Contrary to common perception, you don’t need large speakers in order to get a quality audio system. A 6.5″ car speakers are highly reliable as all-rounded performance speakers. They complement other speakers quite well and often and work exceptionally well in complete systems. That said, finding the best car speakers isn’t as easy as picking the first set you come across and you will have to know a few things prior to settling for a specific pair.

That said, let’s dive right in and have a look at some of the best 6.5″ car speakers on the market.

6.5″ Coaxial Speakers

Our Pick

Pioneer TS-Z65F 6.5″

It is nearly impossible to surpass Pioneer’s gleaming glory. If there’s a king in the music reproduction industry, it’s definitely Pioneer. Their vast array of products all display excellence. And that is the exact case with the Pioneer TS-Z65F (click for review). I say, confidently, these speakers are one of the best sounding 6.5 speakers you can get in this price range.

The output is clean, well balanced and pretty damn loud. This kind of speakers will light up the ambiance in any cabin; heck, you might even throw a party up in there. And that’s only a tip of the iceberg.

The Pioneer TS-Z65F body is cautiously put together. Their Twaron fiber woofer cones possess incredible strength and rigidity; its no wonder they catch every single note like a mousetrap. Butyl rubber surrounds allow for sufficient cone excursion thus optimal performance. Each speaker has a 110 Watts RMS which shoots up to to 330 Watts at its peak. That much power is enough to give your vehicle’s chassis a guaranteed, pleasant little rattle.

These speakers are designed for high-resolution sounds. That means their imaging is particularly precise. In short, you get nothing but well-steamed notes off of these babies.

Speaking of notes, there’s a humongous need to acknowledge the TS-Z65F tweeters. These polyester soft-dome tweeters have no limits when it comes to hitting that perfect high. They push long and hard; their resultant sound is more than enough evidence of that. You get a lot of gorgeous complexity with this package; but what is music if not organized chaos.

Bang For The Buck

Alpine S-S65 S-Series

The Alpine S-series is an exceptional line of revolutionary speakers. Their seemingly sophisticated nature is the very reason they make such excellent performers. And that is very evident with the Alpine S-S65. This package is a catch in a lot of ways. For one, the package is definitely worth a lot more than it costs. It easily fits right into the market’s high-priced, top-league 6.5-inch category.

Even so, Alpine thought it smart to avail these speakers at a perfectly affordable tag; something we appreciate tremendously. That said, let’s see what you get with the Alpine S-S65.

In all honesty, fully gratifying, affordable 6.5-inch speakers are not exactly a breeze to find. This is why we are particularly excited over the S-S65 package. These speakers open doors to a whole new level of sonic supremacy. This is especially so for anyone who has been stuck listening to a bunch gloomy OEM speakers for a very long time.

The S-S65 speakers are one of the best 6.5″ door speakers each runs on 80 Watts of power at a nominal level. At the peak performance, they pull about 160 Watts of power which only betters their craft.

A carbon fiber reinforced plastic woofer cone creates impressive linearity. A high amplitude multi-roll surround reduces distortion to produce a much-refined sound. The S-S65 speaker also houses a large voice coil which bolsters its driving powers tremendously. The voice coil size also helps improve motor control resulting in exquisite rendition. Silk dome tweeters further sweeten the deal by throwing in that much-needed dose of high into the powerful mid-range waves from the speakers.

Conclusively, there are no 6.5″ coaxial speakers more worthy of your hard-earned cash in the current market. The Alpine S-S65 speakers are really the best 6.5 speakers for the money; you won’t be disappointed.


Infinity REF6522IX

What can I say, people just seem to love the Infinity REF6522IX speakers? Now, Infinity products have always had a sort of apparent musical charisma. But the Infinity REF6522IX have a more particular charm that has managed to sweep masses of off their feet. Or maybe it’s just their unique ability to duplicate sound in its most natural and polished form. We for sure think it’s the latter, and for that reason, we’ve labeled this model our top seller under this category.

These shallow mount speakers are easy-fit in most cabins; they’re also a breeze to set up. Once in place, these package unleashes its splendor with much prowess that many can’t help but praise.

The Infinity REF6522IX 6.5″ speaker impeccable reproduction can be attributed to its high-quality parts. Oversized Plus One woofer cones ex-cur freely to create maximal vibrations which are then transmitted to potent rubber surrounds. These parts possess superior tenacity which makes their performances all the more mind-blowing.

