Best 6.75" Car Speakers

Best 6.75-Inch Car Speakers [REVIEW 2020]

To help you narrow your choices down and properly equip your vehicle we’ve prepared a list of the best 6.75″ car speakers on the market. We’ve divided the speakers into coaxial and component so that every car owner can find the best car speakers for their needs.

6.75-Inch Car Speakers We Reccomend

ImageBest 6.75-Inch Car SpeakersPower/Per SpeakerFrequency ResponseSensitivityImpedanceTop Mount Depth
HERTZ DCX 170.3 (DCX170.3)...
Our Pick

$116.99 at Amazon
RMS: 50 W
Peak: 100 W
60-21 kHz93dB4 OhmsN/A
2 Kicker 43DSC6704 D-Series...
Bang For The Buck

$69.90 at Amazon
RMS: 60 W
Peak: 240 W
40 - 20k Hz90 dB4 Ohms1-13/16"
Rockford Fosgate P1675 Punch...

$99.99 at Amazon
RMS: 60 W
Peak: 120 W
60 - 24 kHz92 dB4 Ohms2 1/4"
Kenwood Excelon Reference...
Our Pick

$384.85 at Amazon
RMS: 45W
Peak: 180 W
25-48 kHz83 dB4 Ohms2 1/4"

6.75″ Coaxial Speakers

Our Pick

Hertz DCX 170.3

The Hertz D-series, particularly, has received a lot of love from the masses. It is, therefore, no surprise that we’re practically smitten with the DCX170.3 – which we have reviewed in full here. It sounds good, has a gorgeous chassis and comes at a reasonable price tag.

These 6 3/4 speakers look immaculate on paper. And guess what, they sound just as great. When you encounter the DCX170.3 package, the realization that it is a gem is almost automatic. Its speakers’ have a shallow profile and industrious bodies are a sight to behold.

They would look great in any cabin space. Each is fitted with a delicate water-repellent treat paper cone. It creates basic yet rich vibrations which are then diligently pushed on to the thermoplastic polyurethane surround. This process produces beautifully crafted notes which are, to say the least, music to any ears.

A built-in crossover works great sorting out the frequencies between relevant drivers. The highest bunch is driven through PEI dome tweeters which prove very potent. Their little bodies embrace sound to output clear, spicy highs that seemingly capture a whole lot of details.

The speaker baskets are covered by abrasion-proof dust paint to guarantee longevity. Tin-plated high current terminals are tough enough to work sufficiently years on end. In a nutshell, the DCX170.3 coaxial package delivers music with a prowess hard to come by. If you want your world rocked to the moon and back, these are one of the best 6 3/4 car speakers solution.

Bang For The Buck

Kicker 43DSC6704 D-Series 6.75 Car Speakers

If you want real, authentic dynamism, then you should hurry up and get yourself the Kicker 43DSC6704 6.75″ speakers. Considering how affordable this package is, it’s hard to believe it can blow the roof off.

However, these speakers are easily the best within their price range. They feature special additions to refine their output. Ultimately, cheap has never sounded so good.

Let’s kick this off by mentioning the speakers’ super-thin mounting profiles. These will fit in pretty much anywhere; even the tweeters lay neatly with naught surface protrusion. Installing them may be easy, but just how good do they sound? Well, the answer is simple; they sound phenomenal. With polypropylene cones and UV- treated polyester foam surrounds, these speakers are master creators. It also helps tremendously that each speaker has a 60 Watt RMS which transforms to a max of 120 Watts.

A stamped steel shell gracefully houses all the speaker elements. High sensitivity motors see to it that the details are not only refined but are also crystal clear. Balanced PEI dome tweeters enrich the already superior sound with their exquisitely spun highs. NVX Sound dampening drains out road noise for optimal gratification.

Even more impressively, the speakers come paired with DX amplifiers. That allows for extremely loud results, and that’s always a plus in any vehicle cabin. This package clearly gives its users very little to complain about. Best of all, the eventual sound is nothing short of platonic.


Rockford Fosgate Punch P1675

It’s impossible to notice how much effort was put into building P1675 6.75″ speakers. Their bodies are put together thoughtfully; each part meant to endure long hard performance sessions. Rockford speakers are the type that drips legitimate swag; they always look flashy. That case remains so with the P1675 pieces. But looks aren’t the only thing going on for them. They sound spicy, crispy and well, insanely transcendent.

