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Best Bluetooth Car Amplifiers [UPDATED]

The main difference between a Bluetooth amplifier and other car amplifiers is that you can stream music directly into it from all your Bluetooth enabled devices.

Bluetooth amplifiers are new in the market and have helped a lot of car owners who didn’t have a Bluetooth enabled stereo. Before these amps hit the market, the original stereo had to be removed from the dashboard and get swiped with an aftermarket Bluetooth enabled stereo.

A Bluetooth car amp simply rules out the need for buying head unit saving you several bucks in the process. The following picks are the top in the market in terms of quality features and durability.

Our Recommended Bluetooth Amps

Bluetooth Car AmplifierRMS PowerPeak PowerNo. ChannelsAmp ClassBuilt-in Bluetooth
Kenwood 1177524 Compact...
4-Channel Pick

$449.99 at Amazon
@ 4 ohms 45 Watts x 4;
@ 2 ohms 45 Watts x 4;
bridges @ 4 ohms 90 Watts RMS x 2
400 watts4 channelsClass DYes
JBL GTR-102 100W x 2 Car...
Also Great

Price not available at Amazon
@ 4 ohms 100 watts x 2;
@ 2 ohms 120 watts x 2;
Bridged RMS power; 240 watts x 1
@ 4 ohms 200 watts x 2;
@ 2 ohms 240 watts x 2;
bridged peak/ Max Power 480 watts x 1
2 channelClass DYes
BOSS Audio Systems MC900B 4...
4-Channel Budget

$129.94 at Amazon
@ 4 ohms 37.5 watts x 4125 watts x 44 channelsClass ABYes
Lanzar Amplifier Car Audio,...
5-Channel Pick

$144.75 at Amazon
4 X 250W + 1 X 650W RMS @ 4 Ohms;
4 X 350W + 1 X 1,500W RMS @ 2 Ohms;
2 X 1,000W MAX @ 4 Ohms Bridged
4 X 500W + 1 X 2,000W MAX @ 4 Ohms5 channelsClass ABYes
4-Channel Pick

Kenwood KAC-M1824BT

RMS: 45 Watts x 4 at 4 Ohms;
45 Watts x 4 at 2 Ohms;
Bridged: 90W x 2
Max: 400 watts
Class: D
Channels: 4

Kenwood KAC-M1824BT 4-channel amp is our bang for the buck option because of its advanced technology and its multi-application combined with a great price – as expalined in Kenwood KAC-M1824BT full review.

It’s not only suitable for your car but can also be installed on your motorcycle, ATV and boat. This is possible because the amplifier is equipped with a conformal coated main PCB which offers protection from outdoor moisture and salt from marine environments.

Its compact size and water resistance properties make it really suitable for use on environments that amplifiers were not previously installed due to lack of space and the damage caused by exposure to environmental conditions.

It comes with an IPX-5 certified remote. IPX-5 certification enables the remote to perform even when exposed to water. This makes it suitable to operate on a boat, ATV and motorcycles. The IPX remote controls Bluetooth on and off functions and allows you to switch between Bluetooth and the RCA input as your music source.

If an aftermarket unit without preamp output is used, the amplifier’s power wire is connected directly to the power line of the head unit. This is because this amplifier contains a signal-sensing turn on a feature that turns your amplifier on when a signal from the unit input is detected. This feature eliminates the need to install a turn-on lead to the amplifier’s power control wire.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to operate your music wirelessly which is way more fun than using RAC input cables which can let you down at times.

As our third on the list, Kenwood KAC-M1824BT is totally awesome and worth every buck you spend on it.

2-Channel Pick

Infinity Kappa K2

RMS: @ 4 ohms 100 watts x 2 channels;
@ 2 ohms 120 watts x 2 channels;
Bridged @ 4 ohms 240 watts x 1 channel
Max: 200 watts x 2 channels;
240 watts x 2 channels;
700 watts x 1 channel
Class: D
Channels: 2

This is our top pick for the best Bluetooth car amplifier there is in the market. Its features and specifications are impeccable and its performance is undeniably great.

As a full-range Class D 2-channels amplifier, Infinity K2 accepts both high and low-level inputs. Class D amplifiers are efficient and generate lots of power without generating much heat.

This amplifier is equipped with Clari-fi Technology which analyzes compressed files in real-time restoring their original quality. Digitally compressed files have some parts of the audio file removed making the music lose its original vocals. Clari-fi helps restore these distorted files back to their original form.

K2 has Bluetooth connectivity which can allow up to 3 devices to connect and stream music when Party mode is turned on.

It has a wired control panel that comes in handy. It can activate or deactivate Bluetooth and Clari-Fi signal processing.

The amplifier contains an interface for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) which can override the systems audio signal. It is also equipped with a protection circuitry that turns off to protection mode if overheating, short circuit or voltage overload occurs.

