The JBL CLUB 4020 is designed to be a 4-inch speaker upgrade over the normal factory speakers that your car comes with. They’re designed to fit in both the front and rear doors and use a low-impedance system to draw power safely and effectively. It packs a punch too, with the clever PEI balanced dome tweeter expanding the high-frequency range allowing for more depth and a cleaner sound.

One of the main strengths of the JBL range is the versatility and the CLUB 4020 is no different!


  • Fantastic for everyday use, even in the trickiest conditions.
  • Large surface area to give to a better bass sound.
  • A Polypropylene Plus One woof cone designed to make music sound crisp and detailed


  • The set up and installation process can be tricky.
  • It does take a bit of time to break in and loosen up.
  • The tweeter can become overpowered at high volume


The features on this woofer have a lot of variety which you are free to choose from. You get 2 4-inch speakers that have a Polypropylene Plus One woof cone which helps to make the sound really crisp.

A Polypropylene cone is a good option because they are generally ridged, very damped, and have a controlled back up with allows for a clean sound. This generally works well with mid-range frequency vibrations. Not to mention they are fairly durable too.

As previously discussed, the PEI balanced dome tweeter increases the surface area to make the sound sharp. But it does a little more than that. This means that the woofer itself can be made from less rigid materials, allowing for a more complete and fluid design making fitting a little bit easier.

A few other small things that the JBL CLUUB 4020 features are a passive amplification type which is ideal for flexibility when the crossover of sound happens. All this means is that the high-frequency and low-frequency sound waves cross over. It’s connected via wire and the grilles can be removed although you do need to purchase these separately.


The specifications are really impressive as well. It can handle up to 75 watts peak power which is solid and handles up to 25 watts RMS. These are ideal specifications for a clean sounding woofer.

It has a pretty wide range of frequency responses too, being able to register anywhere between 75-20,000Hz. It has a fairly high level of impedance too, coming in at 3 ohms. This means that the speaker itself won’t get too hot. It also has a sensitivity rating of 86.5 dB which is also very good.

Finally, the top mount depth is 1-7/16 inches which is a good size to fit in the majority of cars. It has a one-year warranty as well which is pretty handy.


If you would like to learn more or have a look at the JBL 4020 in action, have a look at the video below.

Vincent Talbot

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