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Morel Car Speaker Series [REVIEW]

Morel Car Speaker Series Review

Every automobile audio need is met by Morel’s variety of component systems. Components, two-and three-way systems, Integra speakers, and coaxial speakers are among the company’s high-performance auto OEM products for the vehicle aftermarket hi-fi industry. In this post, we will … Read more

Cerwin Vega Car Speaker Series [REVIEW]

Cerwin Vega Car Speaker Series Review

In this post, we will be reviewing the most sought-after aftermarket Cerwin Vega car speakers. We will cover all six Cerwin Vega car speaker series here i.e., HED, Pro Mobile Speakers, RPM Stroker, Stroker, Vega, and XED. From little 4-inch … Read more

Best CHEAP Car Speakers Series [Budget Picks]

Best CHEAP Car Speakers [Budget Picks]

If you are looking for budget car speakers that also boast good quality and performance, you have landed at the right place. In this post, we will review 7 speaker series from different manufacturers and brands. These series include coaxial, … Read more

Infinity Car Speakers Series [REVIEW]

Infinity Car Speaker Series Review

Infinity is also quite popular for its aftermarket car speakers due to their better form and function than corresponding stock options. They boast great stereo performance and also have better designs and finishing than many factory-fitted speakers. In this post, … Read more

Kenwood Car Speakers Series Review

Kenwood Car Speaker Series Review

Most Kenwood audio products come at a mid-range cost. Moreover, they provide a quality sound with consistent performance. The same goes for its speakers. They are great stock replacements and aftermarket options due to their reasonable prices, good performance, and … Read more

The Best 6″x8″ Car Speakers [UPDATED]

Best 6x8 Car Speakers

If you’ve read a number of our reviews in other car speaker sizes, you will note that some brands such as Pioneer, Alpine, and Focal seem to pop up often. Indeed, knowing the leading brands can serve as a concrete … Read more

Best 6×9-Inch Car Speakers [UPDATED]

Reviewing The Best 6×9 inch Car Speakers

Tread carefully you’re approaching nerd territory, where you’ll be subject to review some of the best 6×9 speakers for cars in extreme detail. But first, let’s start from the top, describing the specifications of a speaker and the particular features … Read more