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For well over half a century, Pioneer has been serving up the world with a stirring amount of all-around entertainment system components. And if we narrow down our focus to speakers, it’s clear that these fabricators are indeed rulers of the industries.

From full range to mid-range speakers, woofers to sub-woofers, they have it all. A good number of the market’s most top rated speakers are from Pioneer. Over the years, they’ve perfected the art of giving the people just what they need; even when they didn’t know they needed it. See why we just couldn’t resist doing a piece on them?

Pioneer Car Speakers We Recommended

ImagePioneer car speakersRMS PowerPeak PowerSize
Pioneer TS-A1676R A Series 6.5...
6.5" Pick

$54.00 Check Price
80 watts500 watts6.5 inches
Pioneer TS6900PRO PRO Series 6...
6.9" Pick

$123.00 Check Price
100 watts600 watts6.9 inches
Pioneer TS-A6880F 6' x 8' 350...
6"x8" Pick

$59.95 Check Price
60 watts350 watts6x8 inches
Pioneer TS-A1306C 5-1/4'...
5-1/4" Pick

Price not available Check Price
150 watts300 watts5-1/4 inches
Pioneer TS-A4103 4 x 10 2-way...
4"x10" Pick

$76.68 Check Price
35 watts120 watts4x10 inches
Pioneer TS-G4645R 4'x6'...
4"x6" Pick

$64.99 Check Price
60 watts200 watts4x6 inches
4" Pick

20 watts150 watts4 inches
Pioneer TS-B350PRO 3-1/2' High...
3.5" Pick

$57.50 Check Price
100 watts250 watts3.5 inches

Pioneer Car Speakers; Are They Any Good?

As I said, they practically run the industry. The thing about Pioneer is, they have something for pretty much anyone. For every Pioneer product you don’t like, there are about ten others that will, quintessentially, blow your brains away.

Pioneer speakers have a sort of sonic supremacy that makes them a sagacious addition to any sound system. Often made of top quality materials, they are capable of running for years on end without as much as a single disappointment. And the best part of it all is that you have an endless range of options to pick from.


Our Pick


Truth be told, these two-way speakers are louder than any factory speakers on any car out there today. Which is why if you’re considering a trade up, you should definitely consider the TS-G1645R. The drop a heavy sort of bass but still retains even the teeniest of details in the audio file.

The TS-G1645R’s power rating is among the highest within its price. At its highest, these speakers cough up a decent 500 Watts of power (per pair). The RMS rating is still as impressive coming in at 80 Watts per pair. The speakers operate on a Polypropylene with Mica cone woofer backed by a rubber-coated cloth surround. The conex damper improves power handling making deeper, heavier bass notes a cinch to achieve.

A pair of 3/16″ piezoelectric tweeters bring in heat in a manner only a good tweeter can. They play their supporting roles with undeniable handiness. Additional features include 91dB sensitivity and 30Hz-30kHz frequency response. With a shallow mounting depth, the TS-G1645R is a cordial space saver.

Top Notch


An encounter with this level of dexterity in a speaker is rare. The Pioneer TS-Z65F 6.5″ is a diamond in a rough; it shines brightly in a sea of many others. Paired with the right head-unit, these package grinds hard to achieve a whole new level of resonance.

You can always trust Pioneer to blow your mind every once in a while. The TS-Z65F is yet another one of their masterpieces that not only packs lots of bass but is also built to stand the test of time. Molded from Twaron fiber, the cone possesses a stiffness that only Pioneer can create. A Butyl rubber surrounds further revs up the cone’s deliverance. The resultant sound comes off both rich in bass and with immanent clarity. While power is always a major concern with speakers, TS-Z65F users enjoy hoards of it hassle-free. At the nominal level, they offer 110 Watts of power (per pair); when at their highest, these speakers hit a clean 330 Watts.

While its sensitivity, at 85dB, is not all that impressive, its frequency response is quite something. It can handle anything ranging between 32Hz- 92kHz with an incredible knack. The 1/8″ aluminum tweeters are no less impressive; oversized and very capable, they add much zest to the sound.

Component Pick


The Z-series might easily be Pioneers most celebrated car speaker series. So its no wonder the 6.5″ Pioneer system stirred the market a bit with its launch into the market. With an array of technological augmentations, the TS-Z65CH bunch is as sophisticated as a component system can get. It offers perfect sound jam-packed with sharp and clean bass.

Right off the box, these speakers are a sight to behold. They look as good as they sound, that’s for sure. The one most outstanding thing about the TS-Z65CH speakers is their dual layer cone construction. The cones are molded from a powerful combination of Twaron and cellulose fiber. These two form a rigid, self-damping and brawny cone; the kind that’s never been seen before. That, paired with butyl rubber surround results in an unsurpassed response and reproduction capability.

