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Best 2-Ohm Car Speakers (6.5″ & 6″X9″)

Best 2-Ohm Car Speakers 6-5-inch 6x9 inch

We’ve compiled our top selections for the 2-ohm 6.5″ & 6″X9″ speakers based on our own knowledge and research. These speakers aren’t perfect for every situation, but they represent speakers from reliable companies that produce high-quality sounds and last a … Read more

Best 5.25-inch Car Speakers [2022 REVIEW]


Our avid audiophile staff picked through an extensive list of the 5.25 speakers to find the cream of the crop. To further fuel the fires of the eternal debate and, more importantly, help you to get the best sounding car … Read more

Best 8-inch Midrange Car Speakers [UPDATED 2022]

Best 8-inch Midrange Car Speakers

We went out and found the solutions for the best 8-inch midrange car speakers on the marketplace today. After analyzing countless customer reviews and putting these speakers head-to-head against each other, here are the best 8-inch midrange car speakers. We … Read more

Best 6.75-Inch Car Speakers [2022 UPDATED]

Best 6.75" Car Speakers

To help you narrow your choices down and properly equip your vehicle we’ve prepared a list of the best 6.75″ car speakers on the market. We’ve divided the speakers into coaxial and components so that every car owner can find … Read more

Morel Car Speaker Series [REVIEW]

Morel Car Speaker Series Review

Every automobile audio need is met by Morel’s variety of component systems. Components, two-and three-way systems, Integra speakers, and coaxial speakers are among the company’s high-performance auto OEM products for the vehicle aftermarket hi-fi industry. In this post, we will … Read more

Cerwin Vega Car Speaker Series [REVIEW]

Cerwin Vega Car Speaker Series Review

In this post, we will be reviewing the most sought-after aftermarket Cerwin Vega car speakers. We will cover all six Cerwin Vega car speaker series here i.e., HED, Pro Mobile Speakers, RPM Stroker, Stroker, Vega, and XED. From little 4-inch … Read more