Best 4×6 Speakers For Car Review

Best 4×6-inch Speakers For Car [UPDATED]

So, the first thing to keep in mind is that a 4×6 car speaker simply cannot provide you with a great bass sound. Even the best 4×6 speakers should be complemented with a subwoofer. Nevertheless, a greater frequency range often means better mids.

Even if you don’t use the 4×6 speakers for frequencies below 200 Hz, you would like to choose speakers with a dynamic range starting from 50-100 Hz. Last but not least, keep in mind the size of the speakers. Many people had problems to fit the speakers into their car doors.

4×6-inch Speakers We Recommended

ImageBest 4×6 SpeakersPower/Per SpeakerFrequency ResponseSensitivityImpedanceTop Mount Depth
DCX 460.3 Hertz 4 x 6 Inch...
Our Pick

$119.99 at Amazon
RMS: 40 W
Peak: 80 W
65-21,000 Hz93 dB4 Ohms1.8"
Infinity REF-6422cfx 135W...
Bang for the Buck

$77.99 at Amazon
RMS: 45 W
Peak: 135 W
75 - 21000 Hz92 dB3 Ohms1 3/4"
CERWIN-VEGA Mobile H746 HED(R)...

$34.53 at Amazon
RMS: 40 W
Peak: 275 W
90 - 18000 Hz92 dB4 Ohms1.811"
Kicker 43DSC4604 4x6' 2-way...
Also Great

$49.90 at Amazon
RMS: 30 W
Peak: 120 W
50-20,000 Hz898dB4 Ohms1 15/16"
JBL Club 6420 4x6' 70W RMS...
Also Great

$59.95 at Amazon
RMS: 35 W
Peak: 105 W
75Hz – 20kHz91dB3 Ohms1 3/4"
Our Pick

Hertz DCX 460.3 4×6 Speakers

As a relatively new-fangled player in a highly competitive market, the Hertz DCX 460.3 is doing surprisingly well for itself. You can never be too careful when it comes to new products; anything could happen. Yet, the Hertz DCX 460.3 is a shoo-in and total luminary in the world of sound reproduction.

Am not the kind to voucher for novel brands; if anything, I shy away from them. But with this speaker, I confidently bank on its mastery in resonance manipulation.

As the full review explains – The Hertz DCX 460.3 is a powerhouse that runs on 80 Watts of power at its peak. All that power makes it a hard-hitting component that can light up any ambiance. In as much as its power handling is impressive, it takes a lot more to make a gee-whiz speaker. The fabricators of DCX 460.3 seem to know that and had all the bells and whistle squeezed in.

Now its water repellent treated paper cone are very sensitive to the teeniest of vibrations. A thermoplastic polyurethane surrounds picks up these vibrations with similar enthusiasm to reproduce perfectly curved notes. This combination also polishes up its frequency response level to a phenomenal new height.

A neodymium magnet, a copper mobile voice coil, and an oversized motor are additional elements that push the DCX 460.3 facility to a whole new level. PEI dome tweeters further bolster the speaker’s production. Their incredible excursion matches the speakers’ resonance enriching the overall sound output. For a 4×6 speaker, the Hertz DCX 460.3 is one heck of a package.

Bang For The Buck

Infinity REF-6422cfx 4″x6″ Speakers

Affordable, high-performance speakers are somewhat rare; especially under the 4×6 category. But in this section, we present to you the Infinity REF 6422cfx speakers which exclusively impressive despite their unbelievable price tag.

Furnished with advanced features, these speakers’ sound is natural and phenomenally clean. They also run tremendous amounts of power without breaking a sweat. This package is indeed a solid performer.

A Plus One polypropylene woofer cone seats at the very core of this gizmo. A hi-roll rubber surround runs its walls to create a perfect reverberation field. This woofer cone is larger than your average 4″x6″ speaker cone; this gives it next level tensity.

The result, ultimately, is punch, highly precise chords. The speakers each possess a nominal power rating of 45 Watts. In total, this 2-way coaxial package juggles 135 Watts, making them impeccable high volume performers.

With the imperative input of its 1/2 tweeters, the 6422cfx package gives off a heavily decorated sound. These balanced textile dome tweeters present a prowess in their ability to recreate crispy highs. In addition to the tweeters, the speakers also feature True 4 Ohm impedance characteristic that only better their performance.

Speakers that retain a rattle-free vibe even at very high volumes are rare – as we detail in review of 5.25″ speakers; this is why the Infinity REF 6422cfx speakers are such a worthy find – as we explain in full review. And the best part of it all is that its an ace budget-option package.

On The Budget

Cerwin-Vega Mobile H746

Do you want to feel the music rather than listen to it? No, wait; let’s rephrase that: Do you want to feel the music on a freaking budget? Well, we have just the speaker package for you; the Cerwin Vega mobile H746 HED(R) combo.

