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The 6-inch car subwoofers are an excellent place to start if you want to give your car’s sound system a boost. These subwoofers produce great bass despite their small size. We spent over 15 hours researching subs to sort through the vast selection of subwoofers and come up a list of the best 6″, 6.5″ and 6.75″ car subwoofers available today.

The Memphis Audio MOJO MJM644 is our top pick because it outshines all other subwoofers on our list in terms of power, frequency range, and features. However, the other subwoofers reviewed here are all great and thus are put into different categories that highlight unique selling proposition (USP). Keep reading for the full review. We also did a review of 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch subs.

Our Pick

Memphis Audio MOJO MJM644

Max Power: 1400 watts
RMS Power: 700 watts
Size: 6.5″
Frequency Response: 145HZ-18KHZ

If you want to get your feet moving and your spirit to soar, then the MOJO Series subwoofers from Memphis Audio can help you do that by bringing to life the sounds and bass that other subs on the market can only dream of.

All in all, you won’t find a more well-rounded 6-inch subwoofer on the market today—one that can ensure a powerful bass sound in your car. It is why the MOJO MJM644 from Memphis Audio is our top pick.

This MOJO Series 6-1/2″ subwoofer offers you the bass you can feel and the best part is that you don’t need to worry about the sub getting heated.

This is because the DVVC (Direct Vent Voice Coil) cooling mechanism in these compact but powerful subwoofers quickly dissipates heat, permitting MOJO mini subwoofers to play louder and longer. With the MOJO MJM644, you get amazing sound quality and richness in sound that will entice you to choose it again and again.

Additionally, you can enjoy a great bass boost in your vehicle thanks to the subwoofer’s great power ratings. Another benefit of buying the MOJO MJM644 sub is that it will fit in most spaces in the car.

The sub is divided into two sections, the back of which is narrower than the front, allowing it to be mounted on both 5” and 6.5” speaker mountings. This little powerhouse can work in very small enclosures thanks to its mounting depth of only 5”.

The subwoofer is a dual ohm subwoofer with excellent performance and offers great resistance. The subwoofer’s strong bass tracks are deserving of all the accolades. And the sound experience is amplified by a frequency response of145 HZ-18 KHZ, allowing you to enjoy great sounds without distortion.


DS18 Elite Z6 6-1/2″ subwoofer

Max Power: 600 watts
RMS Power: 300 watts
Size: 6.5″
Frequency Response: 32 Hz-10 kHz

If you are looking for a 6-1/2 inch subwoofers that offer low-frequency and high-power applications, then the DS18 Elite Z6 subwoofer can fulfill your needs. The sub has a one-of-a-kind and exclusive design thanks to its reinforced Carbon Fiber dust cap and is packed with power.

If you are a bass enthusiast, then you can expect great things from the Elite Z6 sub. This high-performance subwoofer is built to handle high power and produce deep, booming bass notes at high levels. The subs will offer strong bass to precisely complement your system when paired with a DS18 GEN-X1800.1D 1800 watts max amplifier.

The sub is built for both competition and the average bass fan. As such, it has low frequencies and is capable of handling heavy power demands

You also won’t be disappointed with the sub’s design. This powerful subwoofer has a big foam border and a paper and glass fiber cone. A bright red aluminum basket ensures the integrity and endurance of the DS18 subwoofer. And dual voice coils enable fine-tuning and the addition of additional speakers to the stereo system. Moreover, the sub has a mounting depth of 3.89”, allowing it to fit into very small spaces in a car.

All of these factors combined have helped the DS18 Elite Z6 subwoofer to make it to the runners up position on our list.

Bang for the Buck

Rockville W65K9D4

Max Power: 1000 watts
RMS Power: 250 watts
Size: 6.5″
Frequency Response: 52 Hz-800 Hz

If you are looking for 6-inch subwoofers that provide value for money, you won’t find a better option than the Rockville W65K9D4 subwoofers. With these subwoofers, you can expect a powerful bass experience. They are designed to please the audiophile in you. The rigid paper cones of this sub are robust, and they allow the subwoofer to produce maximum power.

Moreover, the voice coils of the Rockville W65K9D4 have incredible thermal resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius. Also, if you are looking for crystal clear sounds, you’re in luck.

The subwoofers are encased in high-quality thick foam, ensuring crystal-clear sound without distortion. And this aspect of the Rockville W65K9D4 sub is supported by its frequency response of 52 Hz-800 Hz.

The design of these subs is also something to write home about. The subwoofer’s cast aluminum basket has a black sandblasted finish and the sub features two chrome-plated binding terminals, which are among the best on the market.

If you are worried about housing these subwoofers in your vehicle, you should not be. Thanks to its mounting depth of 4.17”, this 6.5-inch subwoofer will take up very little room in your vehicle but will provide excellent sound quality.

Moreover, a 2 inch 4-layer ASV voice coil wrapped with OFC wire is used in this dual ohm subwoofer, which further amplifies the sound emanating from the sub.

The best part is that all of these features are offered at an affordable price. The affordable pricing of Rockville W65K9D4 and plethora of features that ensure great sounds in your car make it a bang for the buck subwoofer.


Skar Audio EVL-65

Max Power: 400 watts
RMS Power: 200 watts
Size: 6.5″
Frequency Response: 50 – 250 Hz.

If you are on budget, but do not want to compromise of features or quality of sound, then I have the sub for you—the Skar Audio EVL-65. The EVL-65 subwoofer from Skar Audio is one of the most responsive, dynamic, and efficient 6.5-inch subwoofers available today.

Because one EVL-65 sub costs less than a hundred bucks, you can add more power to your car stereo by purchasing additional Skar audio subs for your vehicle. Quite simply, you won’t find a better budget 6-inch subwoofer today than the Skar Audio EVL-65.

