Best 6.75 Inch Car Speakers

To help you narrow your choices down and properly equip your vehicle we’ve prepared a list of the best 6.75-inch car speakers on the market. We’ve divided the speakers into coaxial and component so that every car owner can find the right speakers for their needs.

If you’re serious about audio then you know the value of hooking up quality speakers in your car. There’s nothing like driving down the road, high fidelity music blaring out like there’s a personal concert going on in your vehicle. This sort of experience won’t come from just any speakers, you need top of the line equipment to make it happen. The best speakers should be well rounded. They should sound crisp and clear whether the song playing is low or high, loud or soft. Every piece of the puzzle should fit together clearly to make installation easy. The material should be sturdy so that it lasts longer and provides a cleaner sound.

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The Best 6.75 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers Review

Our Pick: Pioneer 6.75 Inch 2-Way Speaker – TS-D1702R

Our top pick in the coaxial category is the Pioneer TS-D1702R 6.75″ car speakers. These speakers blow the rest of the competition away thanks to to the high-quality materials used in their construction, its ingenious engineering, and the affordable pricing. These 6.75″ car speakers are all about sound clarity, thanks to its top of the line Aramid/Basalt composite construction. It’s also impressive that the speakers are able to maintain such clarity over a wide audio range. Highs and lows sound equally good. The only downside is that the bass isn’t as powerful as it could be. It’s tight but it doesn’t shake like some other speakers do. The design could be a bit more visually appealing, but given the clarity of sound it produces, any aesthetic qualms one might have are easy to overlook.

Runner Up: Kicker 6.75″ 2-Way Speaker Pair – Kicker 41DSC674

If you’re not sold on Pioneer’s speakers for any reason then you should look into Kicker 6.75 car speakers. These speakers are made for blasting music. They generate minimal distortion at high volumes, especially compared to similarly priced competitors. These speakers are the definition of affordable, costing even less than the TS-D1702R. As for downsides, these speakers also suffer from underwhelming bass. It gets the job done but it might not satisfy audiophiles who really want to shake when they play their music.

Also Great: Rockford Fosgate P1675 Punch 6.75-Inch 3-Way Coaxial Full-Range Speaker

Beyond our top two 6 3/4 inch coaxial car speakers, we have other two to consider. The first is Rockford Fosgate 6.75″ car speaker. These popular speakers are a good overall choice for bargain-seeking shoppers. If you want to hear a lot of bass come out of some small speakers you should give them a try. They’re only held back by trouble dealing with higher frequencies.

Also Great: Kenwood 6.75″ Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo 330 Watt 3-Way – KFC-1795PS

Our final spot goes to the New Kenwood KFC-1795PS. These are powerful speakers that can really blast it out with an RMS Power Handling of 80 watts and a peak of 330. These speakers might have gotten runner-up status if not for flimsy wire connectors that are easy to damage.

The Best 6.75 Inch Component Car Speakers Review

Our Pick: Rockford Fosgate 6.75-Inch Component Speaker System – T1675-S T1 Power

In our component category, the Rockford Fosgate T1675-S T1 6.75-Inch component speakers come out on top. It puts sound quality above all else and succeeds marvelously. From churchmouse soft to rock band loud, these speakers broadcast with minimal distortion. They also offer the kind of bass that only dedicated subwoofers can rival. Finally, the tweeters that these speakers come equipped will make high pitched sounds especially clear. Owners can get even more from their tweeters by setting its axis on or off or by choosing the right attenuation level. One drawback you might want to consider is the fact that the bass is prone to distortion when playing especially fast paced music. You should also be prepared to buy your own mounting brackets, the adaptors that come with the product are all too easy to damage. These relatively minor issues pale in comparison to the many upsides that have earned Rockford Fosgate’s speakers spot among the best 6.75 inch car speakers.

Runner Up: Pioneer TS-D1730C 6 3/4″ Component Speaker Package

Second place goes to the Pioneer TS-D1730C 6 3/4 Inch Component Speaker Package. These speakers are built with sturdy Twaron Aramid Fiber, which allows speakers to produce a strong, booming sound without damaging itself. One of the few knocks against these speakers is the fact that it struggles a bit with the low end of the spectrum. They don’t always do low, rumbling bass the justice it deserves. Still, they make a great choice for people who want to come close to the T1675-S T1’s power at an affordable price.

Also Great: Kicker 40CSS674 6-3/4″ Component Speaker

These Kicker 6-3/4 inch component speakers produce a beautiful sound right off the bat, future owners don’t have to do much tweaking to get it pounding. Music played from these speakers is especially beautiful. Small crossovers handle things with minimal issues. Once again, these speakers can falter on the low end, not providing the sort of rattling bass that one might desire. The one hassle that comes with buying these speakers is installation. You might have to put in a little work to make sure that you fit the speakers into place and secure them properly.

Also Great: JL Audio C3-650 6-3/4″ 2-way Convertible Component/Coaxial Speakers System Evolution C3 Series

Our finals speakers on this list are the JL Audio C3-650 6-3/4″ speakers. The name might be complicated, but it’s easy to hear why they’re a good option. The sounds they produce are especially bold and clear. Just be careful during installation, the terminal where the speaker wire is inserted is less than ideal and prone to damage. Take care of every part of your speakers and it will care for you.

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