How cool is that!

Runner-Up: Kicker 40CSS684 6×8-inch Component Speaker System

Interesting enough, Kicker is one of the few speaker manufacturers that offer component car speakers at very affordable prices. The Kicker 40CSS684 speakers are no different and they strike the perfect balance of affordability and quality.

Your car can soon turn to be your favorite music hubby just installing a pair of the speakers; for the reasons below.

Woofers are made from solid polypropylene with polyester foam surround that can withstand immense pressure without compromising the sound quality. Unlike other Kicker products that somehow remain lacking in the bass area, the 40CSS684 are different.

They provide a powerful punch while still retaining the amazing high-frequency response synonymous with the manufacturer. For the highs, the system packs titanium tweeters with a great frequency range that rivals the best systems.

You also get two highly-effective crossovers that work at directing all frequencies to their ideal drivers.

Compared to other component systems, the Kicker kit does not entail exclusive technologies such as those found in the JBL. But who needs new technologies when the conventional work just fine?

Besides the impressive frequency range and more than enough peak power handling, Kicker 40CSS684 6×8 car speakers feature balanced sensitivity meaning they can be powered by any stereo or amplifiers.

Also Great: JBL GTO8608C Two-Way 6×8-Inch / 5×7-Inch Component Car Speakers

JBL is arguably one of the most iconic brands in the audiophiles’ realms and for good reason. If you have set your mind on procuring a component system to get the best quality of music possible, it would certainly be in your best interest to check out the GTO8606C.

The set is pretty solid and even the most seasoned connoisseurs will concur that the speakers have an all-rounded performance that rivals the best of the best. To have a rough idea of what I’m talking about. Here is a comprehensive outlook of what to expect.

Before anything else, it would be prudent to begin by mentioning that the GTO8608C speakers have a peak power handling capacity of 210 watts per speaker.

That basically implies that they are indeed effective at producing a huge sound. Besides this, the woofer comes packing a plus one cone material designed to push more air for powerful bass, alongside low-distortion technologies to rid off any resonances.

For your highs, you get silk-dome tweeters created using composite titanium/mylar material. If you still can’t get the best vocals and acoustics, use the outboard passive crossover that comes complete with tweeter-level adjustment controls to capture the perfect radiation.

Installing the system can be a little complicated and time consuming but eventually all worth it.

Generally, the JBL GTO8608C component car speakers spot innovative technologies and features that combine to produce one of the best sound propagation you will come across.

With an impedance of only 2 ohms and sensitivity of 92 dB, these speakers are our ideal pick for 6×8 component systems.

6×8 Car Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Most car owners will concur that upgrading to aftermarket car speakers is never an easy feat to achieve. You either come across an infinite variety of speakers and thus, making it hard for you to choose the perfect one or perhaps purchase a set that seems great only to end up with subpar speakers eventually.

Essentially, finding the best set of car speakers takes time and effort spent in extensive research. So, what exactly should you know before purchasing 6×8 car speakers?

Power handling – this simply refers to the amount of power the prospective speakers can handle. If your car’s stereo is one of those low-powered systems, forget about procuring a set with high power handling capacity as they will basically be under-utilized.

On the flipside, if your car boasts of powerful external amplifiers, going for speakers with low power handling capacity should be out of the question.

Sensitivity – this simply refers to how well the system balances the power provided with sound output. Therefore if your car has a low-powered stereo with 15 watts RMS per channel, the 6×8 car speakers to go for are those with a high sensitivity of over 90 dB.

On the other hand, speakers with high sensitivity will produce undesirable sound propagation if powered by high-quality stereo systems.

For the extensive info read our: Car Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Wrapping it Up

In a nutshell, there is indeed a wide array of 6×8 car speakers on the market; a gift and curse at the same time. Before heading out to shop for your ideal set, compare the above brands carefully then make a judgment based on the information gathered.

The best brands in each category above are technically the best out there and in more ways than not, will serve you optimally. Also, quality audio systems need not be a bank-breaking affair with the budget options stated.

Vincent Talbot