The 8-inch car subwoofers are basically the smallest units you will get on the market. Choosing the right subwoofer involving balancing between available space, sensitivity, power handling, enclosure type, and price. For those who have no problem with space and need a robust sound system, a large-sized sub will do.

Otherwise, small subs are just as powerful as the larger one as long as they are properly powered to meet the intended use. With the same amount of power, larger subs will require more airspace than the small subs to be able to achieve optimum performance.

It is, however, important to note that the 8 to 10-inch subwoofers may look small in size but have some of the best harmonization qualities. This article looks at the best 8-inch subwoofers for your car’s audio system.

We also did a review of 10-inch and 15-inch options.

Good Enough For Most Users

Our Pick

JL Audio 8W3V3-4

Our pick is the JL Audio 8W3V3-4 which is a well-designed subwoofer that delivers powerful and accurate bass using a medium power amplifier. It provides exceptional performance with remarkable sound quality at moderate power levels. I really like the exclusive cooling features that come with this product.

These features push heat away from the internal structure of the motor so as to give it long-lasting properties. There are multiple patented technologies that deliver enhanced performance, power handling, sound quality, and reliability.

The advanced design gives this sub some of the best sounding capabilities you can get on the market.
I enjoy using this sub in both ported and sealed enclosures. Whereas this unit can be driven by low power of 75 watts, its power rating is 250 watts RMS while its recommended power range is between 50 and 250 watts.

For optimum audio performance, the peak power should not exceed 500 watts. The frequency response lies between 28 and 250 Hz making it very convenient for your car. The sensitivity is 83.24 dB while its impedance is 4 ohm.

The recommended enclosure settings for this sub are 4.63 inches for the top mount depth and 7.09 inches for the cut-out diameter. Generally, this is an all-rounded unit that will enhance your car’s audio system.

Rockford Fosgate P3sd2-8 Shallow Mount

The shallow mount subwoofers use less space and maybe a good choice where there is little space in your car to install a subwoofer. The Rockford Fosgate P3SD2 is one such woofer that will save you space during installation. It delivers vigor even when there is limited depth for your subwoofer.

It allows for flexibility to configure real bass in depth-challenged cars. It has a dual voice coil that supports various configurations for different applications. The woofer is housed in a low profile frame that has enough ventilation to combat thermal breakdown and overheating.

This woofer uses advanced engineering and materials to compete with high-end models. The cone and the dust cap are made of anodized aluminum to make the sub lighter and easier to drive. For maximum output, an M-Roll Santoprene surround has been used.

I have used this feature to obtain superior excursion while enjoying its long-lasting properties at the same time. The impedance of this unit is dual 2 ohms which enables wiring of multiple subs for optimum performance.

The power rating is 150 watts RMS and 300 watts for the peak power. The top mount depth stands at 67.5 mm and its cutout diameter is 181 mm. The frequency response lies between 38 and 250 Hz.

Cheap 8-inch Subs

Boss Audio Cxx8

The BOSS Audio CXX8 is a single voice coil subwoofer that has been designed to reproduce clean mid-bass, mid-range, and deep notes in a musical spectrum. This woofer is quite affordable sub costing less than $50.

I like the high-quality capabilities that make it an ideal choice for the car’s sound needs. It features a power rating of 300 watts RMS and a maximum power handling of 600 watts. The mounting depth for this subwoofer is 3.75 inches while its sensitivity is 83 dB.

The internal volume of the sealed enclosures is 0.35 cu-ft and that of the ported enclosure is 0.6 cu-ft. The impedance of this sub is 4 ohms. The top mount depth is 96 mm while the cutout diameter is 184 mm.

The three key features that I like about this sub include a Butyl Rubber Surround, Poly Injection cone, and an Aluminum Voice Coil. I love the synthetic butyl rubber because of its impermeability to air, chemical inertness, and weather resistance capabilities.

The poly injection cone has various forms that make it suitable for many applications. It has resilient and durability properties that make it a great sounding and long-lasting sub.

The use of aluminum in the construction of the voice coils gives this sub low density and corrosion-resistant properties. The soft nature of the aluminum material makes it an ideal choice for voice coils.

Planet Audio Ac8d

The Planet Audio AC8D is another cheap 8-inch subwoofer you can get on the market. It has been designed to produce powerful and clean bass at a very affordable price. It has some of the best technologies that match the sturdiness and durability of high-end models.

Its durability is enhanced by the use of aluminum construction in its dual two-inch voice coils. I have enjoyed using its dual voice coils that increase the versatility and clarity of this woofer with its multiple wiring configurations.

I love the fact that this woofer has the capacity to handle a continuous power rating of 600 watts. It can reach a peak of 1200 watts without much struggle.

The dual voice coil for this utilizes a poly injection cone. The cone alongside its foam surround has been designed to deliver stability and performance. The impedance of this unit is 4 ohm while its sensitivity is 85 dB. The sub can be successfully installed in both sealed and ported enclosures.

The sub has a pole-vent hence requiring a minimum clearance of 19 mm from the enclosure’s rear wall. The mounting depth is 100 mm and its cutout diameter is 185 mm. The woofer’s dimensions give it the ability to retain great sound quality. The port dimensions are 3-inch diameter, 11-inch length, 40 Hz frequency.

