What Is The Best 5-Channel Car Amplifier

What Is The Best 5-Channel Car Amplifier 2020 [UPDATED]

Confused on whether a 5 channel amp is the right choice for your car audio system? If the answer is yes, this article is just what you need.

In an attempt to ease your walk down this road, we not only take you deeper into all things encompassing them, but we’ve also compiled a list of some the best 5 channel amps for the car in the market today. So, read on to find out what are some of the best car amplifiers.

Our Recommended 5-Channel Amplifiers

Image5-Channel Car AmpRMS PowerPeak PowerAmp ClassBridgeable
Pioneer GM-D9705 Class-D...
Our Pick

$369.94 at Amazon
100W x 4 (Main channel), 600W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) at 2 Ohms,
75W x 4 (Main channel), 350W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) at 4 ohms,
200W x 2 (Main channel), 350W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) Bridged at 4 Ohms
2000 WClass DYes
Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime...
Runner- Up

$299.00 at Amazon
50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms + 200 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms,
75 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms + 300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms,
150 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms + 300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
600 WClass A/B + Class D (Sub)Yes
Planet Audio AC1800.5 5...

$140.99 at Amazon
225 watts x 4 at 2 ohms,
113 watts x 4 at 4 ohms,
450 watts x 2 Bridged at 4 ohms, 450 watts x 1 5th Ch at 2 ohms,
225 watts x 1 5ht Ch at 4 ohms
1800 WFull Range Class A/BYes
Hifonics BRX5016.5 Brutus...
Also Great

$314.99 at Amazon
60 watts x 4 channels at 4 ohms,
100 watts x 4 channels at 2 ohms,
475 watts x 1 channels at 4 ohms,
750 watts x 1 channels at 2 ohms
1200 WClass ABNo
Alpine PDR-V75 5 Channel...
Also Great

$399.95 at Amazon
75 watts x 4 channels at 4 ohms, 250 watts x 1 channels at 4 ohms, 100 watts x 4 channels at 2 ohms, 350 watts x 1 channel at 2 ohms, bridged, 4 ohms: 200 watts x 2 chan at 4 ohms, 350 watts x 1 channel at 4 ohms750 WClass DYes

Best 5 Channel Amps Under $300 (For most people)

Our Pick

Pioneer GM-D9705

Max Power Output: 2,000W
RMS: 100W x 4 (Main channel), 600W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) at 2 Ohms,
75W x 4 (Main channel), 350W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) at 4 ohms,
200W x 2 (Main channel), 350W x 1 (Subwoofer channel) Bridged at 4 Ohms

Amp Class: D
Bridgeable: Yes

On top of this list is the Pioneer GM-D9705. This amp proves that even simplicity can knock you off your feet every once in a while.

With the manufacturer like Pioneer, you would be wrong to expect nothing short of impressive. Taking a look at its features, you can clearly see why the GM-D9705 is our preferred pick for amps within the $300 price range.

This Pioneer 5 channel car amp comes with a low and high pass filter (variable) that allows its user the advantage of controlling its bass levels. With a max output of 2000 watts, the GM-D9705 proves to be a rather powerful addition to your music system.

Perhaps one of its most convenient features is its flexible size. Its general design makes it an easy fit even in the most compact of all vehicles. The Pioneer GM-D9705 comes with easy to understand installation instructions making it a piece of cake to set up.

Contrary to common thought, its small size has no effect on its overall delivery; this tiny fella brings a pretty impressive sound to any vehicular cabin with the capability to power up to four speakers at a go.

This amp also comes with blockade terminals and an impedance allowance ranging from 2 to 4 ohms.


Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime

Max Power Output: 600W
RMS: 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms + 200 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms,
75 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms + 300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms,
150 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms + 300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
Amp Class: Class A/B + Class D (Sub)
Bridgeable: Yes

Our runner-up is the 5-ch amp from Rockford Fosgate (R600X5 Prime), and with good reason too. Anyone looking for an amplifier to adequately power their system would be wrong to overlook this particular model.

