Best Tweeters For Car Audio [Review 2018]

If you are looking to improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system, you definitely need to look at the tweeters installed. Car tweeters typically handle high frequencies above 3kHz up to 20 kHz, which adds a lot of flavor to the music, especially vocals and instrumentals.

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While bass generated by woofers give you the thump, tweeters provide a sense of stereo imaging and direction to the music.




Price for 1 minute

Alpine SPR-10TW

150 Watts RMS

450 Watts Max

Impedance:  4 Ohms


DS18 PRO-TW210

225 Watts RMS

350 Watts Max

Impedance:  4 Ohms


Rockford Fosgate PP4-T

50 Watts RMS

100 Watts Max

Impedance:  4 Ohms


Pioneer TS-T110

40 Watts RMS

120 Watts Max

Impedance:  4 Ohms


In this article, we are trying to help you reach halfway to your dream car audio setup. We have picked out top tweeters available in the market and reviewed them. We have tried to evaluate the tweeters on sound reproduction quality, distortion, the range of frequencies covered, stereo imaging, and easy on installation.

Take a look at our top tweeter picks and do let us know if you like any of them.

Our Pick: Alpine SPR-10TW

We absolutely fell in love with the natural and soft sound of these Alpine SPR silk dome tweeters and highly recommend them to anyone who likes their music smooth.

These bad boys have a very good frequency response of 1kHz to 29kHz and have a 150W max RMS power. Hook them to an amp based system through some crossovers and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The sound volume and the quality are so good that you might actually want to damp them down by a couple of decibels using the attenuator. We found absolutely no distortion in the sound from these tweeters, even at very high volumes. This is exactly what you want from your car tweeters, good sound without no distortion.

Installing these tweeters is also a pleasure. The heads tilt and swirl, so it’s very easy to obtain the kind of stereo imaging that you want without messing around much with the mount. You can also change the direction at which the domes are aimed as and when required.

But, we do recommend that you tune the system ahead and decide on the directions to point the domes at beforehand to ensure optimal stereo imaging.

The fact that these are full dome tweeters ensures that the sound dispersion is pretty wide. This wide dispersion of sound helps you achieve excellent stereo imaging because you get a much larger directional sweet spot than other tweeters. The silk material used in the dome provides a mellow and lifelike sound reproduction.

The Alpine logo adds to the aesthetic look of the tweeter and it adds pop to the entire setup. When added to a well-balanced audio system in the car, these tweeters can deliver top dollar performance without overpowering the system. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed by trying out these car tweeters.

Runner-Up: DS18 PRO-TW210

These DS18 car tweeters are the ones which you should grab, in case the soft tones of the Alpine silk dome tweeters don’t do it for you. If you like your high frequencies harsh and in your face, these titanium metal based cone tweeters fit the bill very well.

These work really well in a high noise environment where you need the sound to be sharp and overcome external noise. With a max RMS power of 225W, these tweeters pack 1.5x times the power of the Alpine SPR-10TW. Even the sensitivity is higher at 102dB compared to the 88dB of the SPR-10TW. Where they fall short of in everything else.

The sound response range is between 2.2kHz to 19kHz, though the loss of the extra 10kHz on the higher range of the spectrum might not mean much, the lower spectrum response might show. You need to have a good set of mid-range speakers which cover up to 2.2kHz to cover up for this.

The installation also gets challenging as you get a much smaller sweet spot to work with when trying to get the perfect stereo imaging that you desire. This is due to the tweeter being based on the cone design. You get lesser sound dispersion, but higher intensity. It’s a trade-off that you need to live with, but not a deal breaker if you want your music crisp and loud.

The quality of the materials used in the construction of the tweeters are good and this results in excellent sound reproduction. You will need amps to wire up these tweeters to your sound system. It comes with capacitive crossovers built into the system, that is one less thing to hook up.

At almost half the price of the Alpine SPR-10TW, these tweeters are a bargain for the quality of the sound they generate. Quite frankly, it’s an aesthetic choice than anything else. Do you like your music loud and crisp? We recommend you grab a pair of these.

Third Place: Rockford Fosgate PP4-T Punch Pro

Like the name suggested, if you want your music to feel like you are being punched in the face, these are the tweeters to go for. I should rather say tweeter than tweeters because each one of these units sells for what 2 Alpine SPR-10TW sell for. But in terms of power, these pack a punch.

While the tweeters that we reviewed so far have 1″ drivers, this one has a 1.5″ driver with an integral 6bB high pass crossover filter engineered for high Sound Pressure Level. This speaker packs an aluminum metal diaphragm which along with a high temp Voice Coil deliver very loud sound reproduction.

The stated power is 50W RMS but given the bigger size of the motor drivers, this is not exactly a comparison to the other tweeters seen so far.

The sound frequency response range is between 4kHz to 20Khz. You will need a good mid-range frequency system to handle frequencies up to 4kHz. Sensitivity is at 105dB. The Rockford tweeters come with the mounting hardware attached.

