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Best 4000 Watt Car Amps [4k Power]

Best 4000 Watt Car Amps

If you’re looking for something that can really power your subwoofer, then I would recommend 4000-Watt amps. The 4000 Watt amps on this list are extremely powerful. They strike a good balance between sound quality and overall durability at a … Read more

Crunch Car Amplifiers Review

Crunch Car Amplifiers Review

In this post, we will be reviewing the most popular Crunch car amplifiers. These are entire series of Crunch car amps that include the Smash, Ground Pounder, GTRll, PowerX PXA, Powerzone, Power Drive, and Power X series. Crunch Smash Series … Read more

Best 6 Channel Car Amplifiers

Best 6 Channel Car Amplifiers

The following is a list of amps that many car audio experts rate as the best 6 channel amplifiers on the market today. The amps are designated in different categories, including the top pick, runner-up, and bang for the buck … Read more

Best 3000 Watt Amps RMS [3k Power]

Best 3000 Watt (RMS) Amps

There is a lot of choice for amps in the 3000-watt range. This guide is going to take you through what is the best bang for your buck and the things that you need to watch for when making your … Read more

Best Cheap Car Amplifiers BUDGET [UPDATED]


It goes without saying that factory sound systems don’t provide satisfactory sound. This forces many car owners to purchase amplifiers for their vehicles. However, not all people can afford to sink hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars toward purchasing new … Read more

Best 4-Channel Car Amplifiers [All Price Ranges]

Best 4-Channel Car Amplifiers

Amps come in different shapes and sizes as well as configurations. This write-up’s core focus is 4 channel car amps; more specifically the best amplifiers within different price ranges. In a current roundup of under the $200 category, our recommendation … Read more