Competition Grade Picks

Sundown Audio X-8 V.2 D2 – Loudest

Being one of the loudest 8-inch subwoofers the Sundown Audio X-8 is a unique subwoofer within the Sundown’s line-up with an SPL oriented design. It has a suspension design for both the spider and the surround whose aim is to create large peaks for SPL reasons.

Having been built on an 8-inch subwoofer frame, it has the same mechanical clearance capabilities of 2.5 inches allowable, just like the SA-8 v.3 model. Two of the features I like most about this unit is the extreme cone movement and ultra-high excursion control.

This model has the vented spacer ring removed so as to add high-velocity vent-holes on the frame below the spider. This enables the reduction of the mounting depth and expansion of the installation options.

A sequence of machined channels has been added down the pole’s full height to increase the air-based cooling capabilities and reduce the motor’s audible air velocity. It uses a tried-and-true technology to give it strength and lightweight properties.

The highest linear x-max of any 8-inch SPL model is featured in this unit. There is also an ID shorting ring of the thick magnet nature that lowers the inductive distortion. For relentless, dependable, powerful sound, a dual 4-ohm voice coil configuration has been used.

I like its power rating of 750 watts RMS. The mounting depth stands at 7 inches while its outside and cutout diameters are 8.7 and 7.36 inches respectively.

Massive Audio SUMMO84 – Most Powerful

The most powerful 8-inch subwoofer comes from Massive Audio with a massive performance similar to that of a 12-inch unit. This unit allows for more performance from a small-sized woofer contrary to the popular opinion that big subs produce better performance.

Being a smaller unit, I enjoyed using it in my car as it occupies less space and I was able to install it in a small enclosure of 0.375 cu-ft. This heavy-duty sub has a cast aluminum basket that uses a rugged industrial texture to give it extra durability properties.

There is a double stack high energy strontium magnet structure. A 2.5-inch high-temperature anodized voice coil of dual impedance has been included.

The Non-Pressed paper cone has been reinforced using Kevlar fiber and an industrial textured finish. The edge to edge stitching for the cone adds extra strength to this unit. The motor also enjoys a boost with the inclusion of a one-piece black anodized pole plate.

The woven dust cap uses reinforced fiberglass for more powerful applications. The power ratings for this unit are 300 watts RMS and 600 watts peak power. The x-max covers a peak-to-peak width of 13 mm. It can be installed in a sealed enclosure box of 0.76 cu-ft or a ported enclosure box of 14 (H) by 14 (D) by 10 (W) inches. The sensitivity of this woofer is 88.27 dB.

Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4

The Skar Audio VVX-8v3 is one of the hardest-hitting 8-inch subwoofers you can actually find. This sub dominates in its category in terms of reliability and performance. It produces low-end frequencies typical to the VVXv3 line of products.

A 2-inch high-temperature copper voice coil enables it to withstand high amounts of power. I enjoy its competition-grade features including paper cone, advanced cooling design, and custom tooled basket. I like the fact that these features combine efforts to give you better performance.

Its ferrite motor features a massive triple stack of clean backplate chrome finish. The maximum energy offered by this sub is 800 watts while its RMS control stands at 400 watts.

This sub has been designed to give you a very musical sound with exceptional low-frequency handling capabilities. It comes with a highly efficient cooling system that enables you to play music at high power levels for a long period of time.

The voice coil configuration is dual 4 ohms while its sensitivity is 82.3 dB. The sealed enclosure volume required for its installation is 0.75 cu-ft while the ported enclosure volume is 1.0 cu-ft. The mounting depth is 5.9 inches while its outside and cutout diameters are 8.5 and 7.2 inches. Its tuning frequency is 39 Hz and its frequency response ranges from 55 to 500 Hz.


The best 8-inch car subs reviewed in this article will provide you with decent and beautiful sound qualities desired of a car subwoofer. These woofers can be fitted in tight spaces and require less air to give you high sound output and great bass qualities.

In terms of performance and sound quality, nothing beats JL Audio 8W3V3-4. Its power handling capabilities, frequency range, and sensitivity are uniquely designed to give you an all-around performance.

The seven other options reviewed are just as good as our pick option and will offer you the necessary features and versatility required for an 8-inch car sub.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An 8-Inch Subwoofer

A subwoofer helps in increasing the dynamic range and boosting the bass of your car’s audio system. It is a great tool for improving the midrange and achieving deeper bass for your sound. The small nature of an 8-inch subwoofer makes it flexible enough to fit in small and compact vehicles.

Despite their compactness, they are still powerful enough to give you a range of benefits. Some of these benefits include:


With the 8-inch subwoofer, you will not need to replace the speakers in your car. Large subwoofers usually come with the demand for new speakers that can work with the extra power. This is not the case with small speakers as they have the flexibility to work with the existing components of the car’s stereo system.


Not everyone wants loud pounding bass music. Large subwoofers would work well with rap and hip-hop music which requires mind-blowing bass levels. If you love jazz and classical music, then the 8-inch subwoofer would an ideal choice for you. These subwoofers offer a much-needed boost to your music.


The compactness of the 8-inch subwoofer makes it possible to fit it anywhere within a car (see under seat options). A Large-size subwoofer may be too big for a small car and may need to fit in the trunk. The small-size unit can fit anywhere in any vehicle. It doesn’t require you to cut large pieces from the door or the dash to get it fixed.


With a small subwoofer, you have the flexibility to add another similar unit to create more bass. If you are not sure of your bass requirements, then it is good to choose a small unit, to begin with.

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