Best Cheap Car Subwoofers 2018 – Budget Subs [UPDATED]

The number of a subwoofer in the market has increased tremendously in the recent past and this may give you a headache trying to pick on which one is most suitable for you. The best budget subwoofer shouldn’t just give you a bigger bass but should enhance your overall audio system.

This is the reason we have compiled a list of the best “cheap” car subwoofers. This we believe will guide you to choose the best cheap car subwoofer that is available on the market.

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Price for 1 minute

Rockford Fosgate R2

200 Watts RMS

400 Watts Max

Sensitivity: 82.5 dB


JL Audio 12W0V3-4

300 Watts RMS

600 Watts Max

Sensitivity: 85.64 dB


Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

1,700 Watts RMS

3,000 Watts Max

Sensitivity: 86.97 dB


Pyle PLPW10D

500 Watts RMS

1,000 Watts Max

Sensitivity: 90 dB


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A subwoofer is a key tool to improve your car’s audio experience. This is because different cars have different acoustical landscape. The low-end bass is, for instance, the toughest frequency that can be reproduced by your car’s speaker.

The wavelength produced by a 20 Hz frequency, for example, is 56 feet. Your car’s small speakers may not have the capacity to reproduce such wavelengths. Adding a subwoofer is, therefore, the easiest and the fastest way to improve your car’s audio handling capacities.

Most car subwoofers have a diameter ranging from 8 inches and 15 inches. Ideally the larger the size of the subwoofer, the lower its frequency range. In most cases, however, the size doesn’t necessarily equate to accurate reproduction.

The most popular subwoofers on the market are the 10 inch and the 12 inch due to their capacity to reach the 20 Hz frequency level using relatively less power.

Getting the best cheap car subwoofer is not an easy task. Apart from cost, you also have to consider other factors like overall sound quality, construction material, power output, and inbuilt amplifier.

Under $50 & $100

Our Pick: Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow

The Rockford Fosgate R2 10-Inch subwoofer delivers satisfying bass features even in small cars with limited space.

They come with a special elevated motor structure that enables them to handle plenty of power while working in extremely compact enclosures.

Their power handling capacity is 400 watts while at peak. They have a linear spider that has been stitched with a 16 AWG tinsel leads. With a sensitivity of 82 dB and a frequency response of between 45 and 250 Hz.

It also features a mica injected 10-inch polypropylene cone that is able to work with high-density poly foam in order to punch out deep and fat notes.

With a mounting depth of 3.5 inches, this shallow mount is able to handle an RMS of up to 200 watts (you may require an amplifier if you need higher and powerful volume for your music).

It also stitches the tinsel leads to be able to carry the signal from the voice calls onto the cone. This ensures they remain tough even during heavy use. You also get more flexibility in setting it up using the dual 4-ohm voice coils.

This cheap subwoofer has been optimized for both ported and sealed enclosures. You can, therefore, choose the type of bass you want while keeping it cool during your ride.

See our review of best 10-inch car subwoofers.

Runner-Up: Alpine SWS10D4 Type-S

The power handling capability is one of the best features of Alpine SWS10D4. This 10-inch budget subwoofer is able to handle up to 500 watts continuously with the peak output being 1500 watts.

This peak output makes it possible for the songs to crescendo without any damage to your subwoofer. This subwoofer is able to produce punchy bass with a clear shape to it.

The overall audio quality of your car speakers will be satisfying with these subwoofers whether listening to rock or classical music.

It can produce frequencies that are as low as 28 Hz which is the lowest key on a piano.

Alpine SWS10D4 doesn’t require a large enclosure despite having a large mounting depth of 6.625 inches. Its ideal sealed enclosure requires 0.9 cubic feet while its ported enclosure requires 1.46 cubic feet.

The choice of the enclosure also determines the type of bass you get. The sealed enclosure would be a better choice if you need the most accurate bass. The ported enclosure will be good for a thick and punchy bass.

The airflow management system is a good inclusion that keeps your system cool. It also has a dual 4-ohm voice coil with massive voice coils within a steel frame. The frequency response is between 28 and 200 Hz.

