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When selecting a 1-ohm subwoofer for your car audio applications, look for efficiency, dependability, and power. At the same time, you don’t want to spend a fortune buying it. I have considered all of these things to come up with my list of the best 1-ohm subwoofers available today, which have been ranked and categorized after comparing them.

The best overall and the winner of my roundup of 1-ohm subs is the Sundown Audio X series because the subs in this series are the easiest to set up, have lightweight frames, compact size, shallow mounting depth, and longevity.

1-Ohm Subs We Recommend

Our Pick

Sundown Audio X Series

Available Sizes: 8, 10, 12, and 15″
Peak Power Handling: 3000 watts
Max RMS: 800-2000 Watts
Price Range: $400-$1000

The X series was created from the ground up to become the new benchmark in the low-frequency / small ported box subwoofer segment in this price range.

These subs, which range in size from 10″ to a staggering 18″ in diameter, can withstand the heat while still delivering the noise.

Sundown’s custom tooled frame/basket is featured on the X series subwoofers of different sizes. Sundown’s patent-protected 6-spoke cast aluminum basket is used in each model, along with a custom-made adapter to accommodate a full 10-inch diameter spider. The series also includes a customized subwoofer frame of 18” that pushes these subs to their limits.

The 6.5″ subwoofer, which adds a substantial boost despite its smaller size and cone diameter, is undoubtedly the most stunning sub in the line. It truly is a work of audio engineering genius.
The Sundown Audio X series is the first woofer driver in Sundown’s lineup to feature “ultra-high excursion” suspension and frame designs.

The ventilation of the motor has been enhanced, and they have also upgraded to the all-new Mega-Roll v.2 surround, which is a more linear and robust update to their world-renowned Mega-Roll v.1 surround design.

If all you want is to experience the bass in your spine, these are the subwoofers for you.
If we talk about the pros of the Audio X series, these subs are incredibly powerful, even with the smaller size. The 8” inch sub has an RMS of 800 watts while the 15 and 18” subs have a max RMS of 2000 watts, while the peak power handling of the top-of-the-line sub in this series is recorded at 3000 watts.

Additionally, the size and weight of the X-series subs are astounding, largely due to how compact and light they are compared to how loud they sound. In terms of balancing weight and size with performance output, Sundown got things perfectly right.

In terms of drawbacks, because the impedance of the X-series is greater than that of other subs in their class, they typically run hotter in terms of temperature when blasting at max power.
Despite this, the Sundown audio X-series takes the top slot on our list because it offers more in terms of power and reliability than the other 1-ohm subs reviewed below.

Runner Up

Skar Audio ZVXV2 Series

Available Sizes: 8, 12, 15, 18″
Peak Power Handling: 1,100 to 3,200 watts
Max RMS: 900 to 1,600 watts
Price Range: $150-$500

Skar Audio manufactures a variety of products, with subwoofers being one of their mainstays. Skar Audio has several subwoofer series organized by wattage output. The ZVXV2 series can go up to 3,200 watts.

Skar Audio ZVXV2 series also offers a variety of sizes, ranging from small 8-inch subs to deep, hard-hitting 18-inch beasts. You can choose from a variety of voice coil setups, and the best part is that the products are all reasonably priced.

In terms of benefits, we like the fact that this Skar 1-Ohm stable powerhouse of a subwoofer is designed for audiophiles who enjoy comparing and competing with the sound of their car. This sub was specially designed by Skar to be a competition-grade sub. The Skar Audio 18-inch monster has a power handling prowess of up to 1,600 watts RMS and 3,200 watts peak power handling. Each ZVXv2 subwoofer comes equipped with a 3-inch high-temperature voice coil, a huge 3-slug alternator, a competition-grade cylinder, and a high roll foam surround.

When it comes to the drawbacks, one of the things we didn’t like about the Skar ZVXV2 series was that it required a lot of steady current from the amps. Additionally, some owners have reported prematurely blowing drivers. Finally, during high SPL competitive circumstances, the coil temperature must be supervised.

Since it has many benefits and only a few cons, the Skar Audio ZVXV2 Series finishes runners-up on our list of 1-ohm subwoofers.

Also Great

Rockford Fosgate Power T1

Available Sizes: 10″, 12″, 15″
Peak Power Handling: 800 to 2000 watts
Max RMS: 500 to 1000 watts
Price Range: $660-$2500

Rockford Fosgate’s Power T1 Series is available in 10”, 12”, and 15″ sizes. Rockford Fosgate designed the Power Series subwoofers to deliver the ultimate in elevated, high-volume bass. Both subs in the series are designed for tight spaces where larger woofers will not fit. A single 1-ohm voice coil is used in the T1 series subs to simplify wiring configurations.

These subs do not require much depth and provide bass response comparable to a traditional-sized model. It’s made possible by a cleverly inserted voice coil assembly with a long excursion travel.

Moreover, innovative technologies, such as Encapsulated Voice Coil Coupling (EVCC), Split Yoke Motor Technology, Inductive Damping Heat Sink, and Vast Surround, enable the Power T1 series subwoofers to outperform other models.