The TS-Z65CH package consists of two woofers and twin tweeters. Made of aluminum, the tweeters, like the woofers, are unsurpassed in their detonation abilities. When it comes to technological inclusion, we must mention the Open and Smooth sound concept. This feature is probably the reason behind the TS-Z65CH’s crystal clear output. The package is also designed for HI-RES Audio. Last but not least, its power handling is just great at 110 Watts RMS and 330 Watts at their peak.

Component Budget


This stunning package from the A series upholds the long-standing signature Pioneer prowess. Anyone who passes up the opportunity to experience the TS-A1606C package would be making a huge mistake. These are the kind of speakers that let you experience music as its composer intended you to; a natural, sweet flow of notes.

The TS-A1606C speakers pride themselves on their over-sized cones. This particular feature makes them hard hitters with the kind of bass audiophiles spend years looking for. The multi-layer mica matrix cone sits in an Elastic polymer perimeter that makes it all the more efficient. Like I mentioned earlier, the TS-A1606C features impeccable power handling capacity. Its 60Watts RMS is more than enough to drive a good system adeptly. Even so, it takes things a bit further to a 350 Watts peak power rating.

Its soft dome tweeters are small but ferocious. Their waveguide design makes them efficient blasters especially with mid-range and low notes. Frequency response for this package falls between33Hz-43kHz. Sensitivity is also given tremendous priority at 91dB. Besides all that, it also features a heat resistant voice coil; this guarantees durability even when subjected to daily heavy performance.


Our Pick

TS6900 PRO

Fresh and steamy right from the Pioneer kitchen are the TS6900PRO 6×9-inch speakers. So far the fiercest one from Pioneer, we can’t help but buzz over the TS6900PRO’s refined handling of musical waves. Its power handling is unbelievable, its body is hard and rugged; this package means serious business.

Now, we all know that a high speaker power handling is the best thing that could happen ever happen to your sound system. In other words, the TS6900PRO might just be the best thing that happened to your car. With a staggering 600 Watts of peak power rushing through these speakers, they crank pleasantly loud. Its normal RMS is 100 Watts, an amount that remains understandably flabbergasting. To match up such power, the speaker body is solely made of high-quality materials. The cone, for instance, is built of blended pulp and surrounded by dual urethane. The core of the TS6900PRO speakers is downright sturdy but still works hard for top-level sound production.

Its twin 7/8″ bullet tweeters look and sound aggressive. They match up the woofers’ performance prowess with the essential ability to bring in the extreme notes rather neatly. With the sensitivity rating at 91dB, this bunch is great when it comes to juggling high-frequency notes. The TS6900PRO package is relatively new in the market but has already left a pretty deep imprint within it.



Audiophiles love this 5-way Pioneer speaker bunch. Its vast range of components is a breath of fresh air in a market where speaker packages can be disappointing. Besides that, flawless performance from this package has gotten thousands talking. It is surprisingly proficient and we love it.

First off, lets breakdown this 5-way package. It features a woofer, a mid-range speaker, the main tweeter and two additional super tweeters. A nominal power handling capacity of 100 Watts is quite normal. However, not as much as its equally astonishing 650 Watts peak power rating. A strategic multi-layer mica matrix cone with an elastic polymer surround backs its high reproduction and response.

The frequency response is decent ranging between 27Hz-37kHz. The sensitivity, at 91dB, enables rapid response when the system is at work. The DET tweeters, in this case, are highly sensitive resulting in a superb overall performance.

Component Pick


What you’ll love most about this component system is its level of musical detail. With two woofers and two tweeters, TS-D69C takes on both the highs and lows to produce crispy, distortion-free sound. The D series is known to be fresh; the TS-D69C definitely upholds that characteristic.

Sensitive to even the highest of frequencies and the lowest and deeps, you may never come across such a performance ever again. The 6×9″ woofers house injection-molded polypropylene cones which come interlaced with aramid fiber. And yes, it sounds just as sophisticated as it reads. The cones are amicably stiff; this makes them master producers. With an RMS rating of 110Watts, this system could very easy rattle your car at full blast. Don’t believe it? Just consider its 330 Watts peak power rating. It definitely rocks.

Its frequency response range is as you would expect, wide. It falls in between 33Hz-49kHz. Securing the TS-D69C system grandeur performance even further is its 88dB sensitivity rating. Finally, its coated textile dome tweeters are nothing but hot when at work. The entire package is built for top-notch performance. These are Pioneer products after all.


