Our avid audiophile staff picked through an extensive list of the 5.25 speakers to find the cream of the crop. To further fuel the fires of the eternal debate and, more importantly, help you to get the best sounding car speakers for your money, we present to you our reviews of the best 5.25 car speakers, component and coaxial.

Recommended 5.25″ Car Speakers

Image5.25 Car SpeakersPower/Per SpeakerFrequency ResponseSensitivityImpedanceTop Mount Depth
Focal Access 130CA1 SG 5-1/4'...
Our Pick

$159.99 at Amazon
RMS: 50 W
Peak: 100 W
65 - 20k Hz91 dB4 Ohms2 3/16"
Infinity REF-5022cfx 135W...
Bang For The Buck

$79.00 at Amazon
RMS: 45 W
Peak: 135 W
67 - 21k Hz92 dB3 Ohms1 15/16"
Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime...

$40.54 at Amazon
RMS: 40 W
Peak: 80 W
62 - 20k Hz91 dB4 Ohms1 7/8"
Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series...
Marine Option

$79.00 at Amazon
RMS: 100 W
Peak: 300 W
55 - 22k Hz91 dB4 Ohms1 3/4"
JBL Club 5000C 330W Peak...
Our Pick

$104.95 at Amazon
RMS: 55 W
Peak: 110 W
70 - 20k Hz88 dB3 Ohms1 13/16"
Pioneer TS-A1306C 5-1/4'...
Bang For The Buck

$70.81 at Amazon
RMS: 50 W
Peak: 150 W
42 - 42k Hz90 dB4 Ohms2 1/8"

5.25″ Coaxial Speakers

Our Pick

Focal Access 130CA1 SG

Self-sufficient components are not the easiest to find. Most speakers often need a sort of bolster in order to tap into their full potential. But that’s hardly the case with the Focal Access 130CA1 5.25 car speakers. They sound remarkable on their own. Their crystalline, powerful and well-decorated output is why this lot sits on our number one throne – the full review of the Focal Access 130CA1 SG has more on this cool model.

A good sound system takes a whole village to run; but not if you’re using the 130CA1. To say the least, this package can tear your cabin’s roof off with no help at all. Their reproduction capacity is like no other; an incredible mid-range sound that captures every last detail in a tune. Running on a maximum power rating of 100 Watts each, it’s easy to see why.

4 Ohms impedance is the reason behind these speakers steady creation even at very high volumes. If you push these babies to the extreme, they might just push through. Their physique might just be the reason behind their mind-boggling potential. A humidity resistant woven fiberglass woofer cone sits at each speaker’s core. It is then graced with a butyl rubber surround. A little rattle from the cone vibrates through the surround to create delicate yet heady simulations. Ultimately, you get to experience sound in its most real form.

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The speakers come with a non-resonant ABS fiberglass basket that keeps inner elements secure. The aluminum inverted dome tweeters are adjustable. Despite their small size, they take on their tasks with impeccable zest. Their input is rich and can be felt clearly in the overall sound. In short, the Focal Access 130CA1 package is a modern-day pied piper that will have you high on its gorgeous tenor.

Bang For The Buck

Infinity REF-5022cfx

The Reference series is surely no joke. Its components spit fiery notes; clean, polished melodies that have only solidified the Infinity’s prowess in the market. The Infinity REF-5022cfx delivers that signature sound with much diligence. What’s more, they’re worth every dime spent on them; you can bet on that.

Power handling is an imperative aspect of determining a component’s competency. The Infinity 5 1/4 car speakers have a decent amount of power to juggle around. With 90 Watts at its disposal, there’s very little this package can’t deliver. Even when cranked all the way up, these speakers hold up pretty decently. They maintain incredible amounts of details which are pleasantly backed by the powerful bass.

Injection molded Polypropylene woofer cones take on notes with tremendous competency. A hi-roll rubber surround maintains the same momentum resulting in phenomenal sound delivery. All this is contained in an optimized frame size basket that proves to be a competent guard.

True 4 Ohm impedance technology allows users to combine the speaker’s 3-ohm impedance with the wires’ impedance to handle a 4-ohm load. Its balanced textile dome tweeters offer audiophile grade performance. Once the tweeters’ crispy highs merge with the speaker’s abyssal bass, the overall outcome is profound musical excellence.


Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime

The Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 is seemingly well-sculptured gift to the market’s budget pool. For a relatively affordable price, these Rockford Fosgate 5.25″ speakers are surprisingly befitting. They sound better than any factory speakers and make perfect replacements.

We love that this budget package carries massive sophistication in both its appearance and sound. Its speakers pride themselves in their power handling capacity that’s probably one of the highest within their price class. With a 40 Watt RMS handling, these 5-1/4 speakers disperse shockingly clamorous waves. At their peak, they run on 80 Watts that make them massive rattlers.