Looking at the P1675 speaker, you can’t help but get drawn to its unusual surround. By unusual, I don’t mean bad. Far from it, these speakers’ surrounds are something else. Using the vertical attach surround technique, Rockford made sure the Butyl rubber surrounds sit in a manner that optimizes cone performance. The mineral-filled polypropylene cones stand up to the task and ex-cur freely for unsurpassed performance. That, paired with each speaker’s 60 Watts RMS, the resultant sound is not only loud but is also heavily decorated.

FlexFit basket design sees to it that the speakers serve for extended periods of time. PEI tweeters offer much support to the mid-range performers. They even feature a super tweeter. These tiny players sure can hold their own even in the toughest sonic milieus. That said, their highs are immaculate. The bass is deep and heavy, the highs are crisp and clean, what more could you want.


Kenwood KFC-1796PS

Replacing those tacky OEM vehicle sound systems can be daunting. Once you decide to make such a move, you only hope to get the best out of it. Well, Kenwood speakers are a very plausible resolution; especially because they are affordable and kick-ass performers. That said, we present to you the Kenwood KFC-1796PS 6 3/4 speakers. They rock long and hard, and they do so without hurting your bank account.

Imaging is everything when it comes to speakers. The KFC-1796PS does a whole lot of that and it does so impeccably. I won’t lie, something this amazing at such a low price is literally a needle in the haystack. A paper woofer cone, with the help of a rubber surround, rocks each speaker hard.

These flush-mount speakers are nothing if not bad-ass. They play around the sound spectrum with such elegance you can’t help but jump right in as well. They can also pretty loud; am talking concert level loud. What else would you expect from a 330 Watt peak power capacity gadget? Nothing less, that’s what.

This system brings you tweeter power like no other. It’s paper cone tweeters are fierce performers. As if that’s not enough, Kenwood went on and threw in a ceramic super tweeter into the package. That’s right, it only gets better. That translates to crazy, detailed, spotless highs. 4 Ohms impedance lets you test new waters with this one. I can only say one thing in regards to this package; do go crazy with it, it’ll hold out just fine.



Quality sound is a rarity, and it takes a lot to concoct. JBL seems to recognize as much because that’s all you get with the GX602 speakers. Driven by polypropylene Plus One woofer cones, they pick the smallest of details no sweat. 3 Ohm DCR voice coils go on to draw tremendous amounts of power from relevant sources with naught possibilities of burning out.

This makes them efficient performers regardless of the volume. Each speaker runs 60 Watts which doubles to 180 Watts at its peak. Now, if just one can juggle that much power, imagine what you get from a pair of these ferocious speakers.

The soft dome tweeters are no different from their mid-range counterparts. They possess a tweeter deflector quality that optimizes on off-axis sound performance. With that big of a contribution to the rich mid-range notes already coming from its speakers, the resultant sound is phenomenal.

All in all, the JBL GX602 package is one of the most promising budget 6.75″ car speakers you may ever come across. If you find it, I suggest you give it a shot – you can also try something simillar in the best 6.5 car speakers department.

6.75″ Component Speakers

Our Pick

Kenwood Excelon Reference XR-1703HR

We’ve had to sort through an endless string of phenomenal speakers in search of the best 6.75″ component speakers. Believe me when I tell you it’s not easy. However, once we landed on the Kenwood Excelon Reference XR-1703HR speakers, we were sold. Its glistening glory is something of a spell; resounding in both its appearance and audio magnificence. Let’s take a look at its most prominent aspects.

Much praise treads on the heels of the Kenwood XR-1703HR – check the full review; more so its legendary power handling capacity. A single component from this package runs on 180 Watts at its peak. In other words, two of these components hit unbelievable heights running 360 Watts at maximum. That’ll wipe the roof right off your cabin.

The XR-1703HR components are tailored from a supreme collection of materials. This makes them adept and very durable. The woofer cone, for instance, is molded from woven fiberglass. These palpably delicate devices are hosted in heavy-duty aluminum die-cast baskets with vastly obstinate faculties. Each speaker features an optimized equalizer shape. Often, the audio output attained from this package is well balanced and polished. The highs, the lows, and the mid-ranges all integrate to form a pretty euphonious effect. For more component systems see our review of 6×8 car speakers.