Our Pick


These next-gen 4-way car speakers promise and deliver nothing short of sublimity. The TS-A682F possesses unique stereo imaging qualities that make it a top player in the market. It packs a sensible amount of bass and produces crispy clear notes no matter the surrounding.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Pioneer goes on ahead and drops another one of their ingenious creations. Tagged at an outrageously affordable price, the 6×8″ TS-A6886R is a sure combination of everything you need to spruce up your sound system. In this case, Pioneer was going for optimum sound reproduction and responsiveness. This is considering the multilayered Mica matrix cone design which seats in a lightweight elastic Polymer surround. The design has taut, sensitive and responsive written all over it.

Twin 3/8″ Polyethylene Teraphthalate hard dome tweeters offer competent endorsements to the other components. This ultimately results in a well balanced and superior sound output. High sensitivity (88dB) and a 34Hz-34kHz frequency response play a big role in ensuring the package’s efficacy. With a mounting depth of just 2 1/2inches, these speakers are a snap install in even the smallest of spaces.

5-1/4 inches

Our Pick


With a bomb new look and the solid promise of improved bass, Pioneer brings to the table a component package that’s drop-dead gorgeous. The 5.25″ TS-A1306C package comes ready to cater to all of your sonic needs. All this while, it simultaneously improves the overall sound environment.

Now this package holds out quite the gleaming resume. From its power handling right down to its reproduction capacity, it as good as it gets. In normal conditions, these components operate on a 150 Watts(per pair) power RMS. At its hardest, the speakers juggle up to 300 Watts (per pair) worth of power no sweat. All that power drives a multi-layer Mica matrix cone that is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of rigidity. An elastic polymer surround provides an environment in which the cone shift’s for optimum reproduction.

Soft dome tweeters work relentlessly to create a beautifully composed euphonious ambiance. The 3/4″ tweeters feature a waveguide enclosure that enables mid and high-frequency uniform projection and dissemination. This thoughtful combination of materials is further reinforced by a 90dB sensitivity and a 42Hz-42kHz frequency response range. A heat resistant coil and passive crossover network let you drag this component package through the fire with zero worries of possible burnouts. Last but not least, we couldn’t help but love the bonus woofer grille and tweeter mounting gear.


Our Pick


You can always trust Pioneer to take sound an extra mile. In this case, they bring you the best in a 4×10-inch chassis. For a simple yet significant upgrade, a TS-A4103 pair is a perfect option. Ultimately, they are a great replacement for mediocre factory installed speakers.

With what I like to call a subtle delivery, these speakers are a pleasant addition to any audio system. The TS-A4103 speakers are the kind that will make a dull morning seem brighter. It prides itself on its ability to clean out sound to deliver sweet chords with naught distortion. This is mostly thanks to its IMPP (Injected Molded Polypropylene) cone; it hits hard, low and with tremendous clarity. This is further backed by its Urethane surround. High energy strontium magnets only add to its power handling capacity. Its nominal power handling is 35 Watts, a figure that shoots up to 120 Watts at its peak.

Pioneer made sure the TS-A4103 can perform undisturbed for extended periods of time. A frequency response within the 38-23000 Hz range and a 91dB sensitivity see to it that this is so. Let’s not forget the 1-5/8 inch paper cone tweeters; these are a gee-whiz addition to the already impressive.


Our Pick


Although the TS-G4645R may not be much of a quaker, it sounds pretty good. Anyone looking for budget-friendly, top performance 4×6″ speakers to pimp up his sound system will love these.

Right from the build material, these speakers are made for not only extended but also topnotch performance. The rubber coated cloth surround means mad flexibility. These speakers take on sonic notes with ease resulting in tremendously clean reproduction. Now its cone is something of a wonder. It is made of Injected Molded Polypropene induced with Mica. The result? A lightweight yet rigid center with impressive hard hitting capabilities.

Power is everything when it comes to speakers. With a peak power handling of 200 Watts per pair, you can already tell the TS-G4645R is pretty competent. I must say, an RMS of 60 Watts paired with a ferrite magnet motor structure is no joke. And it gets better.

Its piezoelectric tweeters are nothing if not fierce; they add a great reproduction capacity to the component. Be sure you’ll catch those dips loud and clear with these little monstrosities at play. It is also important to highlight the TS-G4645R shallow mounting depth. This makes these speakers an easy fix in pretty much any nook or cranny in your cabin.