Despite its relatively small size, the EVL-65 is a powerhouse of a subwoofer with a robust single slug ferrite motor of 39 Oz and a 2″ pure copper voice coil comprising 4 layers.
You would expect a budget subwoofer to lack power, but the Skar Audio EVL-65 is the exact opposite; it is engineered to deliver powerful and responsive bass while consuming minimal power. This device also offers a great low frequency, allowing you to enjoy all of your bass-heavy music

Moreover, you do not need to worry about space constraints with this sub. Because of its compact size, this sub’s driver is extremely adaptable, as it may be utilized in a variety of settings where adding a woofer would be impossible.

The 2-ohm subwoofer (4-ohm also avilable) is 6.5” in size, allowing the diameter of the cut on your enclosure to be around 5.8”, allowing it to fit in small spaces. Moreover, a 2-inch voice coil composed of high-grade pure copper is included with the subwoofer. Pure copper is an excellent conductor of power, resulting in more powerful bass reproduction.

The design is also pretty decent. The subwoofers are primarily black and the voice coil is made of pure copper and has a dual ohm resistance.


Audiopipe TSCVR6 6″ Subwoofer

Max Power: 150 watts
RMS Power: 150 watts
Size: 6”
Frequency Response: 60-3,000 Hz

If you are looking for an affordable high-performance subwoofer with a small footprint, then the Audiopipe TSCVR6 is a great choice. This subwoofer offers great sounding bass without taking up too much space in your car’s trunk. You can create a symphony of hard-hitting bass by using several of these subs in your car.

Moreover, Edge Extension Technology on the sub enables the rubber butyl surround system to reach the basket’s very edge, allowing you to expand the cone area. The Audiopipe TSCVR6 is designed with a low profile for automobiles with limited interior space. The subwoofer is 6 inches in size and has a mounting depth of 4-3/4″.

Edge Extension Technology on the sub enables the rubber butyl surround system to reach the basket’s very edge, allowing the cone area to be expanded. Because of the extra room, all subwoofers with EXT technology can move more air as it cycles through each bass note. This produces an incredibly smooth bass response while maximizing the available space.

However, space issues in the car are not the only thing solved by these subs. They also make sure that you can enjoy great sounds without distortion in your car. It is because besides fitting the sub-new EXT technology, Audiopipe has increased the magnet structure by 15% in its 6″ subwoofer for increased power handling.

Moreover, the it can handle high levels of power and offer great resistance up to reasonable sound levels.The TSCVR6 has a pretty decent design as well, with an 80-ounce magnet, a 2-inch four-layer dual voice coil, and an aluminum basket with powdered black paint.

All of these things combined make the Audiopipe TSCVR6 equally good as a budget-friendly sub like the Skar Audio EVL-65.

Also Great

KICKER 48CWRT672 CompRT 6.75″ shallow subwoofer

Max Power: 150 watts
RMS Power: 300 watts
Size: 6-3/4
Frequency Response: 35-500 Hz

If you’re looking for massive bass in a little space, Kicker is the way to go.  The 48CWRT672 sub is the most convenient method to add powerful bass to your vehicle’s interior, whether it’s beneath your seat, behind your backbench, or in the cargo area.

Space is also not an issue with the 48CWRT672. The hardened components of this subwoofer allow it to be used in a shallow automobile mount or as part of an outdoor speaker array. The CompRT is a shallow slim sub and has a top mounting depth of 2.75 inches and a mounting diameter of 5.625 inches makes the sub well suited for shallow installs.

You can also expect crystal clear sounds with this subwoofer. The Kicker 48CWRT672 6-3/4″ subwoofer has a flex-resistant polypropylene cone that delivers hard-hitting lows without distortion, as well as a ribbed foam surround that encourages lengthy excursion and keeps the cone on target.

The sub is designed to offer resistance at increased sound levels without distortion and has a frequency response of 35-500 Hz. You also don’t need to worry about durability or sounds getting too hot.

It’s weatherproofed for use in outdoor productions and has a strong rubber interior that protects it from the wear and tear that can occur while setting it up. Moreover, a heavy-duty steel basket gives a solid platform for huge bass, and ample venting ensures long-lasting performance that won’t fail when the bass grows heavy.

All in all, the KICKER 48CWRT672 sub is a great when you consider the benefits it provides in terms of space, durability, and quality of sound.

High End

Morel Supremo MW6

Max Power: 600 watts
RMS Power: 140 watts
Size: 6.5”
Frequency Response: 400-25000 Hz

If you desire great sound and cutting-edge speaker technology, then the Supremo MW6 subwoofers from Morel are a top option. An improved version of Morel’s legendary “fat lady” mid-bass driver, the Supremo MW6 6-1/2″ subwoofer is hand-built and tested; it features a robust yet responsive one-piece carbon fiber cone, which ensures highly accurate and exciting performance.

Also, you do not need to worry about heating and sound handling at elevated levels. The External Voice Coil (EVCT) technology in the Supremo MW6 increases the size of the voice coil in these subs for greater heat dispersion and power handling.

Moreover, when it comes to resistance, the Supremo MW6 from Morel can match virtually any subwoofer on the market. It has a frequency response of 400-25000 Hz, allowing you to enjoy great sounds at increased levels without distortion.

Space is also not an issue with these subwoofers because the Supremo MW6 sub can fit into virtually every car thanks to its mounting depth of 2.4” or 61 mm.

Additionally, the sub can be used as part of a 2- or 3-way component system, and additional subs can be added for more bass. You can get the most out of Morel’s outstanding speaker technology by powering it with an external amplifier.

Overall, the Morel Supremo MW6 subwoofers are an ultimate option for anyone looking to buy the top notch 6-inch subwoofers on the market today.

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