Now let’s talk tweeter power; the XR-1703HR features the soft dome kind. They feature inline crossovers which help them focus more on their musical strongholds. The tweeters hit highs with evident prowess. This would explain why the system is Hi-Res compatible. Ultimately, reproduction is crispy and crystalline. And all that is beside the fact that the XR-1703HR components have gorgeous bodies. In this case, all that glitters is indeed gold.


Kicker 41QSS674 Q-Class

The Kicker 41QSS674 is a shoo-in. Sitting right near the top of the food chain, this system could eat its contenders alive. Kicker’s Q class series has been the talk of the industry; their featured speakers are fierce. Now the 41QSS674 is in every way tumultuous. Built from top-rated materials to reproduce superior resonance, there’s only a handful of others like this in the industry.

Right off the box, you can tell this system carries insane amounts of grit. One look at the speakers is enough to put your mind at ease. Why? You’ll know you made the right choice. This Kicker 6 3/4 speakers feature Kevlar impregnated polypropylene cones with stiff rubber surrounds. This light yet a sturdy combination of materials creates that propitious setting for top-notch reproduction. With a peak power handling of 100 Watts (per speaker), God knows you need competent elements for optimal output.

Teteron dome tweeters work tirelessly to keep up with its masters. Although this system is best known for its impeccable mid-range faculty, its tweeters hit up the highs with immense precision. This result is a pleasant combination of notes all across the spectrum. The harmony is simply to die for.

Cast aluminum baskets and crossover scream longevity. The baskets do a great job of keeping everything safe. Duo-wave spider uses design to maximize reproduction. The grilles look great. They are also designed for easy installation.


Kicker 41KSS674

Kicker hardly ever lets its hoards of fans down. A good example of their renowned mastery is the Kicker 41KSS674, a budget 6.75″ component speaker system. The level of flexibility contained in this system is simply astounding. And we haven’t gotten to how good these components sound just yet. I must say, things just keep getting better with this package.

I’ll kick this off with a brief look at the component design. The component shallow mount design makes these speakers an easy install pretty much anywhere. They also feature polypropylene cones which prove to be adequate drivers. Ribbed UV-treated polyester foam surrounds further sweeten the deal. The surround is insanely stiff; they recreate an environment just right for rich tonal performance.

250 Watts of power run through each of these components when pounding at full capacity. Each speaker carries a nominal power capacity of 125 Watt. From that, you can tell these drivers are very powerful. The component force, once paired with the gritty little tweeters, becomes unstoppable. The titanium dome tweeters match the rich mid-range waves from the speakers with identical zeal. This paves way for beautifully balanced tunes with an uncluttered richness.


Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6 3/4″ Component Speakers

Everyone who’s encountered the Infinity Kappa 60.11CS system has nothing but phenomenal things to say in its regard. Although it falls on the cheaper end of the market price, this system is as much of a hard-hitter as its more expensive counterparts. A lot of time was clearly put in molding its components. The materials used are all great quality; the component design is also very stylish if you ask me.

First things first, let’s talk about power. The Infinity Kappa 60.11CS system features amicably powerful components with outstanding power handling capabilities. Each 6.75″ speaker has a 90 Watts RMS which doubles to 180 Watts at its peak. With that much power coming from one component, imagine what a pair can do. High-temperature voice coils ensure regular running even under very high temperatures. 2 Ohms of impedance also plays a very important role in reinforcing the system’s performance at all times.

Injected carbon glass matrix speaker frames possess a certain brawniness that makes them both very durable and efficient. Rubber finishing on the grilles prevents unnecessary damage to the speaker covers. The system’s soft-dome fabric tweeters have a beautiful construction. Their sturdy bodies give them solid capacity when handling extreme highs. I must admit, these little drivers hit hard.

The Infinity Kappa 60.11CS speakers offer a decent amount of bass. They sound remarkably good even at low volumes. If you love accurate highs, punchy bass, and a budget-friendly package, this is the definitely it for you – for more bassy speakers check out 6×9 speakers for bass.

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