Our Pick


The TS-A1072R puts emphasis on natural sound reproduction making the waves as neutral as possible. Its design is badass; it aims for optimal cone judder for clean output. Its affordable price tag has nothing to do with its prowess. It proves that you don’t always have to break the bank for supreme sound reproduction.

The TS-A1072R 3-way speakers are a diamond in the rough. With Carbon Graphite IMPP Cone, the woofer’s interception with sound is like no other. Its ability to reproduce clean, natural sound is not solely thanks to its cone; its Interlaced Amarid Fiber foamed rubber surround has a hand in it too. For refined and accurate sound, it features 3/8″ soft dome tweeters which prove to be super sufficient. Mid reproduction is a snap with this speaker.

With the aid of its lightweight balanced dome (with magnetic fluid mid-range), its response for mid reproduction is clean and quick. Each speaker comes with a total RMS of 20 Watts; however, do not be fooled. The TS-A1072R dish out a maximum of 150 Watts of power each when in play. Not bad at all for a 4″ speakers!


Our Pick


The TS-B350PRO pro series bullet 3.5″ tweeter is exactly what you’d expect from Pioneer. They’re aggressive, moderately tumultuous and sound phenomenal. Its no wonder they rank up in the world of bullet tweeters.

Ever since their debut into the market, the P.R.O series has caused quite the fuss. Looking at the TS-B350PRO, it’s easy to see why. With an aluminum die-cast chassis, these tweeters are made to take quite the beating. An aggressive magnet structure gives the TS-B350PRO fervid trait that lets users push these bad boys all the way.

These are great equalizers; hook these up and you’ll feel a total surround change in your sound system. Being as sensitive as they are, the bring out frequencies crispy clean. A power handling of 100 Watts per tweeter is definitely no joke. This further shoots up to a solid maximum of 250 Watts each when these babies are hitting their hardest. They’re clearly built to impress. In nutshell, these are a great bargain for your money.

Pioneer Speaker Series

Every once in a while, Pioneer launches a speakers series for sound junkies all over the world. Each particular speakers series often comes with a range of speakers up for grabs.

As you would expect, each series comes cloaked with a signature aspect that is often its selling factor. Today, we’ll take a brief look at some of their most successful speakers series. We’ll further review the creme de la creme from each of the series. Stick around; you might just find what you’ve relentlessly searched for.

D Series

Speakers within this class are high performers all backed by new tech. Built on the Open and Smooth sound concept, the D series speakers an output cleaner than most. These speakers were the first time users of Twaron aramid fiber cones in Pioneer’s history.

The D series featured two way coaxial and component speakers. That basically translates to a woofer and tweeters. The tweeters accentuate an ultralight Soft Dome Diaphragm which fuels an overall reproduction of frequencies. Built with high-quality materials, these speakers offer accuracy, sensitivity and a splendid power handling capacity.

G Series

Widely recognized as a high sensitivity speakers series, it consists of a staggering 7 high-performance speakers. These players feature Molded Polypropylene cone with Mica. In essence, that single feature makes the G series speakers hard, impactful speakers that crank incredibly well.
PEI balanced tone tweeters effortless bolster the high sensitivity aspects of the rest of the components. These speakers were designed for fuss-free installation; their shallow mounting depth is enough proof of that.

A Series

These were in every way built for convenience and clean rendition. The A series speakers come with versatile mounting adapter brackets. Pioneers sought to ensure that these bad boys were an easy fix regardless of the space. The Series consist of 3, 4 and 5-way components in the sizes 6.5 ” and 6″x9″.

The speakers feature a multilayer Carbon and Mica reinforced cone. However, the Mid-range components feature a cellulose fiber cone which is just as effective. The tweeters are hard done and come with a polyamine cone; fierce little fellas. For a breath of fresh air, the A series brings its users the CarSoundFit app; a basic virtual demo of the speakers.

Z Series

Built with the adeptness to work meticulously in small spaces, the Z series is a spectacle. They can push enough bass to blow your eardrums up even form the smallest enclosure. Their shallow basket is probably their biggest selling factor; it gives them an installation flexibility advantage. Rigid heat resistant Twaron aramid fiber cone lets users push these speakers to a whole new level of bass. The tweeters feature aluminum alloy diaphragm; these pack quite the punch. Pioneer also threw in Hi-Res Audio compatibility to spice things up a little more.

PRO Series

Being the latest series from the masters, the PRO series speakers are pretty badass. They feature an aggressive blade-like grille. They hit hard and look mean; perfect combination if you ask me. These are by far the loudest speakers on the Pioneer menu right now. Their shotgun tweeters are as bad as their label implies they are. Other than the fact that the PRO series lacks a component speaker option, it is very capable of turning up any sound system.

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