Also Great: Pyle PLPW10D

It can’t get cheaper than this! This is a rugged subwoofer that enhances quality and adds performance to your car’s audio system for a bargain price.

From upgrading the audio system of your car to that of the boats and motorcycle, Pyle guarantees solid subwoofers. The 10-inch enclosure adds extra punch to your low-end while giving you that extra huge sound you require.

Its sound is produced by the two-inch four-layer dual voice coil with high temperatures and 50 oz. The heavy-duty magnet pushes the power output to a maximum of 1000 watts.

Its durability is enhanced by housing it in the stamped steel basket. The wide rubber suspension with non-fatiguing features gives a further boom to your sound system.

Other features include a special rubber designed magnet boot, a treated form surround, non-press cone, bumped and vented motor construction and extended life of the subwoofer.

On the cons side – Its heavy-duty construction makes the coils produce some level of noise during play.

Also Great: Planet Audio AC10D ANARCHY

This is a dual voice coil subwoofer that provides more wiring and configuration possibilities. You can add more subwoofers and optimize the power output by simply matching the wiring configurations.

It is ideal for medium and high power applications.

This cheap 10-inch subwoofer comes with a dual 4 ohm and 2-inch voice coil. The maximum power output is 1500 watts. The sensitivity stands at 87 dB while its resonant frequency is 39 Hz.

It also has a poly injection cone and a foam surrounding. It’s RMS power handling stands at 750 watts. It works well in a 1 cubic feet sealed enclosure or a 2 cubic feet ported enclosure.

This Planet Audio subwoofer thrives well in a ported enclosure. You can easily spot it using the vent. It is a much bigger enclosure compared to the sealed enclosure and also has a greater SPL output.

These features generally give you the best bass capabilities you can get on the market.

Using a subsonic filter amplifier will provide you optimum performance and proper tuning within the ported enclosure.

You can get either a prefabricated enclosure or a build a customized one to suit your needs. Sealed enclosures are smaller than the ported ones and also easy to build.

May not be able to handle continuous power supply of 900 Watts for a long period of time.

Also Great: Polk Audio db1040

The Polk Audio db1040 Subwoofer is an incredible product to have at a very friendly price.

The cone of this subwoofer has been stiffened using the rigid ABS dust cap of the polypropylene cone. This gives it a lower distortion and a greater mechanical stability.

It has also been built tough to withstand varying environmental conditions. This subwoofer can, therefore, be used in all the different types of boats.

It got power range of  50-270 watts RMS, peak power handling 540 watts, frequency response 28-200Hz, and 88 dB sensitivity.

This subwoofer guarantees a precise, belting out deep and a stomach shaking bass. You can also get it in a sealed, bandpass or ported enclosures. It is generally known for its tight, loud and musical bass.

Under $100 & $200

Our Pick: Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3

Rockford Fosgate is a legend when it comes to budget-friendly car subwoofers. The Rockford Fosgate P3D4 is one such example having been designed for a deeper and louder bass.

It comes with a rigid anodized aluminum cone which is light and responsive despite holding its shape under a very heavy load. It uses a new technique that results in a relatively larger woofer cone than that of the competing models.

It can, therefore, push more air by up to 25 percent for even much bigger bass. It can also handle much power with its RMS rated at 600 watts. A mono amplifier of between 500 to 700 watts at 4 ohms would be ideal for driving this subwoofer.

Just like other Rockford Fosgate Punch series subwoofers, it has been built on an in-depth loudspeaker knowledge and a long-standing experience.

The dissipation of heat from the voice coil is also much more efficient due to its anodized aluminum voice coil. This coil acts as a heat sink for dissipating heat that may have built up in the motor structure when the SPL conditions are high. This ensures you get consistent bass performance.

It also includes other features like a bumped bottom plate and extended pole piece that enables maximum excursion. There is 4 and 2 Ohm versions for you to chose.

If you ask us, this is the best cheap 12-inch subwoofer currently on the market.

Runner-Up: JL Audio 12W0V3-4

The JL Audio 12 inch W0v3 series delivers high-quality sound just like any other JL Audio subwoofer.

