The Best 4×6 Speakers For Car Review 2018 [UPDATED]

A large number of cars come with only a couple of inbuilt 4×6 speakers. Although that’s definitely not enough to deliver a high-quality sound, the 4×6’s fit in the car’s doors and provide the desired stereo effect. Many users state that high-end 4×6 speakers affect the sound quality more than the 6.5 cdts or the subwoofer; hence, it’s important to choose the right 4×6 inch speakers for your car.

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Our pick is the Pioneer TS-A4676R. Most of us cannot afford to acquire an expensive set of speakers, and that’s where the quality/price ratio becomes really important. The Pioneer TS-A4676R offer great features and if you love Pioneer gear, you’ll definitively love their new speakers model as well.




Price for 1 minute

Pioneer TS-A4676R

Design: 3-Way

Tweeter Design: Cone

Max. Music Power (Nominal): 200W (30W)

Frequency Response: 35Hz-42kHz

Sensitivity (1W/1 m): 88dB

Impedance: 4 ohm

Crossover Frequency: 14500 Hz

Mounting Depth: 1-5/8"

Cut-Out Dimensions: 6" x 3-3/4"


Hertz DCX 460.3

Design: 2-way

Power Handling: Peak: 160 watts | RMS: 80 watts

Sensitivity: SPL 93db

Frequency response: 65-21k Hz

Mounting Depth: 1.8"


Kenwood KFC-4675C

Design: 2-way

Nominal Impedance: 4-ohm

Maximum Peak Power: 60 W (120W per 4-pack)

Rated Input Power (RMS): 20 W (40W per 4-pack)

Sensitivity: 90 dB/W at 1m


Infinity Kappa 461.11CFP

Design: 2-way

Peak Power Handling: 180 watts

RMS Power Handling: 5-60 watts

Frequency response: 75-25,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 94 dB

Top mounting depth: 1-15/16"


So, the first thing to keep in mind is that a 4×6 car speaker simply cannot provide you with great bass sound. Even the best 4×6 speakers should be complemented with a subwoofer. Nevertheless, a greater frequency range often mean better mids.

Even if you don’t use the 4×6 speakers for frequencies below 200 Hz, you would like to choose speakers with a dynamic range starting from 50-100 Hz. Another important thing to keep in mind is that not all of the 4×6 speakers will sound great when inside a truck or jeep.

Last but not least, keep in mind the size of the speakers. Many people had problems to fit the speakers into their car doors.

Review Of The Best 4×6 Car Speakers

Our pick: Pioneer TS-A4676R 4×6 Speakers 3-Way

The Pioneer TS-A4676R speakers have the best price/quality ratio you can ever find. Most of the cars don’t come with good stock speakers.

People have been complaining about stock speakers in their vehicles no matter if those were manufactured in 1980 or 2012. There are many reasons why the Pioneer TS-A4676R is the best replacement for any vehicle’s stock speakers. First, the TS-A4676R is easy to install.

The narrow design let them fit easily anywhere, though in some cases you should be ready to make a hole or two for the screws.

Pioneer implemented cutting-edge technologies and a special cone design to ensure a clear, powerful and pristine sound. Everyone agrees that the TS-A4676R is the best of the TS-A series. These speakers deliver great mids and highs.

Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the full power of their bass, you should consider installing an additional amp and/or subwoofer. These speakers support up to 30 nominal watts, while most of the stock speakers are supplied with about 17W max.

Runner-Up: Kicker 40CS464 4×6 inch Car Speakers 2-way

The Kicker 40CS464 is one of the loudest 4×6 speakers you can find. Having wattage of 150 Watt max, they can be the kind of upgrade you were looking for.

Although their highs and mids are great, the lack of bass is one of the things to keep in mind when considering them as a replacement for stock speakers.

Most of the 40CS464’s fans use these speakers merely as tweeters for their car audio system. They basically dial back these speakers’ bass and delegate the mids and bass to other speakers and the subwoofer.

Nevertheless, if you’re not a great fan of heavy bass punches and enjoy listening to rock, rap, rock and roll and other lighter musical genres, then all you might want to do is adding an amp. The 40CS464 will highlight the sound of high hats, solo guitar riffs, and vocals.

The 40CS464 are small and easy to install. The package usually includes the required screws and a little wire. These 4×6 speakers are solid and come with a stamped steel framework to ensure a better durability and resistance to any kind of impacts during the installation process.

On the Budget: Kenwood KFC-4675C 60-Watt 4-Inch x 6-Inch Two-Way Speaker System

When it comes to car speakers, there’s always a cheaper option. Cheap does not necessarily mean ‘low-quality’. For instance, Kenwood KFC-4675C speakers provide crystal-clear sound with decent bass.

They have less wattage than the Kicker ones, though. Their 60W peak power rating makes them a great choice for people who don’t want to install an additional amp for their speakers.

The Kenwood KFC-4675C 4×6 speakers are well-rounded, having a frequency response of 50Hz – 25,000Hz. Their shape makes them fit perfectly in most of the old cars (1970’s and 1980’s ones). That said, the factory wires of these speakers aren’t marked, neither are they identified in the diagram. You’ll need to google to find out which wire is + or –.