The mean looking Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro is all you need if you are putting in high power stereo systems in your car and you will be using them for parties as well. In terms of power, this bad boy is one of the best car tweeters in the game.

Also Great: Pioneer TS-T110

Pioneer is well known for making quality audio solutions for your car. It would have been amiss not to include any Pioneer products in our line-up. Say hello to our pick from the pioneer line-up, the TS-T110 7/8 inch Hard Dome Tweeters.

These tweeters are styled to look like stock ones, but their performance is definitely superior. Designed to be flush mounted, you should be able to pop out your stock tweeters and pop in these without any issues. Whether you want to install them that way is entirely a different debate.

With a frequency response range of 2.5kHz to 30kHz and sensitivity of 90dB, these car tweeters offer god sound depth. Try these out if you are looking for an aftermarket replacement for your stock tweeters.

On The Budget: Power Acoustik NB-2

Now if you are on a budget, you need to look at the Power Acoustik NB-2. Armed with a polypropylene diaphragm and 1″ Piezo ferroelectric transducer, these car tweeters are ideal for those on a budget. They are not power hungry and can be driven without an amp.

Delivering good sound quality for the price, with the power of 100W RMS it also comes with an onboard 6dB crossover. The frequency response range is from 5kHz to 25kHz, with a sensitivity of 97dB.

The sound is crisp and loud. In addition to the tweeters, you will also benefit from a sound system with good equalization features which can tune the frequencies to a desirable level.

The PA tweeters come with a 3-way mount option which lets you mount them flush on the sides or angle them to get a good stereo imaging. Surface mounts are also possible with the default mount option. The range of mount options let you choose how you like to use them in your car.

At almost 1/10th the price of the other tweeters reviewed so far, these Power Acoustik NB-2 units are a real deal. These car tweeters are our recommended budget pick.

On The Budget: Pyle PDBT28

Another unit to consider if you are on a budget is the ‘Pyle PDBT28. This tweeter has a build which is similar to the DS18 Pro and comes with a 1″ Titanium diaphragm supported by a ferrofluid enhance voice coil. With a max RMS power of 150W and frequency response of 2kHz to 20kHz, these tweeters look good in specs.

The sound from them is loud and clear. Compared to the Power Acoustik NB-2 tweeters, the PDBT28 has a mean look and imposing presence. The tweeters might be a little tricky to mount in your car and you need to be careful how you do it.

If you are on a budget, these car tweeters are something that you need to check out. You get a mean look and loud sound for one third the price of a PP4-T Punch Pro.

Also Great: BOSS Audio TW30

BOSS Audio TW30 also caught our eyes and ears for the styling and sound reproduction. These aluminum based tweeters have a good frequency response of 2.5kHz to 21kHz and a sensitivity of 93dB.

They are meant to be flush mounted and are styled perfectly for that. The build is quite solid and compact. These can be mounted in place of your existing stock tweeters without a lot of tinkering around. The mounting is of very good quality and the sound quality matches the build quality.

The tweeters are also not very expensive for the quality they provide and these sell in pairs. You can go ahead hunting for good stereo imaging with these without any problems. We recommend that you go ahead and give these a shot if you like a strong raw aluminum finish for your car tweeters.

Also Great: Power Acoustik NB-4

Power Acoustik NB-4 is the bigger cousin of our budget pick, the NB-2. The underlying build and the stats remain pretty much the same as the NB-2. There is a slight bump in the RMS power from 100W to 125W in the NB-4. The bigger change is the way in which the tweeter can be mounted.

Apart from the three standard mount options that we saw with the NB-2, the NB-4 also comes with a Swivel mount. This mount makes it easier to adjust these tweeters to get the optimal stereo imaging for the driver and his passengers.

The performance otherwise was pretty similar to the NB-2, but for a slight boost in power. We recommend that you take a look at the NB-4 as well if you are already considering the Power Acoustik NB-2.

Also Great: Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S Tweeter Kit

The P1T-S Tweeter is the second Rockford Fosgate on our list. But these are nothing like their angry cousin the Punch Pro PP4-T. The P1T-S is a dome tweeter which gives a very soft and soothing sound compared to the harsh tones of the Punch Pro.

With a frequency response range of 3.5kHz to 22kHz and sensitivity of 90dB, these go up to drawing 60W of RMS power. Coupled with an external audiophile-grade 12dB crossover unit, these tweeter units offer a very good reproduction. This tweeter kit also comes with surface, angle and flush mount options.

The Rockford logo also gives the units a bold finish. With proper attenuation, these can be a great alternative to the Alpine SPR-10TW. They lack in the frequency response range and power, but if fussing about the minor details is not your style, these are just as good as the Alpine SPR-10TWs.

We hope you had an excellent time going through our top picks of best car tweeters. Hope the information presented here was useful and helped you make an informed choice. Do let us know if you have queries in our comments section, and we will be glad to help you out.

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