Right down from its design to its performance efficiency, this amplifier is all rounded working just right with all your speakers and subs. The Rockford Fosgate R600X5 comes with 4 channels each with an RMS rating of 50 watts and an additional 5th subwoofer dedicated channel with an RMS rating of up to 300 watts.

In cases where a higher power output is needed, this amplifier allows bridging in order to feed high-performance components. For an even better performance output, it’s got high and low pass filters.

With heat being a major concern in reference to most amps, this amp cover is a heavy cast aluminum body to mitigate this. Its chassis is designed to draw heat away from internal components protecting it from potential damage.

Its front and rear channels constitute Class AB amp tech while its subwoofer channel features Class D amp tech.

Additional features include a selectable EQ bass boost, remote Punch level control, MOSFET power supply and preamp and speaker level inputs.

Budget Under $200 5-Channel Amp

Planet Audio AC1800.5 Anarchy

Max Power Output: 1800W
RMS: 225 W X 4 RMS @ 2 ohm
113 W X 4 RMS @ 4 ohm
450 W X 2 RMS Bridged @ 4 ohm
450 W X 1 RMS 5th Ch @ 2 ohm
225 W X 1 RMS 5ht Ch @ 4 ohm
Amp Class: Full Range Class A/B
Bridgeable: Yes

This is yet another relatively cheap but high performing 5 channel amplifier. The PA 1800.5 gives its users a sensational sound experience without costing them much.

Like its counterparts from the Anarchy Series of Amplifiers, the manufacturer describes it as an amplifier designed to break all the rules. And judging from its capabilities, it is hard to disagree with that.

Power is no issue with this amp given that it is able to produce a power max of 1800 watts at 2 Ohms; more specifically 225 Watts from 4 of its channels and a good 450 watts from its subchannel.

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To support high-efficiency output, it features a MOSFET power supply and is also bridgeable. Class A/B amplifier technology does it a steady amount of justice in reference to its delivery capabilities. This only gets better with its variable high and low pass crossovers.

Other important features include its high and low-level inputs and remote sub-woofer control. Its heavy-duty aluminum alloy body works efficiently for proper heat dissipation.

Budget Under $200 5-Channel Amp

Soundstream PN5.640D Picasso Nano

Max Power Output: 640W
RMS: 4 ohms: 60w x 4ch + 200w | 80w x 4ch + 350w | 4 Ohms Bridged: 160w x 2ch + 350w
Amp Class: D
Bridgeable: Yes

If your budget is tight, and you still badly need an amp upgrade, the Soundstream PN5.640D amplifier is a perfect candidate. This bad boy can singlehandedly power both your speakers and your subwoofer without much of a struggle. The best part is that it comes at a remarkably affordable price.

The PN5.640D comes with an RMS power rating of 60 watts from 4 of its channels and an additional 200 watts from its 5th channel at 4ohms and 80 watts from the four channel with an additional 350 watts from the 5th at 2ohms.

The amp also includes a full MOSFET power supply and a 40A fuse rating. Its separate variable high and low pass filters on its front, rear and subwoofer channels work to deliver clean and powerful sounds and music.

Lastly, this amp also includes Class D amp technology, variable bass boost on its subwoofer channel and a wired remote sub level control.

Budget Under $200 5-Channel Amp

BOSS Audio PV3700 Phantom

Max Power Output: 3,700W
RMS: 413 W X 4 RMS @ 2 ohm
206 W X 4 RMS @ 4 ohm
825 W X 2 RMS Bridged @ 4 ohm
1125 W X 1 RMS 5th Ch @ 2 ohm
563 W X 1 RMS 5ht Ch @ 4 ohm
Amp Class: Full Range, Class A/B
Bridgeable: Yes

Once again, Boss have outdone themselves by giving its fans yet another fully packed, well-priced amplifier. The BOSS PV3700 PHANTOM features specifications way above its price range.

