The Kenwood KAC-M1824BT uses Class D technology, a modern super-high-speed switching approach used to increase efficiency – thus making the amazingly small amp size possible.

Because of efficiency levels near 90-percent, a Class D amp uses far less electrical current and generates much less heat, and installers can use smaller power wire during installation.


  • Compact four-channel amplifier for car, motorcycle or boat
  • 400 watts max power
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection via wired remote controller


  • Some reports of source bleed-through into Bluetooth
  • No adjustable gain
  • Fader control only applies to Bluetooth source, not RCA input signals or speaker-level inputs


Kenwood’s KAC-M1824BT four-channel Bluetooth amplifier delivers 45 watts RMS per channel – more than twice the power of most head units’ built-in amps – and features a super-compact design that will fit in a myriad of spots when space is at a premium.

Kenwood’s amp has you covered if you store all your music on your phone or other portable device. The M1824BT’s Bluetooth connection feature is ideal for vehicles with no room to install a traditional head unit/receiver, with a wired remote that controls the volume and track selection.

What’s more, a USB port on the unit lets you recharge your device, so you’ll never miss a beat of those J-Lo tracks.

If you do have an aftermarket receiver, you can still use the amp, as it comes with RCA connections.

In the box you will find a 59-inch wiring harness, remote control/Bluetooth control unit with attached 10.5-foot cable, remote unit mounting bracket, four self-tapping screws, two 13.5-inch plastic wire ties, dual-sided adhesive tape, protective cover for controls (one sheet) and instruction manual/warranty card.



Hide one of these Kenwood amps behind your seats, grab hold of the included wired remote and be prepared to attend your favorite car or car stereo show – with no hassle.

The remote boasts a hefty, solid feel that allows you to keep your eyes on the road while adjusting volume, tracks and more, and while it doesn’t come with an adjustable gain – something we here at found a little odd – the M1824BT puts out enough power so you can enjoy your tunes even with the top down.

Features & Specifications

  • Max Power Output: 400 watts
  • RMS Power: 24 watts x 4 at four (4) or two (2)-ohms; 90 watts x 2 bridged at four (4)-ohms (four-ohm stable in bridged mode)
  • Amp Class: D
  • Bridgeable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 6-11/16-inches wide x 1-13/16-inches high x 3-7/8-inches deep
Vincent Talbot
Kenwood KAC-M1824BT Bluetooth Amp Option
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