The speakers house powerful vacuum polypropylene cones which sit in a heavy-duty rubber surround. This combination works meticulously to reproduce a decent sound. Silk dome flush mounted tweeters back their speaker teammates by dispersing clean, high-frequency notes.

The package features high pass crossovers which accurately filter frequencies between the two system drivers. The Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 package comes ready with a grille and mounting hardware.

Most RMS


As a fresh brand in the game, the DS18 sure have their work cut out for them. The surprising thing is that they seem to have this well under control. The brand has managed to awe hundreds of audiophiles with their progressive style of audio deliverance. That is heavily evident with the PRO-X5.4BM 5.25″ bullet speakers. With their amicably avant-garde construct, these speakers are taking the industry by a storm.

The PRO-X5.4BM speaker not only looks different, but it also sounds different; and pleasantly so. With a 150 Watt power handling capacity, this speaker is bravely pushing audio delivery limits. When performing at full capacity, the power-packed component runs on a staggering 3oo Watts.

You might be wondering how a budget-friendly speaker can handle that much zest. Well, its 1.5″ high-temperature voice coil must be how. That and its 4-ohms impedance. This combination packs a ruthless faculty that makes this speaker the legendary performer it is. This mid-range component features a cloth edge, non-pressed paper cone. Considering the rugged nature of this speaker, you can already tell its cone is a pretty tough element.

The speaker’s red steel basket is not only tough as nails, its a gorgeous addition to the already steamy package. A bullet dust cover is added to keep its voice coil free from damage. And in case you experience any issues with the speaker, you can hit up its manufacturers who are very quick to offer assistance. All in all, the PRO-X5.4BM is fresh, affordable and sounds mighty when at work.

Marine Option

Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series

If you’ve been surfing around in search of the 5.25″ marine speakers, you’ve finally got it. The Polk Audio DB522 speakers are badass and extremely sturdy making them great for a marine milieu. Armed with a legitimate marine certification, these speakers have more than enough to prove their dexterity. The DB522 possess tough skin that makes them very instrumental in extreme conditions.

So what makes the Polk Audio DB522 different from all the other models floating about in the market? Well, there’s quite a list of traits. One, the speakers features water, dirt, salt, and humidity resistant parts. Their UV resistant polypropylene cones are not only robust, but they also carry immense vibrating abilities. This goes for its rubber surround as well. Palpably, that helps maintain lucid performance even though mother nature’s extremes.

The speaker’s laser imaged design plays a great part to ensure crisp reproduction. It reduces distortion and unnecessary glitches. Silk dome tweeters, which are also waterproof, add in a bit of their magic to the system’s already ace reproduction.

Also Great

Kicker 43DSC504 D-Series

Kicker has a tremendous following as a manufacturing house in the industry. Their products have gathered legitimate thumb-ups time and again, and that is unlikely to cease anytime soon. I mean, with products like the Kicker 43DSC504, we can’t help but praise these fabricators. The Kicker 43DSC504 5-1/4 coaxial speakers are super affordable yet very impressive performers. These speakers give the market to experience audio excellence without necessarily breaking the bank.

With a rigid polypropylene cone, the 43DSC504 reproduce beautiful, detailed tunes. This further bolstered by a polyester foam speaker surround allows for effortless cone excursion. Although the components are designed for efficiency, they need the power to expel their full capacities. Luckily, the Kicker 43DSC504 comes with a decent amount of it. At a nominal level, the speakers dish out 50 Watts and 200 Watts at a maximum.

These speakers pride themselves on minimal tweeter protrusion once installed. The PEI tweeter is brutal hitters when it comes to the upper, high-level frequency notes. This complements the speakers more mid-range output to create a detailed blend of excellent sound. The Kicker 43DSC504 package may not be the best out there, however, it packs enough to keep you entertained for a long while.

Also Great

Kenwood KFC-1395PS 5.25″ car speaker

The Kenwood KFC-1395PS 3-way 5.25 car speakers are far from what I’d regard a basic performer. The system works in unison to create splendid sound. The components remain steady playful all through the audio spectrum. This aspect makes this system a very versatile player.

At its peak, the 3-way system has a 320 Watt power handling capacity. That much power is hardly child’s play; these speakers could easily blow your eardrums out when cranked up. Excellent sound dispersion can be attributed to its water-resistant polypropylene cones which carry a mad excursion tendency. The rubber surround allows for unrestricted cone mobility. This ultimately results in a rich, decorated sound.

The tweeters, much like the woofer components, are molded from very high-quality materials. These super ceramic tweeters reverberate insane highs which add a dash of detail to the system’s output. With a 4-ohm impedance, the components are able to tread delicate sonic heights at high volumes.

The fair price tagged to the KFC-1395PS makes this package even more tantalizing to anyone looking to replace a crappy factory system.