This device is quite honestly pretty efficient not to mention a whole lot of handy too. A quick look at its features gives a comprehensive explanation why.

Your music is bound to sound better with this budget 5 channel amp form Boss as it comes with a max output of 3700 Watts at a 2 Ohm stable.

Being a five channel amp, this amp also includes customizable low and high pass crossover with a MOSFET power supply. Its appearance also gives it a pop thanks to its Multi LED back-lit illumination.

Also, the BOSS Audio PV3700 is bridgeable with the latest Class A/B amp technology. Finally, it features high and low-level inputs, variable input control, subwoofer level control and short protection capabilities.

Also Great

Kenwood Excelon X801-5

Max Power Output: 1600W
RMS: 4 ohms: 50 watts x 4 chan. / 2 ohms: 75 watts x 4 chan. / Bridged: 4 phms: 150 watts x 2 chan.
Amp Class: Class A/B
Bridgeable: Yes

As many of its users would agree, the Kenwood Excelon X801-5 is a compact 5 channel amp with tremendous power. At first glance, the first thing you’ll notice is its compact well thought design. This, backed with its impressive features makes it one of the top amplifier models around.

Despite being undeniably small and compact, this Kenwood 5 channel amp can yield a maximum of 50 watts from 4 of its channels and up to 300 watts from its subchannel.

It allows you to boost up your music without having to worry about sacrificing a whole lot of your car space. This amp is particularly impressive as it features an expanded frequency response of up to 50kHz; this works well with high-resolution playback.

Its variable high and low pass filter, bass boost features work to improve sound delivery even further. The manufacturer goes a step ahead with the thermal management system that ensures continuous functioning even when its heat levels shoot up (and this hardly happens).

Also Great

Hifonics BRX5016.5 Brutus

Max Power Output: 1200W
RMS: 60 watts x 4 channels @ 4 ohms
100 watts x 4 channels @ 2 ohms
475 watts x 1 channels @ 4 ohms
750 watts x 1 channels @ 2 ohms
Amp Class: AB
Bridgeable: No

One thing is for sure with this model, it gets the job done. Most people would agree that it is impossible to find a budget 5 channel amplifier that works as well as this one does. Hifonics BRX5016.5 is a great power package capable of fueling any sound system just fine.

This Hifonics 5 channel amp proves to be a powerful musical buddy with its ability to produce a max RMS output of 1200 watts backed by an Ultra-Fi MOSFET power supply.

In addition to the variable low and high pass filters, this amp package is also inclusive of a variable bass boost. If you intend to hook on a bunch of speakers, its dual speaker terminals make this task extremely easy.

Its chassis comes with an illuminated Hifonics logo and made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy for maximum heat dissipation. Notably, its frequency response is relatively adequate at 10-50,000 Hz.

Best 5 Channel Amps Under $500

Our Pick

JL Audio XD700/5

Max Power Output: 700W
75 watts RMS x 4 + 180 watts RMS x 1 (at 4 ohms),
100 watts RMS x 4 + 300 watts RMS x 1 (at 2 ohms),
200 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms + 300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
Amp Class: D
Bridgeable: Yes

Judging from its price, you’d expect nothing short of phenomenal from this amp. True enough, it delivers just as much. The JL Audio XD700/5 amplifier brings a blend of the latest amp technology and a range of exciting features to the table.

Any audiophile would be pumped upon an encounter with this piece. Its NexD switching design simply takes its efficiency to a whole different level.

These and other features impressed us enough to make this JL Audio 5 channel amp our top pick in this section. The JL Audio is clearly not messing around in their effort to give the market a state of the art car amplifier.

Its max power output falls at 700 watts at a stable 2 Ohms. While this may not be the highest RMS output in the market, it is enough to handle a top-level sound system. When bridged, its minimum impedance falls at 2Ohm and at 4Ohms unbridged.

