Infinity REF-6422cfx Review

Verdict Thanks to half-inch balanced textile dome tweeters that bring out all the details in your music without coming across as harsh, the Infinity Reference...
JBL Stadium GTO860C Review

JBL Stadium GTO860C – Not Bad At All

Verdict The JBL Stadium GTO860C possesses great power handling abilities and delivers good audio quality - certainly of the best component 6x8 speakers. Pros...
Alpine R-S68 Review

Alpine R-S68 – Bass Quality

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Infinity KAPPA-90CSX Review

Infinity KAPPA-90CSX – Top Performer

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Hertz DCX 690.3 Review

Hertz DCX 690.3 – Crisp and Clear Sound

Verdict The Hertz DCX 690.3 might be a good option for you if you are looking for an inexpensive 6x9 car speaker that might not be able to produce the most po...
Hertz DCX 170.3 Review 6-3/4

Hertz DCX 170.3 – Great For The Price!

Verdict For such an affordable price, the HERTZ DCX 170.3 6-3/4" speakers offer to take your entire sound experience to new heights and add the oomph that you...
Pioneer TS-Z65F 6.5 2-Way car Speakers

Pioneer TS-Z65F – Crisp Sound Output

Verdict Sound is pretty much subjective and in my personal experience, I find that the TS-Z65F (our pick for best 6.5 car speakers) and the entire Z-Series fr...