Latest Amp Reviews

Bluetooth Car Amplifiers

Best Bluetooth Car Amplifiers [2018 REVIEW]

The main difference between a Bluetooth car amplifier and other amplifiers is that you can stream music directly into it from all your Blu...
Best Cheap Car Amplifier

Best Cheap Car Amplifiers BUDGET [2018 REVIEW]

It goes without saying that factory sound systems don’t provide satisfactory sound. This forces many car owners to purchase amplifiers for t...
Best Car Audio Equalizer

Best Car Audio Equalizers [2018 Review]

It can be difficult to choose which car audio equalizer to use for yourself, especially if you’re entirely new to the concept. You want to m...


Latest head units reviews

Best Flip Out Head Units

Best Flip-Out Head Units [UPDATED 2019]

In this article, we shall focus on the flip out head units- these are almost always single DIN head units types and carry a slide-out hinged...
Best Single DIN Head Units 3

Best Single DIN Head Units [2019 UPDATED]

Single din head unit or stereo is the bread and butter of a car audio system. They allow you to play music, sync up your phone with the car ...


Latest Subwoofers reviews

cheap car subs budget

Best Cheap Car Subwoofers [2019 UPDATED]

The number of a subwoofer in the market has increased tremendously in the recent past and this may give you a headache trying to pick on whi...
Best Free Air Subwoofers

Best Free Air Subwoofers [UPDATED 2019]

Generally speaking, free air subs compromise of an enclosure with a boot volume, rather than the conventional design where the system consis...
Best Under Seat Subwoofers Reviews

Best Under Seat Subwoofers [UPDATED 2019]

Considering practicality, not everyone is in a position to install box type subwoofers in their cars since they take up humongous amounts of...


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