JL Audio hardly ever disappoints; this includes their regard for safety and device durability. As a safety measure, this amp features JL Audio’s signature Advanced Rollback Protection. A really fascinating fact about this feature is that it rolls back peak power output when the amp gets to an alarming temperature; it holds the low power output until the device cools down. If that doesn’t keep the amp from substantial damage, I don’t know what would.

Additional features include its aluminum allow heat sink chassis, speaker level inputs, a differential balanced input section, selectable filter mode and a fuse rating of 60A. It also supports an HD-RLC remote level control which is sold separately.


Rockford P1000X5 Punch

Max Power Output: 1000W
RMS: 75 Watts x 4 + 150 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohms
125 Watts x 4 + 300 x [email protected] 2-Ohms
500 Watts @ 1-Ohm
Amp Class: Class A/B + Class BD (Sub)
Bridgeable: Yes

Rockford has gained worldwide recognition as a reputable amp brand. The Rockford P1000X5 is yet another testament to this brand’s ability to unleash pretty feral sound-related devices for vehicles.

This full range 5 channel amp does a sound system plenty of justice by producing nothing but clean, seamless sound with few to no glitches. It sure offers a smooth way to run your speaker and subwoofer components.

A max RMS power output of a 1000 watts is agreeably a good amount of power for most car systems. It comes with both low pass and subsonic filters for its subchannel; this paired with high pass bass filters minimizes distortion to give an authentic sound output.

Optimum performance seems to be the main point of focus for this amp. Rockford incorporates its C.L.E.A.N (Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noises) technology in this model; this feature ensures you hear more of your music in a clean and elaborate manner and less of background noise.

Heat elimination is of the essence for maximum amp efficiency. Its Dynamic Thermal Management and MEHSA MOSFET cooling system see that any excess heat is properly dealt with. Its usually blue indicator lights turn red when a sound source is too distorted and puts your amp at the risk of potential damage.

More features are high and low pass filters, frequency response ranging from 20-20KHz, preamp and speaker level inputs, optional remote level control.

Also Great

Alpine PDR-V75

Max Power Output: 750W
RMS: 4 ohms: 75 watts x 4 chan. + 250 watts x 1 chan.
2 ohms: 100 watts x 4 chan. + 350 watts x 1 chan.
Bridged, 4 ohms: 200 watts x 2 chan. + 350 watts. x 1 chan.
Amp Class: Class D
Bridgeable: Yes

In a highly competitive market, Alpine has managed to come up with an outstanding amp – the PDR-V75.

Its compact chassis comes with a blast of full-on power for the best of most sound system components. Being one of the best 5 channel amplifiers in its class, it features an incredible much without sacrificing the quality of its delivery.

This Alpine class D 5 channel amp comes with a multiple channel design meaning it can easily be bridged for more ferocious power output. At its best, the PDR-V75 can dish out an RMS of 75 watts from each channel and a brute 250 watts from its subchannel.

Variable high and low pass filters, a variable bass boost and additional variable subsonic filter lock on the delivery of a clean enjoyable sound. A unique feature that comes with this amp is its tone controls; it allows you to adjust the sound until you get it just right.

It also includes over-current, over-voltage, thermal and even low battery protection. More features include an adjustable gain control, resonant mode power supply, a rotatable illuminated Alpine badge and a separate remote bass control.

Also Great

Hertz Audio HDP5

Max Power Output: 950W
RMS: 5 Ch 70 W x 4 + 380 W x 1 (4Ω)
5 Ch 100 W x 4 + 550 W x 1 (2Ω)
3 Ch 200 W x 2 (4Ω) + 380 W x 1 (4Ω)
3 Ch 200 W x 2 (4Ω) + 550 W x 1 (2Ω)
Amp Class: D
Bridgeable: Yes

If you’re looking to upgrade from that OEM system and take a fast dive into the promising world of full range, all-powerful sound waves, this amp is it for you.

