Best 4×10 Speakers For Your Car

You’ve just bought a new car and chances are that the sound system isn’t as impressive as you thought. Fret not, though, as this is usually the case with most low and medium priced vehicles. Indeed, most factory installed sound systems are of mediocre quality and the only option you have as a music enthusiast is to simply go for aftermarket car speakers to enhance the overall audio quality. Souping up your car audio system need not be an expensive affair after all – contrary to common perception – and 4×10 speakers are your safest bet in this regard. That said, what do you need to know about these speakers and what are the best options at your disposal?

Generally speaking, 4×10 speakers are designed to act as all-rounded audio components, which can effectively produce decent low frequencies, impressive highs and exceptional midrange frequencies. However, finding a high-quality speaker of this size can prove to be a huge challenge compared to the rest – more so for first timers. Luckily for you, we have done all the research to ease the burden and while at it, get you the best bang for your buck. Here is a compilation of the best 4×10 car speakers on the market currently.

Review of the Best 4×10 inch Car Speakers

Our Pick: Kenwood KFC-415C 160 Watt Two-Way Car Speaker System

Kenwood is an iconic brand, meaning it should come as no surprise that their speakers top our highly competitive list. The manufacturer has a knack for producing state-of-the-art audiophiles and their 4×10 speakers are no exception. So, why exactly does this set top our list? Well, read on to find out.

The one thing that gives the Kenwood KFC-415C an edge over the competition is the fact that you need not invest in an aftermarket stereo, thanks to a decent RMS of 40 watts. They sport an effective two-way design that consists of an injection-molded poly woofer, complemented by 2-3/8” polyamide balanced dome tweeter. It is a pretty sensitive speaker as well and at 91dB sensitivity, it was leading the pack of all products we tested. In addition to this, the 160 watts peak power should be more than enough to keep you engaged throughout.

Finding a flaw in the Kenwood KFC-415C proved to be an uphill task even for us. Besides, they come cheap and provide unparalleled audio experiences; enough to get you all the attention. However, while these speakers topped almost every category in our tests, the power handling is nothing to write home about.

Runner Up: Kicker – 41KSC4104 2-Way Coaxial Speaker

Kicker has been around for quite a while now and during this period, they have simply mastered the art of crafting affordable, yet, quality speakers that give premium models a run for their money. The KS-series speakers from the reputable brand are categorically renowned for being the most installation-friendly products in the niche and the same applies to the Kicker 4×10 41KSC4104 model. Here is why they ranked second on our review.

Slim fit speakers not only look good but also, require a reduced mounting depth ideal for the most compact vehicles. These 4×10 car speakers feature a low profile two-way design complete with an effective polypropylene woofer cone with rubber surround and silk balanced dome tweeter. Considering its reduced mounting depth, the 150-watt peak power feature is definitely an asset for all music lovers.

While the slim fit design obviously comes with some limitations, these speakers certainly serve their purpose. The weak 88 dB sensitivity rating also wasn’t what we expected from these top notch 4×10 speakers.

On the Budget: Planet Audio TRQ413 Torque 4″ x 10″ 3-way 400-watt

You would be forgiven for not knowing anything about Planet Audio as an audio system manufacturer. Indeed, the low-key company isn’t the most popular brand out there; but you certainly will be impressed by the quality of 4×10 speaker they produce. The Planet Audio TQ413 4X10’s are definitely a great option if you are on a tight budget and below, are a number of good reasons why.

Interesting enough, these speakers ranked high in sensitivity and in fact, were even better than the runner-up above, at 86 dB. Not yet convinced? Well, what about the equally impressive power handling of 400 watts? Moreover, these 4 by 10 car speakers pack an effective three-way design consisting of a Black Poly Injection woofer cone to cap it.

Planet Audio certainly did a great job in designing quality speakers and at an affordable price that doesn’t dent your wallet.

On the Budget: Boss Audio CH4330 Car Speaker 3-Way

You can almost always be guaranteed of a great audio experience with Boss Audio and this is the same case with the CH4330 4″x10″ speakers. They also double up as exquisite fashion accessories for your car thanks to some fancy color schemes and hues incorporated in the design. That said, here are some reasons why it would be in your best interest to invest in a pair of these.

Now if you are looking for 4 by 10 speakers with high peak power to crank up your system, you can’t do any better than the Boss CH4330 set which have a peak of 400 watts. This is facilitated by an effective three-way design consisting of a tweeter and Polyimide dome mid-range – per speaker. On top of this, the 90 dB rating is quite impressive for a speaker in its price range.

The downside is that you won’t get the best out of them by using a pre-installed head unit, which basically means that you will have to invest in an aftermarket stereo as well.

Also Great: Pioneer TS-A4103 2-way

Of course, Pioneer had to pop up somewhere on this list. These Pioneer 4×10 speakers bear unparalleled frequency response, amazing sensitivity rating of 91 dB and a superior two-way design that is way ahead of the pack. At this price, it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on one of these sets.

Also Great: Cerwin-Vega H4410 Hed Two-Way Coaxial Speakers

Sometimes, the overall design of a car speaker is just as important as the audio quality and these speakers certainly strike the perfect balance of both. The Linear-woven Treated Red Spider design is simply a trendsetter and besides this, you get aesthetically pleasing mesh tweeter grilles.

On the Budget: PYLE PLG41.3 300 Watt Three-Way

Pyle is a popular company and this can be attributed to the company’s knack for creating low-cost car speakers with bold designs. The Pyle PLG41.3 4″x10″ speakers are not only designed to offer decent mid and high frequencies but also double up as great fashion accessories for your car.

These speakers have a lot going for them and topping the list is the flawless three-way design that is exceptionally effective at producing exquisite high and mid range frequencies. This is enhanced by a 2 inch Polymer cone midrange, alongside a Neodymium Dome tweeter. The peak power of 300 watts is also a feature that works to your advantage, especially if you enjoy turning up the music every now and then.

The only problem with the PLG41.3 speakers lies in the low frequencies, but the same can be said for other speakers in its price range.

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