It comes with patented technologies like optimized motor system. This system promotes the linear cone movement, precision, and advanced cooling systems for rapid heat dissipation.

It also features a tough polypropylene with capabilities to resist flexing, has a durable foam surround that can withstand hard use. Its extra-long excursion cone capability enables it to hit very deep notes without any distortion.

The hefty two-inch voice coil also drives the woofer for top-notch performance even in extreme conditions.

Other patented features include the elevated frame design which directly delivers air flow to the voice coil. It also provides better power handling capabilities by cooling the voice coils.

This cheap subwoofer can work in medium-sized ported and compact sealed enclosures. The optional grille can be acquired that protects your subwoofer within its box.

Its mineral-filled polypropylene cone enhances the durability of this product.

Also Great: Kicker 10C124 Comp 12-Inch 4 SVC Subwoofer

This subwoofer offers one of the best basses you can get for your car at an affordable cost of less than $200. It comes with great features such as KICKER construction and an impressive updated look.

It provides the nice balance between performance and value, loaded with many of the features that are associated with the elite KICKER woofers.

Some of these features include stiff injection-molded cone that has a flex killing, a perimeter coil cooling venting, 36 degrees back bracing, spiraled tinsel lead technology and high-temperature voice coil wire.

This 12″ Kicker Comp is also versatile and able to perform in sealed and vented enclosures. It is able to operate in free-air applications as well.

Its nickel-plated push terminals, steel basket, and stitched surround will give you great sound features. Its size is 12 inches and can be configured to handle up to 300 watts of power with 150 watts on a continuous basis.

Impedance load is 4 ohms which makes it compatible with many amplifiers in the market. Extensive venting ensures the internal components are kept cool giving the subwoofer a long-lasting performance.

Also Great: Kenwood KFC-W3016PS

The Kenwood subwoofers are known for their powerful and reliable bass for your car. The company has built quality and high-performance subwoofers for decades.

The Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 12-Inch subwoofer is one such product that comes with a heavy-duty rubber reinforced polypropylene cone. The tough rubber surround ensures the subwoofer is able to accommodate extra-long cone excursion to offer you rich and quality sound.

The peak power output is an impressive 2000 watt with the RMS power being 400 watts. A single voice coil of 4 ohms, an oversized diaphragm, and an 8 AWG push terminal are some of the key features of this product.

This budget Kenwood subwoofer also includes a polypropylene textured cone that has a rubber surround. The cone is reinforced further by the square array pattern that ensures it doesn’t warp even under heavy bass production.

The heated air is pulled out of the motor structure through the sides and the back of the dual ventilation system. To enjoy the great features that come with this product, all you need to do is to place it in a suitable enclosure and power it using a nice amplifier.

Also Great: BOSS AUDIO CX122 Chaos Exxtreme

If you love sealed subwoofers, then the Boss Audio CX122 is an ideal choice for you. On top of saving you lots of space, it also gives you accuracy, excellent transient response, and better sound quality.

This budget subwoofer is a perfect match for any cubic feet sealed box with a guarantee to yield a solid and tight bass. It is relatively cheaper than other similar subwoofers because of its single voice coil structures.

It is a simple choice for any car that is able to produce sounds with perfect clarity. It can as well be fitted in a two cubic feet enclosure.

The 4 ohm is the right impedance so you can pair this sub with any of the amplifiers. Its efficiency cone assures you durability and flexibility.

It also offers you superb precision sound waves reproduction. The reasons that may push you to acquire this product include its sturdy design, amazing performance, great price, and high approval ratings.

Under $100 & $200

Our Pick: Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3

The commitment by Rockford Fosgate to sonic excellence is evidenced in its Punch series of subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers.

If you are looking for a good cheap 15-inch subwoofer, then the RF Punch P3D2 will impress you.

This RF 15-inch subwoofer has been designed to give you a deeper and louder bass, retaining strong performance even when the bass is hot. It features a rigid aluminum anodized cone that is able to hold its shape even during heavy play and be able to stay light and responsive.

