In this article, we examined a total of 6 different 1-Ohm stable amps. All of these amps were cherry-picked from the amps currently available on the market, based on the thorough analysis of customer reviews, as well as specifications and build quality – if you need more options see our reviews of best car amplifiers.

Our Recommended 1-Ohm Stable Amps

Name1-Ohm Stable (RMS)
Max Power
Amp ClassSpecs
Skar Audio RP-1500.1D...
Our Pick

$189.99 at Amazon
1500 W
1900 W
Class DFrequency Response: 20Hz - 250Hz, On-board Bass EQ Switch with +6 or +12dB boost at 45Hz
Hifonics BRX1516.1D Brutus...

$159.00 at Amazon
1500 W
Class D
3-way protection circuitry, Onboard electronic crossover and boost EQ, Bass remote, Built-in system diagnostics
Orion ZT5000.1D ZTREET Series...

Price not available at Amazon
1250 W
5000 W
Class DSubsonic Filter, Variable Low Pass Crossover
DC Audio DC1.2K-A3 1450W RMS...
Top Notch

$384.99 at Amazon
1200W or 1,450W (16V)
Class DVariable low pass filter, subsonic filter, bass boost
Our Pick

Skar Audio RP-1500.1D

RMS @1-Ohm Stable: 1500 W
Peak @1-Ohm Stable: 1900 W
Class: D

This 1-Ohm stable amplifier from Skar Audio (RP-1500.1D review) was made to deliver great features at a reasonable price and it did go quite a way to achieving its goal.

Its intricate design for the aluminum is one of the best in this category but it covers quite a powerful unit beneath. The unit features the rave-reviewed class D circuitry with a soft start turn on.

It’s also quite versatile in power handling with a power rating of RMS 550 watts x 1 channel on 4 Ohms, RMS 930 watts x 1 channel on 2 Ohm and RMS 1500 watts x 1 channel on 1 Ohm. At Peak output, on 1 Ohm, the amplifier has a rating of 1900 watt.

If you need something with more power there is also a 4500 watts option!

It is not just the power-packed by this amplifier that sets it apart, the ease of installation and compatibility to a number of an audio system and electrical systems is a great factor.

The amplifier comes with dual speaker terminals for easy hooking and connection to multiple speakers. The design allows for a number of SK amplifiers to be used to channel power to one source.

It comes with oversized 1/0 gauge power and input terminals which help achieve the maximum flow of the current and also allows for efficient and fast installation.

Great sound quality and control are achieved by the internal filters with a variable subsonic filter with a range of off-50 Hz and a variable low pass filter. Further control is provided by the wired bass remote control.


Hifonics BRX1516.1D Brutus

RMS @1-Ohm Stable: 1500 W
Peak @1-Ohm Stable: N/A
Class: D

For every car audio enthusiast, the desire for a powerful sound system and great bass delivery often ends at the amplifier. This is what the Hifonics BRX1516.1D offers, a 1500 watts sized monoblock amplifier – there are also options with 3000 W.

The amplifier can function across several other impedance levels besides the 1 Ohms where it’s stable at 1500 watts. At 2 Ohms it will require 900 watts per channel and at 4 Ohms it has an RMS rating of 550 watts per channel.

This is a nice performance and it is delivered over a frequency response of 10Hz to 250Hz. It also comes with a variable low pass filter of 35Hz to 250HZ, a variable subsonic filtering range of 15Hz to 35Hz and a bass boost of 0-10dB at 45Hz.

This amplifier beats the field for its superb sound and safety features. It uses the D- Class circuitry which allows it to have a higher bass response without compromising on the overall sound quality.

The circuit makes use of the Modulated MOSFETS technology which is usually employed in music production to achieve a powerful performance without distorting the sound.

The circuitry features a 3-way protection system catering to thermal risks, overload and also protects the unit against speaker short protection.

The whole unit is protected by the heavy-duty aluminum alloy vented heat-sink. There is an inbuilt system diagnostic application for checking any errors.

You also get a bass knob equalizer control allowing you to match the bass with a number of music genres.


Orion ZT5000.1D ZTREET Series

RMS @1-Ohm Stable: 1250 W
Peak: 5000 W
Class: D

While costlier and better options exist, they will charge a very high premium for a slight increase in performance, which most consumers and even audio enthusiasts will not need unless you’ve built your entire car around the audio system.

