Though our cars are one of the finest places to listen to music, the factory-fitted car speakers (stereo system) might be depriving you of this luxury as they hardly make the cut.

As a result, we look for affordable speaker upgrades to create award-winning setups from scratch, relatively improving your listening experience and self-exploration in your otherwise factory-standard car.

My team delved into the modern market to bring you some of the best cheap car speakers that might be part of your favorite car audio upgrade.

Under $50

Rockford R169X2

Starting off our comprehensive list is the Rockford R169X2, which is one of the company’s top additions to the modern market. They are designed both drivers and outdoor entertainers, making them a recommendable solution (new generation) for factory replacement 6×9 speakers.

Whether you’re replacing the burned-out factory-fitted speaker or creating your first system, Rockford R169X2 offers clean, powerful performance that’ll assure you of a better listening experience.

These cheap car speakers feature a stiff polypropylene woofer-cone that deliver strong bass and drum, along with an excellent reproduction (duplication) of the midrange frequencies.

The woofer is mounted with the silk-dome tweeter flush so it fits in most car models while adding the pleasure of a stable high-frequency response. Then there’s the inbuilt crossover network that divides the frequencies entering each driver for a balanced sound intensity.

Another amazing feature is the stamped stainless steel basket frame that is rust resistant and ideal for marine conditions. You’re also assured of a durable system, thanks to the ABS grille that improves its overall aesthetic designing and durability.

Pioneer TS-A6966R 3-Way

Whether you’re a regular motorist or a car enthusiast looking to upgrade your old factory-fitted speakers, you need to learn about the Pioneer TS-A6966R – see more Pioneer car speakers we reviewd.

These affordable car speakers are designed with great material and innovative technology to match modern demands of your car’s sound system.

They production realistic, clear and powerful sound that may surpass your expectations, thanks to the clear treble and amazing base that gives a lively listening feeling.

Pioneer has integrated several materials carefully to create a V-shaped diaphragm of amazing rigidity and lightness, which include an advanced blend of basalt fiber and aramid fiber.

This design is accountable for a compact mid-bass punch and an excellent mid-range definition, while the polymer rubber surrounding offers a smooth cone excursion.

The V-shaped diaphragm is compatible with the soft dome tweeters to produce impressive highs with the help of special waveguides to improve the system’s off-axis performance.

With the control of sound dispersion and smooth, octave-to-octave balance, the speakers are able to balance the sound intensity in every corner of your car.

The rear chamber tweeter enclosure is also designed to extend mid-range frequencies to improve vocal imaging and staging for a better definition of vocals and instruments.


Cerwin Vega is one of the most popular brands in the mobile audio industry, thanks to their high-quality products.

Over the past years, they have stretched their expertise, innovations, and commitment to trying different markets by taking a step into the manufacture of car speakers.

One of their top releases is the CERWIN VEGA XED693 which are designed to present a new touch that people have been missing in most car speakers.

These budget car speakers have a power handling of 50 Watts RMS rating which is equivalent to a peak rating of 350 Watts.

It features a curvilinear polypropylene cone for improving treble and bass output, with enhancing sound distribution.

The speaker’s design and overall construction are relatively basic, with some relevant features for clear sound production with minimal distortion. The trade-off is its waterproof and dirt-resistant capabilities that make a good choice in its league.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 3-Way

Also making it on our list is the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 which is one of the most popular full range speakers.

Just like most Rockford speaker, R165X3 is a recommendable option when it comes to replacing the factory-fitted speakers.

This budget Rockford 6.5″ speaker has been designed with high-quality material and innovation to meet the modern standards for producing high-quality sound with less distortion.

It features fantastic crossovers, which offer specific frequencies to relevant drivers for better sound production.

Being a 3-way speaker, it delivers a more realistic listening experience that keeps you attached and involved in the system.

It features polypropylene cone which ensures production of neutral sound and protects the sub-woofer from moisture, mildew, and mold. The low impedance is worth mentioning because it allows you to install an extra amplifier to boost sound production.