Top Notch

Alpine X-S65 X-Series

Leave it to Alpine to blow your mind every once in a while, because they always do. Their X-series is a phenomenal addition to their exceptional collection; more particularly the Alpine X-S65 package.

These are easily the market’s best 6.5″ speakers for clarity; only a few others can claim their level of faculty. These speakers will blow your brains out, blow off your windshield and maybe even rattle the pavements a little. You want to get your neighbors complaining, look no further. This right here is every audiophile’s dream wrapped in a golden ribbon.

Say you had 110 Watts of power for your own musical entertainment, what would you play? Now imagine you had a double dose of that; get where am going with this? The Alpine X-S65 package puts 330 Watts of power at your disposal. The amount of bass you can get from that is outrageous; just be very careful not to burst your eardrums up. A nano-fiber woofer cone with a high amplitude multi-roll surround makes it possible to drive these speakers hard with naught fears.

Carbon graphite dome tweeters then take up their imperative role diligently to give you those melodious highs. The soft mid-range, precise high and bassy low combination of notes yields a satisfying concussion that only a fool would underrate. Did I also mention, these speakers are as handsome as they come? The Alpine X-S65 system is to die for; take my word for it.


Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6 1/2″ Speakers

Rockford Fosgate has a little something for everyone. If you want something to quake your entire neighborhood, they have that. If you want a subtle addition to your cabin to kick up the mood just a notch higher; they have too. And if you’re looking for a budget-friendly but super-efficient system, they definitely have your back.

The R165X3 package is Rockford one such package; its surprisingly cheap. But here’s the kicker, the system is magnificent when at work. These speakers sound very good; they look very good as well. If your budget is tight, this package should be one of your top options.

From the word go, it’s pretty obvious that the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 compilation means serious business. The 3 way mid-range speakers run on vacuum polypropylene cones with rubber surrounds. These high-quality elements are the basis for the splendor that is the signature R165X3 sound. With a 45 Watts RMS each, the speakers have enough to fuel their reproducing capacities. While that power handling may not be that much, its enough to groove up the cabin and the sound system as a whole.

Moving on to the tweeters, we love how sleek these little helpers look. Silk dome pole mounted piezo tweeters spice up the R165X3 resonance with their explicitly spicy output. Their tiny bodies are built to handle heavy performances and high-temperature conditions.

A stamped steel framework guarantees longevity by protecting each speaker from heavy bashing. Now, this system does not possess much of that raw power that most audiophiles drool after. However, it packs enough to fit a low budget system; its results are subtle but satisfying – for more door car speakers see some of the best 6 3/4 speakers.


Skar Audio TX65

What’s “cheap”, great quality and sounds like a spell? You got it; the Skar Audio TX65C 6.5″ component speakers system. The notion is that if you want the best, you must be ready to dig deep into your pockets. However, I am pleased to say that, in this case, I come bearing great news.

If your budget is tight and you want a savory sound system in your car, the Skar Audio TX65C system is the way to go. Its sound is to die for. And guess what, there’s barely a downside to it. Skar Audio sure outdid themselves; this system is undoubtedly a diamond in the rough.

Let’s talk about the TX65C speaker structure. Each features a glass fiber cone with a TPE surround. The cone is rigid yet ultra-light; the surround is agile with a mind-blowing vibrancy level. This core has all the ingredients for sonic sublimity. On that same note, each speaker comes with a 100 Watts RMS with 200 Watts peak power. That said, you can already tell this system is an authentic banger.

A high temp copper voice coil sees to it that every speaker can stand the heat. While the speakers artistically handle the lower and mid-range frequencies, the tweeters are left to juggle the highs.

Now, the Skar Audio TX65C tweeters are more than up to to the task. Molded from silk, these dome tweeters expand the high frequencies to a lovely, placid league. A ferrite magnet helps kick things up a notch by improving the speakers’ reproduction level. For a relatively cheap 6.5″ speaker system, the Skar Audio TX65C truly the epitome of sonic resonance.


JBL GX602 6 1/2 Speakers

When you see a JBL GX602 6 1/2 speakers sitting tight in any cabin, it’s hard to believe just how cheap it cost. These speakers look like a million bucks; they spit real good too. And considering all this package has up its sleeve, it impossible to believe it cost so little.

But then again, that’s one of the many reasons why we just can’t get enough of JBL. Nevertheless, the JBL GX602 has been said to breathe life into the sound. They work hard to drop plausible bass coupled up with juicy highs. The mid-range frequencies are well catered for as well. The ultimate upshot is, in one word, exquisite.