For less than 100 bucks, you’re getting an extremely well-built Orion class-D amp (single channel of course), with a 1250 watts of output at 1 ohm, 860 watts at 2 ohms, and 425 watts at 4 ohms of resistance.

You also get a max music power of 5000 watts! With power like this, you’ll have no problems whatsoever while pushing the volume knobs up on your 12”, 15”, or even 18” sub/dual sub.

On top of the amazing power output, you’re also getting pre-amp outputs so you can connect this amp output to another mono amp without the need to run separate wires from different speaker to each separate amp. Low-level inputs are also present, along with variable crossovers and bass boost.

The subsonic filter will catch and chop off all the super-low subsonic frequencies that our ears are not capable of hearing. This will reduce power draw during operation, and make the whole sub run much more efficiently since it does not receive any signals that don’t matter.

The one con regarding this amp is the fact that it tends to run pretty hot when you use it in 1-Ohm mode, and the power draw might get a little too high.


Planet Audio PL3000.1D

RMS @1-Ohm Stable: 2250 W
Peak @1-Ohm Stable: 3000 W
Class: D

This amplifier is suitable for all vehicles and packs a powerful delivery of bass at a 1-Ohm load without overwhelming your car’s electrical system and your budget!

It is versatile enough to work on a 4-Ohms subwoofer where it has a power handling of 563 watts RMS. However, it is optimized for the 1-Ohm subwoofer where its full power (2250W) and performance range is realized.

There are a number of features which lend this amplifier its performance levels; a subsonic filter, a variable low pass crossover, a remote subwoofer control, variable gain control, and switchable input sensitivity.

The PL3000.1D is made to offer clear and powerful bass delivery and this is achieved first by the infrasonic filters which protect the subwoofer from ultra-low bass levels which can affect the bass quality distorting the overall sound output.

The only drawback of this amplifier according to different customers is its lack of durability. A number of them also observed that the bass performance levels tended to lose their crisp clear quality at high-performance levels.

Top Notch

DC Audio DC1.2K-A3

RMS @1-Ohm Stable: 1200W or 1,450W (16V)
Peak @1-Ohm Stable: N/A
Class: D

This is a top competition amplifier to say at least! It’s one of the most solidly built amps that we have seen and with 16 volts for up to 1,450 watts you are ready for taking that competition award!

The interiors are loaded with high-speed digital circuitry and feature high-quality chokes, capacitors, and coils so that the amp will respond immediately to volume changes.

You will notice a smooth transition from low to high volume and vice versa, no matter how fast you turn the knob.

The bass boost is clean and distortion free, with plenty of punch and well-defined notes even in the sub-100 Hz range.

Also Great

Sound Storm EV4000D Evolution

RMS @1-Ohm Stable: 3000 W
Peak @1-Ohm Stable: 4000 W
Class: D

This is some powerful budget amp. Really, where can you get whooping 3000 watts RMS at 1-Ohm stable for around 100 bucks!

One of the features that you’ll get on this amp, which is otherwise only found on more high-end amps, is the variable subsonic filter.

What is it that we don’t like about it? Well, at this price the amp is already offering so many goodies that it is rather hard to nitpick.

However, some things could have been improved just a LITTLE bit- such as the terminals on this amp which only allow you to connect wires of thickness 4-gauge and below.

Also, it would have been super-great if Sound Storm found a way to decrease the size of this amp ever so slightly.

If you are going to mount this amp in really tight spaces, the larger than conventional size could turn out to be an issue.

Things to consider when looking for competition amplifier?

If you have a big 12”/15” car subwoofer (possibly a dual sub setup), you must get a good 1-ohm stable amp to power the same. Subs require extra power, and the “cleanliness” or quality of power that is fed to a sub will determine the clarity and responsiveness of the driver towards a bass signal.

There are many types of 1-ohm stable amps out there and most good ones allow you to bridge multiple output ports in order to generate extra power that will be fed to a high-powered sub driver.

Some other things that you need to focus on our- internal component shielding, coil and capacitor quality, I/O options, heat dissipation, etc.

All of these factors have a pretty large impact on how “clean” (distortion-free) your sub is going to sound at both low as well as high volume levels. Internal circuitry can also determine the frequency response of an amp and will affect how well a driver that is connected to the amp reacts when you feed it with super-low frequency sounds.

Also, check to see if your amp has high pass filters if you wish to hook it up to your sub. And check the quality of the crossover circuitry.

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