It has power handling (RMS) rating of 45 Watts RMS, AND 90 Watts maximum. Frequency response is rated at 52-20,000HZ with an overall sensitivity of 91DB.

Pioneer TSA1676R 3-Way

Pioneer TSA1676R is among the few 3-way 6.5″ speakers able to give you clear, powerful sonic solution at an affordable price, making sure you don’t go over your budget for upgrading your stereo system.

Once you pair this set with a compatible car stereo or an outboard amp, you’ll appreciate how refreshing the sonic upgrade will be.

This 3-way speaker features a multiplayer mic-matrix cone made of a perfect blend of materials that solid to produce crystal clear sound.

It’s also lightweight and water-resistant, besides having an elastic polymer surrounding high sensitivity.

The woofer cone is reinforced with mica for responsiveness and rigidity which gives the speaker the capability of delivering a satisfying punch.

The Pioneer has added an additional midrange driver for better production from the powerful drums, chunky guitar riffs, and distinct bass lines.

It can handle up to 50Watts RMS rating with a maximum of 300 Watts. The sensitivity is rated at 90db with a frequency response of 35-34000HZ.


The Cerwin Vega XED62 XED is another well-known speaker in the world of 2-way speakers from Cerwin Vega.

They have a power handling rating of 50Watts RMS and a max power of 300 Watts and the area actually ideal for marine conditions.

So not only can they withstand moisture build-up, these budget speakers assures you of a better performance too.

They are well designed to give the least amount of sound distortion as they deliver strong treble and bass. When compared to other speakers in their league, they allow you to enjoy your music with a well-balanced intensity.

The XED62 XED have a frequency response of 60Hz and a sensitivity of 94db which means they qualify as modern speakers that can be used to upgrade your car’s stereo system.

Pioneer TS-G6845R G-Series 2-Way Speaker

If you’re looking for a cheap 6×8 speaker that is technologically advanced in terms of the quality of sound and the acoustic material used, Pioneer’s TS-G6845R might be the right option for you.

This speaker has a maximum power rating of 250 Watts and RMS rating of 40 Watts (100 Watts per pair), which gives it the capability of producing a respectable sound that brings out low and high frequencies in a balanced manner.

With a sound frequency response of up to 29000Hz the tweeter is able to respond well.

Another amazing thing about this speaker is that tweeter is piezoelectric, meaning it has a better efficiency of converting (reproducing) electric energy into sound energy, thus reducing energy losses.

Then there’s the Injected Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) and the composite mica woofer that allow the speakers handle low frequencies efficiently for a better bass response.

The dome tweeter uses a hypersensitive (thin-skinned) diaphragm to broadcast high frequencies effectively.

Kenwood KFC-C6895PS 3-Way

Kenwood never disappoints when it comes to making car stereo systems. The KFC-C6895PS is another addition to Kenwood’s line of speakers that makes sure you get the right and affordable stereo upgrade.

This speaker is designed for those who want to get high-quality treble and powerful for their dream in-car entertainment.

The KFC-C6895PS has an amazing 360 Watts maximum power rating, which equates to an RMS power rating of 85 Watts.

In addition, there is a punchy sensitivity of 91db and a frequency response of 60Hz up to 2500, hence you’re assured of better sound quality at highest levels.

It also comes with super cool tweeters and excellent woofer to ensure your listening experience is improved with the perfect balance in sound production.

The speaker contains a paper cone with some butyl rubber surrounding which ensures durability and powerful performance under different conditions.

Most people love it because of its enhanced look that improves its aesthetic value.

JBL CLUB 8620 2-Way

If you’re interested in replacing your old or factory-fitted speakers for something modern with better bass, then the JBL CLUB 8620 5×7″/6×8″ can be an option considered.

You know JBL makes some awesome subwoofers and other stereo components, and you better believe their car speakers are amazing.

JBL has equipped CLUB 8620 with UV-resistant polypropylene woofers to achieve that stellar performance under the chilliest and stickiest environmental conditions.

The speaker’s low-impudence design ensure it safely draws more power from the car stereo to give your music that extra punch. You’ll have some better results if you link it to an outboard amp.