The Hertz Audio HDP5 is one of a kind in more than one ways. From its amusingly versatile connections right down to its exterior design, its evident that this is a well put together amp.

Being able to produce a stead RMS of 900 watts, this amp means serious business. At 2Ohms you get 100 watts from its channels and 550 watts from the subchannel.

While its compact appearance may fool some people, the Hertz Audio HDP5 has a volcano’s worth of potential locked away in its tiny chassis.

Using its Single Cycle Control, it increases efficiency by reducing current draws and the amount of heat generated compared to other class A/B design amp.

Another feature is its R.I.P.S (Regulated, Intelligent Power Supply) that monitors output current to optimize output power over a range of impedance. It also includes Advanced Rollback Protection which ensures its safety even when playing under the most extreme of conditions.

Finally, its chassis design incorporates alloy fins that facilitate proper heat dissipation. The Hertz Audio HDP5 amp includes other features such as differential balanced inputs and HD mounting option.

Also Great

Kenwood XR900-5 eXcelon

Max Power Output: 900W
RMS: 60 watts RMS x 4 + 400 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms
75 watts RMS x 4 + 600 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
150 watts RMS x 2 bridged at 4 ohms + 600 watts RMS at 2 ohms
Amp Class: Class D
Bridgeable: Yes

This device is a particularly perfect 5 channel amp where space is a major concern. The Kenwood XR900-5 can only be described as a tiny package of delight for audiophiles as it features the latest technologies for maximum performance.

Its RMS output is rather staggering at 150 Watts from two of its channels and 600 watts for the sub. It improves music quality and efficiency through its variable high and low pass filters.

To regulate temperature conditions, the amp has a fan fixed in proximity to its circuitry to cool the air around it; this regulates the amp’s overall temperature. For durability, the amp has gold plated line input terminals enhancing their conductivity and non-corrosion.

What is the best 5-channel amp?

Conclusively, it is clear that the Pioneer GM-D9705 amp takes the top spot of best 5 channel car amps under $300. Conveniently compact design, easy installation and remarkably clean delivery, this amp has it all.

To top it all, its RMS output comes in as one of the highest at an astonishing 2000 watts. What’s more, all this comes at a great price; it is a total banger for the buck.

I’ll go ahead and admit that the Pioneer GM-D9705 has some of the best specifications any amp under this category has to offer.

Than again if you want something of a top class, you’ll have to dig deaper into your pocket (around $500). It is no surprise that the JL Audio XD700/5 amplifier surpasses the rest of the models under this division. It is particularly impressive due to its next level technological additions. The fact that its manufacturers go a step further in ensuring safety and optimal functionality also sets this model aside from the rest of the crowd.

What does a 5-channel amp mean?

Now typically, an amplifier is designed to boost low output sound signals from an independent source to more elaborate, powerful and cleaner signals. Usually, an entire sound system (inclusive of a subwoofer), requires you to pair up a 2 or 4 channel amp with a mono-block amplifier to adequately run it.

Sounds like one heck of a task, doesn’t it? Well, fortunately, that’s where a five channel amp comes in. It allows you to run your entire sound system through a single device.

A 5 channel amplifier is a hybrid; a combination of a 4 channel amp and a mono-block amp in one package.

In other words, it is a fusion of both Class D and Class AB circuitry in one chassis. With it, you have four channels to power your front and rear speakers and a fifth channel specifically for the sub-woofer.

So, 5 channel amplifiers save its users the wiring nightmares that come with having multiple amplifiers.

We also did a review of 2-channel4-channel and monoblock car amps.

Why A 5-Channel Amp Is A Better Option?

Amplifiers have seen quite the evolution in the past few decades. At one point, if you had any intention of setting up a full range sound system in your car, it meant sacrificing a good amount of your cabin and trunk space.