It’s aluminum cones act as the giant heat sink. This heat sink cone directs the heat away from its copper-clad voice coils. The voice coils are also kept cool using a special venting to give you an incredible and consistent bass performance.

The RF P3D2-15 sub comes with an extended pole piece together with a bumped back plate. These features leave room for an excursion to enable the product hit deep lows without necessarily bottoming out.

You can wire the one-ohm impedance for the subwoofer based on its dual two-ohm voice coils to get maximum power output.

If using multiple subwoofers, you can still go for the 4-ohm impedance. It works equally well in both sealed and ported enclosures.

Runner-Up: Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

The 15-inch MOFO series subwoofers have a peak power rating of 3000 watts with the RMS rating standing at 1700 watts. This subwoofer produces some ground shaking bass that will leave you impressed.

It is also constructed using a polyether foam surround and a non-pressed pulp cone. It has also been equipped with a 2.5-inch dual voice coil together with a strontium magnet structure of 170 oz.

You can add some bumps in your vehicle’s truck and enhance further your stereo system using this subwoofer.

New MOFO series subwoofers come with a composite sandwich that includes a dust cap having aluminum stiffeners. These features help to eliminate cone flex during high excursions and low bass.

They also provide the cooling features for the voice coil.

Also Great: Pyle PLBW154

This is part of Pyle’s blue wave series which are known for their great appearance as well as great sound features. This Pyle budget subwoofer is a 15 inch 1500 watt booming subwoofer designed to satisfy your appetite for bass.

It comes in any type of enclosure from sealed to vented to open air. Its flat progressive spider design has greatly improved the mechanical stability of this product. This has also increased the life of your speaker while keeping the sound clearer over long periods of time.

To get distortion-free sound, connect the subwoofer using silver plated terminals.

For power handling features, the product is able to achieve a maximum power rating of 1500 watts. It comes with a dual 4 ohms impedance as well as a large non-fatiguing rubber suspension.

Some of its features also include silver plated terminals, rubber magnet boot, new generation rubber gasket, flat progressive spider and an extended bump vented pole piece.

Its magnet weight is 80 oz with the resonance frequency being 30 Fs. Its 2.5-inch dual voice coil with a sensitivity of 86 dB makes it a great product to get.

Also Great: VM Audio Encore ECW150

The VM Audio Encore 15 inch high excursion subwoofer has been designed to give you the power you need and the purity of sound for a long period of time.

Its features include the linear flex spider which ensures you get clear low-frequency notes and the high magnitude cone which increases the subwoofer’s precision.

The peak power of this product is 4000 watts whereas the RMS power is 2000 watts. This power is good enough for listening and enjoying any preferred bass level or symphony orchestra.

It also has an advanced mechanical suspension and a high excursion wide surround to maintain the purity of sound. You can maintain the highest low-frequency purity using the deep piston cone diaphragm.

The subwoofer comes with a wide rubber surround as well as a nickel plated wire terminals that protect it from oxidation hence ensuring the durability of the product.

The 3-inch voice coils have been made from the highest quality materials to be able to handle any amount of power. A large magnet surface, direct air contact, and a Ferrofluid coating are features that work together to dissipate heat, maintain performance and protect the coils.

In addition to affordability, this product is fashionable and eye candy for your vehicle. The sensitivity rating is 97 dB while its voice coils come with a 4 ohms impedance.

This is definitely a sub to invest in.

Also Great: Lanzar MAXP154D Max Pro

These cheap Lanzar subwoofers are designed with the professional in mind and they will push your car’s audio to the maximum.

The Lanzar MAXP154D Max Pro comes with dual voice coils that add extra punch to your low-end notes and gives you a huge sound that will impress you.

The 2.5″ high-temperature dual layer Kapton voice coils will boost your sound. The subwoofer comes with a heavy double 100 oz stacked magnets that push the maximum power up to 2000 watts.

It’s housed in a stamped steel basket for greater stability.

The booming sound of this subwoofer can be enhanced further using the wide, none fatiguing rubber suspension. The custom designed rubber magnet boot and the vented motor construction improves the sound further.

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile and cheap audio solution, then Lanzar MAXP154D Max Pro will just provide that for you.

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