What I like about this speaker system is the original Plus One woofer structure that extends the cone’s surface area for a better mid-bass experience than most speakers of this size.

I also love the edge-driven tweeter that expands (extends) the high-frequency range to give you that live listening experience – a chance to hear every musical detail.

It has an RMS rating of 110 watts per pair that translates to 55 watts each with a 3-ohm impedance. This can also be expressed in regard to peak rating at 330 watts per pair. It has a frequency response of 65 – 20000 Hz and a sensitivity of 89.5db.

Under $100

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694

When we go shopping for speakers, we often go looking at different factors that include quality of sound, size, configuration, and price.

As a result, Rockford has combined an amazing set of a feature in the Punch P1694 to make it among the best under $100 speakers on the market today, thanks to the sleek design, amazing sound quality, affordable price and a fitting size.

The speaker features dome tweeters and 1-inch titanium composite dome mid-range drivers that allow all the musical details to cut through road noise, filling your car with clear music.

The butyl rubber surrounds teams up with tough polypropylene woofer cone for an amazing sound quality along with reliable bass notes. The sturdy steel frame reduces vibration for maximum accuracy.

Its power handling and sensitivity systems set it among the best budget car speakers since if you’re assured of smooth response across the entire audio spectrum, for a balanced sound.

And with the FlexFit Basket design, you shouldn’t have trouble fitting this speaker.

Infinity REF-9623ix 3-Way

For many years, Infinity speakers have been a long tradition of reliability and quality, thanks to the company’s proactive nature and love for innovations.

Therefore, it’s not a coincidence that infinity speakers are among the top-selling car speakers on the market.

The Infinity Reference 9623ix is a set of speaker that offers you the best balance of performance and affordability.

Through our tests and review, one thing that has stood out about this speakers is their accurate mid and high range frequencies.

Away from the amazing mid and high range frequencies, they also have an incredible volume and bass because of the wider radiating surface area.

They feature super tweeters and edge-driven textile tweeters which produce the right musical details without sounding harsh.

There’s the tough polypropylene woofer with a durable hi-roll rubber surround delivering a surprisingly strong performance from the speakers.

The Plus One woofer also adds enough punch to the speaker’s output for smooth and accurate highs.

The speakers can handle up to 125 Watts RMS power, making them a good match external amplifiers, factory radio and aftermarket stereo.

Clarion SRG6953R 5-Way

The Clarion SRG6953R could as well be another perfect option if you’re looking for a better-quality sound system while without going beyond your budget.

This car speaker brings an unparalleled presence in your car with its amazing Multiaxial 5-Way design.

Exemplified with different drivers which are designed to merge at different ranges in the sound spectrum, this speaker can generate clear, ultra-realistic sound.

From fantastic-mid ranges, gleaming highs to extraordinary lows, the Clarion SRG6953R is a product of aggregation of both knowledge and experience.

Its injection-molded cone is a combination of mica and propylene to attain an admirable response thus making it ideal for digital sources. The tweeters feature PEI Balanced-Drive for enhanced dynamic range plus the metalized diaphragm material for excellent response and reduced mass.

What’s more? It has a frequency response of 30-30000Hz and power handling capacity of 600 watts RMS and 100 watts peak.

Hertz Audio ECX 165.5 6 2-Way

If you’re looking for a best value car speaker to set up to your car, truck or motorbike, then Hertz Audio ECX 165.5 is probably the right fit. It is an excellent option to upgrade your existing car audio system.

This small coaxial speaker has a sharp medium to high-frequency that will get your heart pumping. It’s lightweight with an exceptionally rich bass response that brings country and classical music to life.

Click for more Hertz car speakers reviews

Made from quality materials, this 2-way coaxial speaker produces an amazing sound quality besides being durable.

The water-repellent paper cone and the butyl rubber surround on the speaker are light and responsive enough to work perfectly with other features for the best results.

With a power handling capacity of 100-200W and 92dB sensitivity, you’re assured of the best performance.

