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car audio capacitor

9 Best Car Audio Capacitors [UPDATED 2019]

When searching for your car's audio capacitor, aspects such as polarity versus the working voltage become important considerations. Due to t...


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Best Flip Out Head Units

Best Flip-Out Head Units [UPDATED 2019]

In this article, we shall focus on the flip-out head units - these are almost always single DIN head units types and carry a slide-out hinge...


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Powered Car Subwoofers

Powered Car Subwoofers [TOP 5 Picks]

One of the things that could greatly improve your enjoyment of your car is a good sound system. Road trips and even just cruising through th...
Best Under Seat Subwoofers Reviews

Best Under Seat Subwoofers [UPDATED 2019]

Considering practicality, not everyone is in a position to install box type subwoofers in their cars since they take up humongous amounts of...


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