First and foremost, lets breakdown the speakers’ savory bodies. Structured for heavy grinding, the GX602 speakers are brawny but carry a tremendous amount of swag about them. It could be thanks to the Plus One polypropylene cone and polished rubber surround that dominant each speaker’s core. Or maybe it’s just the overall particularly grippy exterior. Either way, we know it looks good.

But that’s hardly the focus here, its the sound quality that really matters. The speakers are hypersensitive and pick up notes very easily. The mid-range output is heavily detailed; the bass is also plausible. However, don’t expect these speakers to blow your windows off. The balanced dome tweeters then throw in a much peachier vibe to scale up the sound. All in all, the system does give off a little extra punch. Average listeners would appreciate its subtle approach to musical imaging.

Marine Option

Polk Audio DB652 Ultramarine

For those of you who love to cruise still water with music blasting at club-banging volumes in the background, you’ll appreciate this product tremendously. The Polk Audio DB652 speakers are our preferred marine pick this time.

These marine 6.5″ speakers are built for impressive resilience; the kind you rarely encounter. Being water, dust and salt proof, very little can take down a Polk Audio DB652. And also, as you may quickly realize, this package has a proudly seductive sound. We just love it.

Marine certified speakers are often largely unique compared to others. Seeing that they are designed for particularly harsh conditions, they are often armed to the teeth. These Polk Audio 6.5″ speakers are salt/fog and water-resistant. The polypropylene UV-treated and water-resistant surround make it possible for the speakers to function undisturbed even in seemingly extreme conditions. The speakers each run on 100 Watts of nominal power. That alone makes them very proficient at their job.

Zero protrusion tweeters, also designed for insane endurance, work hard to deliver brilliant highs. Dynamic Balance Technology ensures rich, precise reproduction from the mid-range speakers – for more mid-range speakers check our review of 6×9 speakers. They also feature slim mounting profiles which make them snappy installs.

Additionally, the set also comes with removable sports grilles. The Polk Audio DB652 package is a durable, die-hard set that will get you through any weather; and I mean that literally.

Also Great

Focal RCX-165 6.5-inch Coaxial Speakers

Focal knows how to capture your attention as well as how to keep it. The RCX-165 model is musically captivating in a multitude of ways. Its sound is wealthy; rich in detail and decor. With these top-rated 6.5 car speakers, you hear details you’ve never heard before; even from your favorite tunes. The package is a keeper alright, and that’s great considering it’s built to last for years on end.

When it comes to power, the Focal RCX-165 speakers have a considerate amount of it. Each speaker juggles a 60 watt RMS. With a pair of these at work, you get concert-level audio privileges without all the external fracas.

Polypropylene woofer cones with butyl rubber surroundings take in notes with unforgiving zeal. They filter out distortions to give you linear results. Their extra-large voice coils also help to beef things up a bit even at extremely high volumes.

Mylar inverted dome tweeters prove to be competent advocates. Their unique ability to hit extreme highs with unwavering precision makes them a delight to listen to. The speakers feature steel baskets and handsome mesh grilles which give them a rugged yet trendy appeal. These speakers are masters when it comes to dropping a bass punch and easily one of the best 6.5″ car speakers for bass. They are indeed a clever choice for any cabin.

6.5″ Component Speakers

Our Pick

Morel Tempo Ultra 602

The Morel brand is widely recognized for its sublime tweeters. The tweeters are simply perfection; flawless highs dazzled with precise detail. But here’s the thing, that’s not the only thing these master creators have going on for them. As the Morel Tempo Ultra 602 (see the review) system proves, their component 6.5″ speakers are just as sensational.

Once you successfully hook up the whole system, except nothing but to be blown away. The resultant bass is so powerful it sounds like something out of a sub-woofer. And although you might have to bite off a significant chunk of your wallet for this system, its worth every last penny spent on it.

Now the sort of tumultuous sound the Morel Ultra 602 system so faithfully promises doesn’t just happen. It takes top quality units, splendid workmanship and a keen focus on detail to create such a spectacle. Right from the basics, these speakers are molded to promote flawless reproduction.

Treated paper composite cones with rigid butyl rubber surround dominate the center of each speaker. The cone’s solid yet lightweight demeanor allows for an unrestricted excursion. This paves way for tranquil, consistent sonority. This is all powered by a 120 Watts RMS which elevates to 250 Watts at peak performance. The Tempo Ultra 602 power handling is undoubtedly outstanding.