Since their conception in well over a decade ago, 5 channel amps have gradually gained popularity due to their heavily convenient nature. Naturally, this amp brings quite a lot to the table including a bunch of advantages.

Benefits of 5-Channel Car Amplifiers

More Power, Less Space

Instead of having two or more amps, a single 5-channel amp can get the job done just as well comparatively causing less of havoc. This hybrid not only saves you a significant amount of space, but it also does so without sacrificing the much-needed amp power. By bridging it, it allows its users to boost its power output when the need to arises.


You’ve got to admit, being able to serve a full set of sound components with a single device is remarkable. What makes it even better is that the prerequisites involved are very easily achievable. 5 channel amps are undeniably more favorable in terms of space, power and even cost.

For people would rather deal with a single amp than have to juggle around several of them in an attempt to get the desired sound blast, 5 channel is the way to go.

Top Notch Delivery

By using a fusion of Class D and A/B amp technology, 5 channel amps give exceptional results. With a cleaner sound output, lesser background noise and a more defined music waves, it is impossible to deny its efficiency.

What Should You Look For In A Good 5 Channel Amp?

The market is flooded with different 5 channel amp models. While this is mostly a good thing, it can get rather confusing especially if you have limited knowledge regarding amplifiers.

Acknowledging this fact, we’ve come up with a list of features you should put into consideration when assessing a potential 5 channel amp buy.

RMS Power

RMS (Root mean square), usually measured in Watts, represents the total amount of continuous power an amplifier produces.

Most 5 channel amps are capable of running between 600-1000 watts RMS. Even so, there are several models capable of running more than the above-specified range of RMS.

Regardless, more RMS output always means more power. In simple terms, the higher the RMS the better the outcome.


This is basically the measure of electrical resistance. 5 channel amps come with an impedance measurement of either 2 or 4 Ohms.

However, depending on the nature of your sub, you may need to go slightly higher than this to a probable 8 Ohms. Needless to say, you should make sure the amp’s impedance matches that of your system for a smoother operation.

Peak Power

It refers to the maximum amount of power an amplifier can handle at a short period of time without burning out. This may not be as important as the RMS measure. Even so, the peak power can also make or break an amp.

In Relation To Your Car (Prerequisites)

When making this nature of a purchase, keeping your vehicle’s features in the back of your mind is very important. In as much as an amp may have all the right specification, it may not be well suited for your car.

Additionally, it may not work as well for your own preferences. With that said, here are some additional factors you should consider before and during making that much-anticipated purchase.

How Big Is Your Car?

Normally, size of the car determines the number of speakers or sub-woofer you can fit into it. On the brighter side, 5 channel amps come in considerably compact designs.

However, some models are still larger than others. That said, space determines the amplifier model that works best for the conditions in question.

Your Music Preference

Inbuilt car sound systems may not always work harmoniously with all genres of music. Seeing as much, you may have to add on speakers to achieve your desired output. Whether a deep bass or soft, delicate music, your amp should be capable of handling your music choice sufficiently.


Cost is a major determinant of the type of amplifier you eventually end up with. As you would expect, good 5 channel amplifiers don’t come cheap.

This, however, does not mean you cannot find a good quality one at a reasonable price. The market has an endless list of options at different price levels. Despite the fact that the search may be daunting, finding one that falls right into your budget is guaranteed.

With the much has been said, it is about time we got the gist of this write-up. In a market where the privilege of choice is more of a headache rather than helpful, a simple guide goes a long way in informing any given amp shopping spree.

The following is an assortment of the best 5 channel car amplifiers under specific categories.


The market is full of viable 5 channel amp options. As such, getting what works for you means some serious due diligence input and patience. In comparison to other channel amps, the 5 channel amps are both convenient and handy; this makes them a great option.

On getting your perfect match, it is important to remember that amplifiers work hard to produce that flawless music or sound that we all crave so bad. Therefore, constant inspection and maintenance of your amp will go a long way in ensuring its durability and efficient delivery.

Vincent Talbot

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