On the Budget: BOSS AUDIO BRS46 Replacement Speaker 4×6 50-watt Full Range Speaker

Unlikely most of the 4×6 speakers, this one is being sold by unit. The 25 watts RMS power this speaker can handle renders it usable in small cars mostly. This speaker definitely isn’t meant to be used in trucks.

Its frequency response of 100Hz-18kHz is quite poor compared to other 4×6 speakers, yet it’s more than okay for its price range.

With a mounting depth of 1.75 inches, the BOSS AUDIO BRS46 is one of the easiest to install speakers you can ever find. The BRS46 is a great factory replacement, not a step up. The sound it produces makes it match with most of the factory speakers, so here’s another reason why it’s being sold by unit, not by the pair.

If one of your factory speakers broke, you can easily replace it by the BRS46 without the need to replace the other one.

The Upgrade Pick: ZSTAT ZP4620t – 50 Watt – 4×6 Speakers

The ZSTAT ZP4620t are massive speakers with a mounting depth of 2.29″. However, there’s a reason behind their relatively big size and elevated price.

First of all, these speakers come with a Kevlar cone. Kevlar is used by many high-end brands and it’s considered the material #1 for high-quality subwoofers.

The ZP4620t also offers a titanium 1” tweeter. Low-end twitters are made of aluminum, which is way cheaper than titanium. Titanium offers a better internal damping, which is why many high-end tweeter speaker cones are made of that material.

Although considered high-end, these speakers are not meant to be extremely loud. With a 25 Watt RMS and 50W peak power rating, the ZSTAT ZP4620t shouldn’t be used in trucks or jeeps.

Also Great: Polk Audio AA2461-A MM461P 4×6 Plate Speaker

Although more expensive than our best pick, the Polk Audio AA2461-A can be easily considered high-quality 4×6 speakers. They have rare neodymium magnets that offer a better strength and performance ratio.

That allows the Polk Audio AA2461-A to deliver a crystal-clear, powerful sound while avoiding any kind of distortions. The cone material and unique design deliver more details to the sound as well.

High-quality voice coils let these coaxial speakers have a better power handling capacity and reliability. Nevertheless, as any 4×6 speakers, the Polk Audio AA2461-A need you to have a subwoofer to complement the lack of bass. But if you pair these speakers with a high-end subwoofer and a good amp, you’ll be able to enjoy a superior quality sound.

Also Great: Infinity Kappa 4×6 2-Way Loudspeakers

This 4″x6″ speakers can handle up to 180 watts with an RMS power handling of 60 watts. They also provide a superior frequency response of 75-25,000 Hz, while most of the ‘classic’ 4×6 car speakers have a 100-20,000 Hz one.

Another feature worth mentioning is that the Infinity Kappa is thin, with a top mounting depth of merely 1-15/16″. We all agree that there’s no point of buying great speakers if you won’t be able to install them. Size matters; no matter how cool the speakers are, if they’re too big, they simply won’t fit in your car door. So that’s an issue you won’t face with Infinity Kappa.

Although Infinity Kappa speakers provide a clear, detailed sound on their highs and mids, it’s not recommended to use them in jeep or truck. You won’t notice any difference between the expensive Infinity Kappas and stock speakers unless you try them in a small and sealed environment.

Also Great: DCX 460.3 – Hertz 4″ x 6″ 2-Way 80W RMS DIECI Series Coaxial Speakers

Yet another set of powerful, loudspeakers, the Hertz DCX 460.3 handles 80 Watt RMS, which is only a little less than the Alpine speakers we just reviewed.

The DCX 460.3 are one of the few speakers that implement expensive neodymium magnets to further enhance the effectiveness, quality, and loudness of the sound they produce.

Their woofer cone is made of pressed paper, which ensures a uniquely deep and powerful bass. What’s also great and unique about these speakers is that the paper cone is water-resistant.

Most of the manufacturers love the sound of paper cones, but avoid using that material for car speakers, because the paper is vulnerable to water, hence the sound greatly depends on the air humidity levels. On the other hand, Hertz found a way around and their DCX 460.3 speakers are 100% water-repellent.

Also Great: 15-MC462 MEMPHIS 4″x6″ MCLASS

If you find the DCX 460.3 a bit too expensive, yet still want to enjoy a clear sound with above-average bass, then you should check out 15-MC462 MEMPHIS speakers.

These often called “bad boys” are extremely durable and will be a great level-up if you decide to use them as a replacement for your old stock speakers. The main issue you’ll face with the 15-MC462 MEMPHIS is that they’re quite big, with a mounting depth of 2.125”. Before buying them, make sure that they’ll fit in the door of your car.

The 15-MC462 MEMPHIS aren’t of the loud kind. Their RMS wattage is 30W, which is basically the average among 4×6 speakers. However, that doesn’t affect their sound quality at all. In fact, when used with a proper amp, these speakers will deliver a great listening experience.

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