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What can I do to make subs louder?

You can make subs louder outside the car by increasing the subwoofer cone’s size, using a ported box, increasing power, opening the windows of your car, correctly positioning your subwoofers, or properly tuning them.

Subwoofers were originally intended to be used as an inside component of car audio. But if your system isn’t performing to its full capacity, there are ways to fix this and improve your subs for outdoor use. In this post, we will be going through the different ways to make subs louder outside the car.

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Increase the Subwoofer Size

Increasing the size of the subwoofer’s cone size (like 15″ or 18″) will produce more air, which will result in increased sound pressure levels. Therefore, you should look to increase the subwoofer cone’s area to increase the odds of hearing the bass.

Use a Ported Box

A “Vent” is used in ported boxes to strengthen the low bass response. This vent takes sound from the back of the cone and combines it with sound from the front, amplifying the bass.
The port also produces an audio effect that sounds like someone blowing through a bottle, and this tonal effect amplifies the note played by the cone.

On top of that, the cone of the sub has more freedom of movement in port enclosures. Ported boxes are more efficient because of these properties. The smaller the power consumption, the higher the efficiency. To put it another way, you can play at the same level with a smaller amp than you would with a similar sealed box.

Increase Power

The bass will rise as the power is increased. Both inside and outside the car, powerful bass produces louder sounds. But be aware of subwoofers bottoming out.

Open the Windows of Your Car

Some people say that blowing air into a car will make the stereo system play louder because sound waves can go outside. You’ll not only look good driving around town, but you’ll also notice that the bass is deeper and strikes harder without spending a dime.

Correctly Position Your Subwoofers

The placement of the subwoofers has a direct effect on the volume. The loudness will be the greatest if the subwoofers are placed in the proper position.

Always set your speakers so that they face the trunk rather than your seats. This will cause the sound waves to go outwards rather than inwards from the car. If you put them up correctly, you’ll be able to hear a distinct difference in the audio outside the car.

Properly Tune Your Subwoofers

Fine-tuning your subwoofers and getting the precise bass sound you want from your subwoofer can take some effort and time, but it’s well worth it. Not only will a well-tuned subwoofer give richness and depth to any genre of music, but it will also make your subs louder.

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