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What causes car speakers to crackle?

The crackling, popping or static noise of a speaker is almost always caused by a simple connectivity issue. What this means is that somewhere between your amplifier and speaker drive there is a bad wire. This bad wire then causes the driver to move more abruptly, thus causing that interference with your music.

Possible issues

Whilst this seems easy to combat on paper, it might not be. Due to not knowing where this faulty wire is, is a challenge posed when attempting to find it.

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Another issue that could be causing this crackling noise is a possible ground loop from your mobile device, as explained quite well in the following video.

What this means is that an individual will take their mobile phone and connect it with a 3.5mm AUX cable to the cars AUX input, After playing music for a while everything will seem fine, but when you go to plug it into the cigarette lighter (obviously doubling up as a charger) some crackling and popping noises start to occur.

As mentioned, you have created a ground loop which is when two points of an electrical circuit have different potentials between them. So, the first step is to identify which of the two problems is causing the crackling sound in your vehicle, and once you have done that you can head on over to the next paragraph to see how to fix this issue.

How to FIX the crackling noise

Fix 1: Bad wiring

The first step is to check the wire connections between the amplifier and the actual terminals on the speaker.

If the wire has possibly been moved around a lot in the past, by maybe a small child or pet, it is likely that something has come loose. Due to this, even if there isn’t a real reason for the connections to change, you should check on them anyway.

If you have checked and everything seems to be in order, a solder may have broken down and may now be in need of repair. If this is the case, depending on your skill set, you should probably call a professional to have a look at it as it is a pretty complex job from there onwards.

Fix 2: Ground loop

If you identified the crackling to have been caused by the second issue, the simplest way to solve this is to purchase a ground loop isolator.

The ground loop isolator simply adds to the single path, is really easy to use, and is relatively cheap. It will work to break the DC circuit path for the audio shield ground circuit, with then allows for the connection to flow and your cigarette charger to not interfere with the AUX cord.

This will then guarantee that your music will not be a static or crackling noise as a result of its previously mentioned abilities, and if you did incorrectly identify the cause of the crackling noise and the ground loop isolator has no effect, you can easily return it and claim your money back.


Can crackling car speakers damage my car’s audio system?

Crackling speakers can indicate a problem in the audio system that could lead to further damage if left unresolved.

How can I prevent my car speakers from cracking in the future?

To prevent future speaker crackling, regularly check and tighten the wiring connections, avoid playing music at high volumes, and avoid exposing the audio system to extreme temperatures.

Can different types of music cause my car speakers to crackle?

Different types of music will not cause the speakers to crackle. But, playing music that has a high frequency or is heavily compressed can stress the audio system and potentially cause other issues.

Can using an auxiliary input or Bluetooth connection to play music in my car cause the speaker to crackle?

Using an auxiliary input or Bluetooth connection to play music in your car can cause the speaker to crackle if the connection is poor or there is interference from other devices.

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