Also Great


The JBL Club 5020 5.25 speakers evoke a seemingly mixed reaction from the masses, and that can get pretty confusing. But here’s the thing, this system is very decent from the look of things. Having been spun from high quality, top of the line materials, the speakers pack an obvious awesome performance capacity. Although there are a few complaints here and there, its praises are basically double fold if not more.

What stuck to me about the JBL Club 5020 speakers is their high sensitivity design. The Plus One woofer structure extends the surface area of the cone. This creates an ambiance of super high sensitivity resulting in an incredible mid-bass resonance.

The UV-resistant polypropylene cone carries a palpable character. This allows for liberal expansion and thus phenomenal sound. Other than design, the JBL Club 5020 also benefit from an impressive power feed. At normal rates, the speakers run on 80 Watts which shoots up to 250 Watts at its peak. It’s also very compact making it a perfect fit for a long string of modern vehicles.

Its PEI tweeters feature functional bodies that allow them to disperse high frequencies at fascinating faculties. Some complaints imply that these tweeters are a bit too much. However, a bunch of users stands in full agreement on the tweeters’ competence.

5.25″ Component Speakers

Our Pick

JBL Club 5000C

The JBL Club 5000C is a subtle yet powerful performer – we go into more detail in the full JBL Club 5000C review . This edgy, well put together 5.25″ component speakers is one of the best within its caliber. With stellar elements and a crazy affordable price tag, this package is definitely a germane addition to any sound setup.

Let’s first shade light on its potent power handling capacity. As a set, the components push a neat 55 watts RMS and 330 Watts at the peak. Individually, the speakers have a 55 Watts RMS and 110 Watts at the peak. This amount of power, fed into the right system, could have a profound sonic effect.

The Club 5000C feature damped UV resistant polypropylene cones which hold incredible responsiveness. The cones capture high and mid-range waves with professional prowess and reproduce them as such. Edge-driven PEI tweeters then come in to add a high-frequency condiment to the overall output. The components also feature rubber magnet boot cover which keeps the inner element safely tucked away.

Top Notch

Focal Access 130 A1

The Focal Access 130 A1 5-1/4 inch car speaker is top notch performer. Featuring audiophile levels of quality at a price you’d expect to pay for a “regular” speaker upgrade, the 130 A1 is nothing if not well balanced.

It plays crisply and cleanly across the board. The woofers provide deep bass without much phase shift resulting in less muddy sound. The tweeters are very bright but not grating on the ears. It gets even better as the 130 A1 reaches its full potential when hooked up to an amplifier, whose extra power is largely responsible for maximizing the speaker’s tonal quality as well as minimizing distortion.

The Focal Access 130 A1 is not the loudest of the bunch, but it can play music loud enough for daily driving that won’t’ leave you wanting. However, all that quality sound and faithfully balanced rendition come at a price: these speakers are big. This severely limits the areas you can install it on and at worst could mean that you can’t install it in your vehicle at all. On the bright side, however, if size not an issue for you, then the 130 A1 is a top purchase.

Bang For The Buck

Pioneer TS-A1306C 5-1/4″ Component Speaker

The Pioneer TS-A1306 package is one of the most affordable 5-1/4 component speakers on our list. Besides being a bang for the buck, this package also comes with all the bells and whistles that encompass exceptional speakers.

First and foremost, the TS-A1306 features a strategic design that promotes a wider dynamic sonic range. That gives these speakers astounding powers; considering their enormous playfield. A maximum of 300 Watts of power runs through the components when at play. With the help of a multilayer mica matrix cone and elastic polymer surround, this input power bolsters neat audio stimulation regardless of the ambiance. A heat resistant voice coil translates to uncluttered, consistent reproduction even at high volumes.

Soft dome tweeters further warm up the systems sound by throwing in their high pitched appendage. A new spider design is applied to encourage a more accurate response. The speakers also feature cooling baskets with air vents to rev up power handling when running at extremes levels. The TS-A1306 component package offers a pleasantly novel experience to those privileged enough to encounter it. Cordially, it comes at an outrageously cheap price.

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Also Great

Infinity REF-5020cx

Like most of the models in the Reference series, the REF-5020cx is a decent package. Its components are made from high-quality materials. Its features are all placed in a particularly strategic manner. It’s clear that Infinity’s intention was to create an all-around impeccable performer. I must say they gleefully achieved that goal.

Equipped with a Plus OneTM woofer cone, the components have a decent response capacity. When charged with a maximum of 195 Watts of power, the components respond fast and craftily so. I’d say the seemingly competent cone, with the aid of a hi-roll surround, is largely responsible for the nippy responsiveness.

Textile tweeters work hand in hand with the woofers to formulate very clean, crisp notes. The speakers also feature newly engineered baskets which pretty much fit anywhere. Conclusively, the system offers up crystal clear sound which is always a sizable bonus.

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