As seen in the above description and specifications, K2 is one technologically advanced Bluetooth amplifier with many useful features in terms of music amplification and usage efficiency. This is why it’s our top pick and we certainly recommend going for it!

5-Channel Pick

Lanzar HTG558BT

RMS: 4 X 250W + 1 X 650W RMS @ 4 Ohms;
4 X 350W + 1 X 1,500W RMS @ 2 Ohms;
2 X 1,000W MAX @ 4 Ohms Bridged
Max: 4 X 500W + 1 X 2,000W MAX @ 4 Ohms
Class: AB
Channels: 5

The Lanzar HTG558BT has some remarkable features which are stated and discussed below.

This amplifier has inbuilt Bluetooth technology which allows users to connect their devices and stream music from any platform. The MOSFET power supply is an evolutionary technology for Bluetooth car amplifiers. MOSFET enables an amplifier to sustain the same required power output at a different voltage.

Fitted with a 3-way protection circuitry that features protection from thermal, overload and short circuits.

This amplifier features Chrome RCA connectors between the amplifiers and speakers which ensure distortion-free audio output. With the RCA jacks, you can add another amplifier easily by using the jack as the feed to the next amplifier instead of using splinter codes to distribute the signal to the next amplifier.

It’s a 5 channel amplifier and with its bridging technology, it allows you to work with two channels @ 4 ohms.

Also Great


RMS: @ 4 ohms 100 watts x 2;
@ 2 ohms 120 watts x 2;
Max: 700 watts;
Class: D
Channels: 2

The JBL GTR-102 is a great Bluetooth car amplifier with very unique features and technology to enhance your music system.

As a Class D amplifier, it generates a lot of power without using much current. This makes it highly efficient.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to receive and end phone calls through the control panel which has a one-way microphone installed.

If you have friends or family in your car, you can activate party mode which allows up to 3 phones to connect through Bluetooth at once and stream music individually.

This amplifier has an ADAS interface that can override the audio input. This feature is useful because it allows important live-saving messages to be delivered to the driver.

GTR-102 has Clari-fi technology which analyzes and restores your compressed digital files in real-time. The restoration of your music files brings back audio parts that were removed during digital compression giving back the original vocals to your music files.

It has a three-way protection circuitry for short circuits, thermal overload and over/under voltage. When the amplifier goes into protection mode, the led indicator turns red.

High End


RMS: @ 4 OHMS 45 W × 4 (FRONT/REAR), 90 W × 2 (SUBWOOFER);
@ 2 OHMS 175W × 2 (SUB) at 1 kHz, 600 W × 1 (SUBWOOFER bridged) at 1 kHz;
@ 2 OHMS 300 W × 2 (SUB), 1100 W × 1 (SUBWOOFER bridged)
Class: D
Channels: 6/5

This Sony high-end Bluetooth car amplifier has unmatched features which are discussed below.

As a Class D amplifier, it’s compact and can be fitted in your car without consuming much space. Class D amps are highly efficient in that they produce a lot of power without using much current and without thermal overload.

It’s fitted with Wireless Bluetooth connection which allows you to connect your devices and stream your favorite music.

Sony XM-GS6DSP gives you remote control through Sony’s Music Centre application which is installed on your devices. Through this feature, you can adjust fader, your speaker levels, time alignment (optimizes sound for each seat) and a 10 band equalizer until it suits your personalized requirements.

The 6 channels available in this amp are normally configured as follows. Channels 1 & 2 power tweeters, midranges or front speaks; Channels 3 & 4 power the woofers or the midranges; channels 5 & 6 can be bridged to run the subwoofer or can run in stereo to power the woofers.

It has a 3-way protective circuitry which turns off the amplifier when overheating, overloading, short circuit or DC Offset occurs.

It has a low boost circuitry for the subwoofer channel which can increase bass response.

Sony XM-GS6DSP is one of a few amplifiers with up to 6 channels which work totally fine with no music distortions. It’s one of a kind amplifier and you should totall check it out.


BOSS Audio MC900B

RMS: 94 Watts x 4 RMS @4-Ohms
Max: 500 Watts @4-Ohms Max Power
Class: AB
Channels: 4

If you are on a tight budget or you want to spend as little as possible and still have a great Bluetooth amplifier for your car, the Boss MC900B will definitely do the trick.

Wherever you go the MC900B will be there to brighten your day with its Class AB amplification features. MC900B is an all-terrain amp meaning it can withstand external environmental exposure.

MC900B has aptX decoding installed which improves the quality of compressed music files stored on your devices.

The amp has Protection circuitry which turns it off in case a short circuit or thermal overload occurs. This constant monitoring of the conditions of your system keeps the amplifier and your whole car system safe.

Of course, it has a wireless Bluetooth connection that allows one device to connect and stream music from your favorite apps.

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