I’ll admit, its a pretty basic package; but guess what, it gets the job done alright. Its reproduction is not exactly the best. Nevertheless, its enough to keep heads bopping in your cabin when you need it to.

Can you imagine what 275 Watts power in a 4×6 car speaker can do? Blow minds, that’s what. And you know what else? That’s precisely what the H746 HED(R) slams right on your dinner plate. That, paired with graphite injected reinforced spun cone makes a powerful combination. This is why, even on a budget, the H746 HED(R) package is able to effortlessly rock your world.

Notably, its vented air flow basket keeps things well cooled even when hard at work. This creates grounds for high efficiency even at high temps. Black anodized balanced dome tweeters are beasts when it comes to those high range piercing chords; their delivery is pretty neat. For a sort of icing on the cake, the speakers feature linear woven treated red spiders. If you stop to consider the features this package offers at such a ridiculous price, then you’d see why it’s our number one budget option.

On The Budget

Pioneer TS-G4645R 4×6-inch speakers

We love Pioneer and so does a good number of the world’s audiophiles. As you can guess, they’ve had to put in a lot of work over the years to earn all that love. And I must admit that the Pioneer TS-G4645R is a great demonstration of their creative craftsmanship.

There’s no question surrounding this package’s efficiency. High-quality materials and an ingenious combination of features are all you need to create a musical paradise. The TS-G4645R has that and a lot more.

The Pioneer TS-G4645R bunch takes on notes like a munchy piece of pizza; here’s why. First comes its Mica polypropene cone woofer. Light but extremely sturdy, the cone’s impressive excursion is unbelievable. This energy is then transferred to a rubber coated cloth surround which also reverberates at an incredible rate. These two parts offer improved sensitivity while eliminating glitches. This remains so in spite a maximal 200 Watt (per pair) power rush through the speakers.

The ferrite magnet motor structure further strengthens the speaker’s ability to perform undisturbed even under pressure. Piezoelectric tweeters prove to be competent team players seeing their highly purified tenor. When it comes to bass, get ready to feel that rattle move across your car cabin. The price is great, the sound is great, what more could you want.

Also Great

JBL Club 6420

Being an industrial founding father, JBL has perfected the art of gorgeous musicality. Using what I assume is years of profound knowledge in the field, JBL gives us yet another one of its A-list speakers.

The JBL Club 6420 package comprises of smooth yet hard hitting components. They deliver what their creators promise, if not more. But then again, I would expect nothing less from JBL.

It looks like JBL made sensitivity a main focal point with the JBL Club 6420. Everything about this bunch is molded to bolster sensitivity and therefore improve sound quality. The speakers feature a powerful polypropylene Plus One cone that proves to be quite the driver.

Being super sensitive, it pays extra attention to the teeniest of notes resulting in unbelievably rich resonance. At normal rate performance, the package works at a 70 Watt RMS which shoots to 105 Watts at its peak.

PEI tweeters do a great job of backing up the primary components. A rubber magnet boot cover keeps the interior unscathed and potent for a very long time. On the downside, you may have to crank these speakers all the way up to enjoy the JBL Club 6420 full potential. This is especially so if you’re looking to quench your bass thirst. Nevertheless, this package, although average, does a great job of keeping things turned up in whatever cabin it is installed.

Also Great

Kicker 43DSC4604

Kicker definitely put in a notable amount of effort in this mid-range package. It serves all basic needs. However, do not expect to be blown away.

The Kicker 43DSC4604 components are by no means power hungry. With a nominal RMS of 30 Watts, you can already tell this package wasn’t meant to rattle your windows. Even so, its sound is still one most would appreciate considering its decorative characteristic. In other words, its notes are detailed enough to keep you entertained. This can be attributed to the polypropylene cone/ribbed polyester foam surround system. These elements spin tunes with reasonable meticulousness.

Its 4 Ohms impedance is quite impressive; even at high volumes, you can tell the Kicker 43DSC4604 are heavy performers. PEI tweeters add that much-needed pitch further enriching the overall output. Best of all, installation is nothing is not a snap. This package may be as basic as they come but we can’t help but love it.

The Upgrade Pick

ZSTAT ZP4620t 4×6 Speakers

The ZSTAT ZP4620t are massive speakers with a mounting depth of 2.29″. However, there’s a reason behind their relatively big size and elevated price.

First of all, these speakers come with a Kevlar cone. Kevlar is used by many high-end brands and it’s considered the #1 material for high-quality subwoofers.

The ZP4620t also offers a titanium 1” tweeter. Low-end twitters are made of aluminum, which is way cheaper than titanium. Titanium offers better internal damping, which is why many high-end tweeter speaker cones are made of that material.

Although considered high-end, these speakers are not meant to be extremely loud. With a 25 Watt RMS and 50W peak power rating, the ZSTAT ZP4620t shouldn’t be used in trucks or jeeps.

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