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If you are looking to improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system, you definitely need to look at the tweeters installed. Car tweeters typically handle high frequencies above 3kHz up to 20 kHz, which adds a lot of flavor to the music, especially vocals and instrumentals.

In this article, we are trying to help you reach halfway to your dream car audio setup. We have picked out top tweeters available in the market and reviewed them. We have tried to evaluate the tweeters on sound reproduction quality, distortion, the range of frequencies covered, stereo imaging, and easy on installation.

Take a look at our top car tweeter picks and do let us know if you like any of them.

Recommended Car Tweeters

ImageCar TweetersPowerSizeFrequency responseImpedanceSensitivity
Pioneer TS-B350PRO 3-1/2' High...
Our Pick

Price at Amazon
Peak: 250 watts each
RMS: 100 watts each
3.5"3,5-27 kHz4 Ohm100 dB
DS18 PRO-TW120B Super Tweeter...
Best Seller

Price at Amazon
Peak: 150 watts each
RMS: 100 watts each
1"2-20 kHz4 Ohm103 dB
JL Audio C1-100ct
Top Notch

Price at Crutchfield
Peak: 150 watts each
RMS: 60 watts each
1"3600 - 22k Hz4 Ohm91.5 dB
Polk Audio DB1001 1-Inch...
Also Great

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Peak: 180 watts each
RMS: 60 watts each
1"4-23 kHz4 Ohm92 dB
Our Pick

Pioneer TS-B350PRO Bullet Car Tweeter

Even in a teensy-weeny package, Pioneer sure knows how to dazzle the masses. The truth is, we love the Pioneer TS-B350PRO tweeters. Even in such small bodies, these little fellas hold startling reproduction capabilities.

Once you stop to their construction, it becomes easy to identify why. These tweeters feature aluminum die-cast chassis with a titanium diaphragm. This sort of structure allows for high power handling; reinforced by superior sensitivity. This engineering is also the main reason behind their crisp clear vibrant resonance.

With a nominal power handling of 100 Watts, the TS-B350PRO has ample power to match up any woofer it is paired with effortlessly. Its 3500-27000 Hz frequency response gives it a pleasantly wide note gamut. No matter the music genre at play, these tweeters rise up to the task with impressive fidelity.

A high-temperature voice coil makes the TS-B350PRO tweeters super competent. They blend in just fine with a sub’s output without that annoying overpowering effect that some tweeters possess.

Best Seller


These DS18 car tweeters are the ones which you should grab, in case the Pioneer TS-B350PRO tweeters don’t do it for you. If you like your high frequencies harsh and in your face, these titanium metal based cone tweeters fit the bill very well.

These work really well in a high noise environment where you need the sound to be sharp and overcome external noise. With an RMS power of 200W, these tweeters pack 2x times the power of the Pioneer. Even the sensitivity is higher at 103dB compared to the 100dB of the TS-B350PRO. Where they fall short of in everything else.

The sound response range is between 2.2kHz to 19kHz, though the loss of the extra 10kHz on the higher range of the spectrum might not mean much, the lower spectrum response might show. You need to have a good set of mid-range speakers which cover up to 2.2kHz to cover up for this.

The installation also gets challenging as you get a much smaller sweet spot to work with when trying to get the perfect stereo imaging that you desire. This is due to the tweeter being based on the cone design. You get lesser sound dispersion, but higher intensity. It’s a trade-off that you need to live with, but not a deal breaker if you want your music crisp and loud.

The quality of the materials used in the construction of the tweeters are good and this results in excellent sound reproduction. You will need amps to wire up these tweeters to your sound system. It comes with capacitive crossovers built into the system, that is one less thing to hook up.

Being cheaper than TS-B350PRO, these tweeters are a bargain for the quality of the sound they generate. Quite frankly, it’s an aesthetic choice than anything else. Do you like your music loud and crisp? We recommend you grab a pair of these.

Top Notch

JL Audio C1-100ct

Refined performance with good off-axis responsiveness and high-frequency extension is what C1 component tweeters are designed to provide. The C1-100ct component tweeters reproduce treble frequencies from 3.6 to 22 kHz smoothly and precisely thanks to genuine, edge-driven 1.0-inch metal domes with silk suspensions.

With the included fixtures, the tweeters can be flush-mounted or surface to satisfy a wide range of installation requirements. For a reliable response, outboard and inline high-pass filters with a 12 dB/octave gain are included. Sophisticated Tweeter Protection Circuitry is another feature these filters have, which helps with power handling and dependability.

C1 100ct is the real deal in terms of value. At this pricing, these aluminum dome tweeters outshine other component tweeters. You receive a smooth response from their smooth design, which also reduces distortion. High-frequency detail will be crystal clear, and the superb imaging you’ll hear will make your factory tweeters blush.

Also Great

Focal TWU 1.5

The TWU1.5 tweeter is made to be installed specifically with current Universal range kits. Four mounting options, including flush fit, on an inclined stand, flat or direct behind the existing grill, and detaching the tweeter from its Focal bracket, are accessible and simple to install.

Aluminum/magnesium alloy makes up this inverted dome tweeter. To reproduce sounds more clearly and precisely, the trebles now have an enhanced frequency response that extends up to 21 kHz.

The TWU 1.5 tweeters from Focal produce astounding detail at high frequencies. In addition to being easy to install, the Integration range is especially renowned for its sound quality.
The dependability of our constantly advancing technological apparatus is also a part of the Focal character.

Your speakers will endure the test of time thanks to butyl suspensions. Thanks to it superior design, you will be able to experience the Focal sound for a very long time.