Much like most other Morel speaker system, this one comes with impressive tweeter power. These soft-dome silk fellas have cracked the higher band of the sound-wave spectrum. They spin nothing but beautiful, heavily adorned highs. The speakers’ thick, high temp voice coils aid in the reproduction of deeply clear lows and mid-ranges.

High-quality external crossovers help guide various waves to the intended drivers. Once perfectly blended, the note waves from each unit are nothing short of phenomenal. When cranked all the way up, the bass will rattle everything a few yards around your car. By now, I bet it’s clear why this system just had to take home our component number one trophy.

Bang For The Buck

Alpine S-S65C S-Series 6.5″ Component Speakers

Let’s just get one thing straight, this system is blustery. Alpine has been feeding the market ground-breaking speaker models for years. And I won’t lie, am always excited to see what they’ll throw at us next.

Now, the Alpine S-S65C is a gem (so is every other model from the Alpine S-series). Evidently, the good people over at Alpine went above and beyond with this system. Its a well-put-together package with a solid promise of nothing but great sound. And for the cherry on the cake, its price is worth every penny.

Every single part of the Alpine S-S65C speakers is top grade. The woofer cone, for starters, is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. This delicate driver is then encompassed by a high amplitude multi-roll surround. The cone gets more than enough expansion space making it super cute when at work.

The system’s phenomenal power handling is also one of the major reasons behind its prowess. Each speaker handles an 80 Watt RMS and 240 Watt at its peak. Because of that, the system is impressively loud even without an amp. With this, you get convenience at a very reasonable price.

The Alpine S-S65C has been said to possess astounding tonal definition. The speakers disperse a tight mid-range signal. Similarly, the tweeters are neat producers with a powerful high-frequency response. The highs, as well as the vocals, are wide, precise and sparkly. The eventual sound is superb; you won’t be disappointed.

Top Notch

Pioneer TS-Z65CH

Any true music aficionado can attest to the fact that Pioneer basically rules the audio markets. They are masters creators with abilities that none other can match. When their products are at play, you can’t help but succumb to their splendor.

That said, we present to you the Pioneer TS-Z65CH 6.5″ component system. Like any other product from Pioneer, they rule their class with an iron fist. In this case, that iron fist is exceptional sound and renowned longevity. You get much with this system; don’t think about buying it, just do it.

Designed for Hi-res audio compatibility, this package comes armed to the teeth. Each speaker runs on a 110 Watt RMS which shoots up to 330 Watts at its peak. That much power will crack your windows, shake the ground and have your neighbors complaining. Twaron/cellulose cones see to it that each note is heard as it was intended to. Butyl rubber surrounds offer faithful support to the cones. Eventually, you get ideal reproduction with no distortion all through.

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Oversized aluminum dome tweeters ensure the highs are clean and smooth. These tweeters come with a helpful off-axis response which makes them incredibly agile. An over-sized magnet assures speaker resilience even at very high volumes. Finally, we must appreciate the system’s wide frequency range; talk about flexibility. We just love it.



I can confidently say that any avid music fan has experienced the JBL sound. It’s often smooth, clean and tailored in a unique manner with a particular focus on detail. The JBL GX600C package specifically is an average user favorite.

Other than its incredibly affordable market price, there’s a whole bunch of merits surrounding this system. Among the greatest one is the fact that the sound is exceptional. Its smooth, natural and loud; basically the recipe for melodious waves. And that’s only the beginning.

When it comes to music, a huge power surge always equals explosive sound. This system, evidently, brings its users a fair share amount of energy to juggle around. Each speaker runs on 70 Watt RMS which doubles to a neat 210 Watts when at peak. The level of power handling definitely does the system justice; it’s able to run wild and loud with very little distortion.

The Plus One polypropylene cone comes with a larger than usual cone area. This gives it a better reverberation compared to most other cones. The rubber speaker surrounds creates a dramatic yet sufficient environment which promotes diligent performance.

Balanced dome tweeters disperse polished, crisp highs. That combined with the sophisticated lows and midranges notes meld a tall glass of awesome. The external crossovers are a nice touch. Their intricate bodies house revolutionary circuits and better controls which only better the ultimate sound. It’s also very important to note that installation is a snap despite the lack of instructions.

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