Focal doesn’t shy away from flexing their prowess and finesse. Focal’s ES 100 K 4″ component speakers don’t disappoint in delivering power and clarity. If you are anything like me and have been consistently dissatisfied with your factory-installed system and have the money to upgrade to something of this caliber, then I highly recommend checking out Focal’s audio artisanry.


  • frequency response of 110-22,000 Hz
  • 90 dB
  • clean flush design
  • minimal distortion
  • worth the price


  • A bit on the pricier side


Unlike my previous system which often sounded tinny and buzzy, Focal delivers on their promise of superior fidelity and minimal distortion. They truly are the Gurus of the car audio world.

Crystal clear high and mid-range and a surprising amount of bass from a 4” system. Their proprietary Tuned Mass Damper (TMD®) cuts down on pesky harmonic distortion from the woofers, The crossovers also do their job quite well in keeping the system distortion-free.

I’m always looking for something that could handle a lot of power and fortunately, this system can take up to 60 watts RMS with 120 watts peak power. I like to get the most bang out of my buck.

The frequency response of 110-22,000 Hz gives a gratifyingly dynamic range. The sensitivity of this system peaks at 90 dB which is what you would expect from a system of its class and quality but beyond a number, the experience is truly earthshaking.

Focal also delivers in terms of style and class. The look of bulky aftermarket stereos protruding out of all the corners of the interior of a vehicle can be quite offputting. I’m simple like that and I like my speakers to mount flush and clean. These were definitely easy to install and they set perfectly where my old speakers went.

I was concerned about woofer mounting depth but at 1-9/16″, they fit my 5 series quite snugly. The tweeters were exceptionally easy to install and the mids dropped in clean. One of my only complaints is that the 2-way external crossovers with their 3 tweeter level settings are somewhat difficult to set up and conceal. It took a little tinkering. I like a somewhat brighter sound so I went with +3.

Focal doesn’t make speakers for folks on a budget. These are definitely on the pricier side. That being said, you get what you pay for and these are sure to impress. Build quality and audio fidelity are wildly impressive to even the most critical of ears. The construction feels solid. Nothing feels cheap like it will break on you.

Focal also throws in a 1-year warranty which is an added bonus. Overall, quality and audio expertise converge to create a wholly enjoyable and worthy package thas sure to fill your vehicle up with vibrant sound for years to come.

Check this video out if you want to see what this system is capable of.

Features & Specifications

  • woofer mounting depth: 1-9/16″
  • impedance: 4-ohm
  • power range: handles up to 60 watts RMS
  • peak power:120 watts
  • frequency response: 110-22,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 90 dB at 2.83 V
  • grilles: included
Vincent Talbot

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