Infinity REF6522IX

The 6522IX is among the best-selling Infinity’s component car speakers with an amazing performance.

It’s another set of affordable car speakers, but again, it’s well-engineered and would be a great investment for any person who’s looking for a set of car speakers within their budget.

Just like the Infinity Reference 9623ix, 6522IX offers the best balance of performance and affordability. Its mid and high-range frequencies are extremely amazing, as well as the incredible volume and bass thanks to the wider radiating surface area.

There’s the tough polypropylene woofer with a durable hi-roll rubber surround delivering a surprisingly strong performance from the speakers.

The Plus One woofer also adds enough punch to the speaker’s output for smooth and accurate highs.

The speakers can handle up to 60 Watts RMS power, making them a good match external amplifiers, factory radio and aftermarket stereo.

JBL CLUB6520 2-Way

JBL speakers are found in major categories in the audiophile space of high-fidelity speakers, because of their innovative release that contributes a lot to the industry.

For this section, we tested and reviewed the 9630 and now the 6.5″ 6520.

When we tested this model (the 6520), we discovered that while it’s definitely a good speaker for the price, it doesn’t offer that high-end performance, though the features are extremely amazing.

The JBL 6520 speaker has JBL’s Plus-One cone technology which is designed to help the speakers produce sound by vibrating air for better bass quality.

The 1-inch tweeters are made from Titanium and Mylar composite to reduce distortion, increase power handling and make the entire system efficient.

The reduced distortion is more evident with the mid-range frequencies which give the speakers better sound quality.

Then there’s the UniPivot technology that makes the tweeters adjustable for easy installation and right sound output.

The JBL 6520 speaker has a sensitivity rating of 94dB, a power handling capacity of 100Watts RMS and an amazing frequency response of 55-20,000 Hz.

Infinity REF8622CFX

If you’re tired of factory-fitted speakers in your brand new car, I recommend the Infinity REF8622CFX budget 6×8 car speakers for an effective upgrade because of its amazing performance at louder and crisper volumes.

This speaker has a smart woofer design that provides great sound space, which includes clear vocals, deep lows, and smooth highs.

You won’t have to worry about the power handling ratings as it features adjustable (customizable), textile dome tweeters that work well with most stereo systems. These dome tweeters produce clear mids and punchy bass.

These speakers have similar specifications as the aforementioned ones, but only differs when it comes to pricing and sound quality.

The only minor problem is the low-frequency sound range. The low frequencies are difficult to hear when comparing the speakers with other models we’ve tested.


Although Cerwin’s Vega series of speakers seem to have the same design and close performance, the V468 perform better.

They have a power handling rating of 75Watts RMS and a max power of 400 Watts and the area actually ideal for marine conditions. So not only can they withstand moisture build-up, these speakers assures you of a better performance too.

They are well designed to give the least amount of sound distortion as they deliver strong treble and bass. When compared to other speakers in their league, they allow you to enjoy your music with a well-balanced intensity.

The XED62 XED have a frequency response of 55-20000Hz and a sensitivity of 94db which means they qualify as modern speakers that can be used to upgrade your car’s stereo system.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 3-Way

Rockford Fosgate has showcased their enthusiastic commitment to sonic brilliance in their Punch Series of speakers, subs, and amps.

If you’re interested in listening to the potent, powerful music without any scratchy output Punch components assure you of an impressive sound that’ll stand out in a crowd.

Rockford Fosgate has designed the Punch P1683 speakers as an affordable and high-grade replacement for your factory-fitted speakers.

The speakers feature a receptive polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround that will stand up to long hours of high-volume music.

Rockford Fosgate has used an innovative technique to attach the butyl rubber surround to the cone giving you an extra of 25% cone area, for stronger performance and fuller sound.

The super tweeter and dome tweeter provide clear, extended lows and highs that can hold themselves when the bass gets heavy.

The tweeters support the speakers to produce the desired lifelike and natural audio.

Power handling rating of 120 Watts RMS and a 260 peak rating, with a 90db sensitivity and frequency response of 65-24000Hz.

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