In terms of power, the 10” sub in the series has a peak power handling of 1000 watts and a Max RMS of 500 while the 12” sub has a peak power handling of 1200 watts and a Max RMS of 600.

The Power Series T1 subwoofers have a supportive paper cone bolstered with the same Kevlar® fibers that are seen in bulletproof vests. The entire cone is covered and protected by a hard-anodized aluminum dust cap that displays the shiny Rockford Fosgate logo. As a result, you get vintage warm bass from a practically indestructible cone.

This Series’s clean lines set it apart from its rivals and give you an idea of the quality of the sound. The sound is clean and crisp, and it is much louder than you might expect.

While there are models with greater power handling capabilities, this option can outperform many of them plainly because the cone’s useful surface is much larger than in others. It is due to the VAST technology used by the company when attaching the rubber.

Apart from that, the voice coil is far more long-lasting than in other models. The Power T1 series is also significantly more efficient at heat dissipation than some of its closest competitors.
In terms of drawbacks, the price tag may be a turnoff for some.

If you just want a standard sub that can handle a reasonable amount of bass, this may be overkill. The price places it in the category targeted to serious enthusiasts rather than an entry-level model.

Having said that, you do get what you pay for. The trouble with those low-cost systems is that if your amp (see 1-Ohm stable amps) pushes too much voltage through them, they won’t last long. These subs can withstand higher voltage and thus last much longer. For these reasons alone, the Power Series T1 subwoofers can be a great addition to any car.

If you need more explanations see these articles: 1-Ohm vs 2-Ohm subs and 1-Ohm vs 4-Ohm subs.


Rockville Punisher Series

Available Sizes: 10, 12, 15″
Peak Power Handling: 5000-6000 watts
Max RMS: 1250-1500 watts
Price Range: $135-$195

This series was designed from scratch to keep the voice coils cool so that even if you playtest tones for extended periods in a competitive environment, the sub can handle it. In terms of power, there are few subs in this category that compare to the Punisher Series.

In terms of benefits, The Rockville Punisher series subs perform impressively when it comes to power. The 10” inch sub that is part of the series has peak power handling of 5000 watts and Max RMS of 1250 watts.

The 12” sub in the series takes this up a notch by offering peak power handling of 5600 watts and Max RMS of 1400 watts.

The 15” sub takes power performance to another level with peak power handling of 6000 watts and Max RMS of 1500 watts.

The best part is that you get all this for an affordable price. Additionally, these subs were designed from the ground up to withstand extreme abuse and heat.

The Punisher series subs are massive and beefy, measuring 41.08 lbs. and falling into the heavyweight category. The magnet weighs 246 oz. (15.38 lbs.). These subs have the finest cooling technology, so even if you’re competing and playing 1-minute test tones, they’ll last all day!

A thick aluminum ring close to the t-yoke soaks up and dissipates a lot of heat. The subs also feature a thicker T-Yoke and heat-absorbing washers. The voice coil used is 3″ in diameter and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

If we talk about the drawbacks, although the top-of-the-line sub in the series is advertised to have a peak power handling of 6000 watts, some users have complained that a few of these fail to handle even up to 4000 watts. Also, some people say that they bought Rockville Punisher series subs that stopped working midway.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget 1-ohm sub that can offer most of the features of the top 1-ohm subwoofer series like Audio X and ZVXV2 as well as a reasonable amount of power, then the Rockville Punisher Series subs are the way to go.

Also Great

American Bass HD Series

Available Sizes: 10, 12, 15, 18″
Peak Power Handling: 3000 watts
Max RMS: 1500-2000 watts
Price Range: $359-$559

The American Bass HD series subwoofers are constructed for gut-wrenching strength and serviceability. The HD series produces some serious low-end, with enough force to startle even the most die-hard bass fan. The HD series subs have a heavy-duty embossed tray with perimeter vents for improved voice coil cooling and a black powder finish, which adds to their allure.

In terms of the benefits, the HD series of American Bass Subwoofers are an excellent choice for people looking for a low-cost, high-quality subwoofer to improve their listening experience. You can expect stunning and highly reliable sounds if you power these subwoofers with a quality amp.

The 10” sub in the series has a peak power handling of 3000 watts and Max RMS of 1500 watts. The 12, 15, and 18” sub take this up a level to 2000 watts Max RMS and 3000 watts peak power handling.

These subwoofers are also developed to last; they feature a non-pressed paper cone that is reinforced with Kevlar fiber and a high-temperature 4ohm 4-layer voice coil with Nomex protection for extra security and reliability.

As far as the drawbacks are concerned, we could not find any glaring issues with HD series subs that should be mentioned here. Maybe the only thing we can say is that these are as powerful as some of the other 1-ohm subs on the list, but that is something you should expect considering the affordable pricing of the HD series subwoofers.

Is the HD series from American Bass something I’d recommend? Yes, absolutely. I assure you that you won’t find this beast of a sub in any other brand for the price, which makes it a great 1-ohm sub.

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