Everything else we recommend

Top Notch

Rockford Fosgate PP4-T Punch Pro

As the name suggested, if you want your music to feel like you are being punched in the face, these are the tweeters to go for. I should rather say tweeter than tweeters because each one of these units sells for 2x price than others. But in terms of power, these pack a punch.

While the tweeters that we reviewed so far have 1″ drivers, this one has a 1.5″ driver with an integral 6bB high pass crossover filter engineered for high Sound Pressure Level. This speaker packs an aluminum metal diaphragm which along with a high temp Voice Coil deliver very loud sound reproduction.

The stated power is 50W RMS but given the bigger size of the motor drivers, this is not exactly a comparison to the other tweeters seen so far.

The sound frequency response range is between 4kHz to 20Khz. You will need a good mid-range frequency system to handle frequencies up to 4kHz. Sensitivity is at 105dB. The Rockford tweeters come with the mounting hardware attached.

The mean looking Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro is all you need if you are putting in high power stereo systems in your car and you will be using them for parties as well. In terms of power, this bad boy is one of the best car tweeters in the game.

Also Great

Polk Audio DB1001

If you’ve come across Polk Audio, you know they mean serious business. I must admit that these manufacturers are duly underrated despite their impressive list of products.

Being the only marine certified tweeter on this list, the Polk Audio DB1001 tweeter is indeed one of a kind. The fact that you can use this on your boat with naught fears of any hitches is one tremendous merit. Their polymer composite dome constructs guarantee durability and unwavering functionality. These tweeters can get feisty when cranked all the way up thanks to their 180 Watts maximum power handling.

Their neodymium magnets work to create highly intricate highs; am talking the kind that will make you instantaneously love a tune. Their flash surface mount feature makes them an easy install in most cases. We love how pretty much everything about these tweeters is a step ahead of most others within its class. The Polk Audio DB1001 tweeters deserve a lot more credit if you ask me.

Also Great

Kicker 43CST204

Any fusion of high-grade materials always results in phenomenal product performance. The Kicker 43CST204 carries an avant-garde flair thanks to its top of the line construction and adeptness. Good looks are not the only thing these tweeters have on offer. Their heavily decorated sound reproduction will have you flying off your boots in utter amusement.
Graced with titanium domes, the Kicker 43CST204 tweeters are hardly a joke. Their neodymium magnets make them little power monsters that can juggle a clean 100 Watts peak without flinching. Their detailed reproduction skills are fascinating especially because they blend in impeccably into any sound system.

With 92 dB sensitivity, you are assured the Kicker 43CST204 will grasp all floating details and recreate them as such. Its wide range frequency response (4500-21000Hz) only works to improve its already stunning note reverberation. These tweeters also come with the merit of multiple mounting options (surface, flush and angle mountable). Ease of installation is always a relief when it comes to speakers. God knows finding the perfect components is more than enough struggle.

Also Great

Alpine SPS-110TW Car Tweeters

We absolutely fell in love with the natural and soft sound of these Alpine SPS-110TW silk dome tweeters and highly recommend them to anyone who likes their music smooth.

These bad boys have a very good frequency response of 1kHz to 22kHz and have a 100W max RMS power. Hook them to an amp based system through some crossovers and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The sound volume and the quality are so good that you might actually want to damp them down by a couple of decibels using the attenuator. We found absolutely no distortion in the sound from these tweeters, even at very high volumes. This is exactly what you want from your car tweeters, good sound without no distortion.

The fact that these are full dome tweeters ensures that the sound dispersion is pretty wide. This wide dispersion of sound helps you achieve excellent stereo imaging because you get a much larger directional sweet spot than other tweeters. The silk material used in the dome provides a mellow and lifelike sound reproduction.

The Alpine logo adds to the aesthetic look of the tweeter and it adds pop to the entire setup. When added to a well-balanced audio system in the car, these tweeters can deliver top dollar performance without overpowering the system. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed by trying out these car tweeters.

Also Great

JBL GTO19T Premium

Here’s the thing, every JBL product carries within its being a dash of delightful authenticity. It is, therefore, no surprise that JBL GTO19T tweeters bring its users an array of distinct features that make them the competent monstrosities they are. With an RMS of $5 Watts, these tweeters are solid workers. Oversized voice coils offer superior heat dissipation which in turn makes them insanely resilient. Even in extreme pressure, these tweeters hold up to birth nothing but a clean crispy tenor.

These soft dome tweeters come in a carbon composite non-magnetic baskets. These allow for consistent precision under all prerequisites. Low impedance is a rarity when it comes to tweeters.

Seeing that it is like none other, the GTO19T comes with a conveniently low impedance (3 ohms). With that, it reproduces clear mids and highs making it a perfect supplement to bass packed sub-woofers.

Also Great

Infinity REF-275tx

We love Infinity speakers; I mean, what’s not to love? They not only sound delightfully natural, but they also carry some of the trendiest bodies in the entire market. The Infinity REF-275tx tweeters are a perfect reflection of Infinity’s signature principles. With refined xeroxing abilities, we can’t help but squirm at their potency.

If I am to be completely transparent here, I must acknowledge that these edge-driven textile tweeters don’t have much going on for them. Don’t get me wrong though, they get the job done just fine. With a maximum power capacity of 135 Watts, these tweeters can blow a whole lot of detail into a sound system when given the chance.

They possess a 3 Ohm impedance which makes them high rollers when it comes to high power application. They are able to hold out well under pressure. However, pushing these babies way off their limit could kill their stunning reproduction capabilities. When played within their ideal bandwidth, the Infinity REF-275tx tweeters are incredible performers.

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