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How to wire a 4-channel amplifier?

How to wire a 4-channel amplifier

Many people believe that wiring an amplifier should be left to a professional. However, today, we will guide you on how to wire a 4-channel amp yourself and rock along to thunderous sounds. Things You Will Need You will need … Read more

How to Fix a Car Stereo Touch Screen? [SOLUTIONS]

How to wire a 4-channel amplifier

Touch screens have revolutionized our infotainment and personal devices. They have made the UX more immersive and make the navigation a whole lot easier. Today, car stereos also come with touch screen front panels, acting as the display screen as … Read more

How to Charge a Car Audio Capacitor? [STEPS]

How to wire a 4-channel amplifier

Car audio enthusiasts use capacitors for various reasons. For starters, capacitors make sure a powerful amplifier can get the sudden burst of power that might be required during a beat drop. Moreover, modern aftermarket audio capacitors are easy on the … Read more