Hertz DCX 170.3 – Great For The Price!

Hertz DCX 170.3 Review 6-3/4

Review The HERTZ DCX 170.3 are one of those speakers that combine excellent functionality and ease of installation all in one package at a super affordable price – see more reviews of Hertz speakers. The minimalistic design of these speakers … Read more

Pioneer TS-Z65F – Crisp Sound Output

Pioneer TS-Z65F 6.5 2-Way car Speakers

Review This Pioneer 6.5″ coaxial speaker system features a polyester soft dome tweeter that delivers great high frequency performance that falls nicely on the ears without grating it. It also has great resistance to extreme environmental conditions. The aramid fiber … Read more

JBL Club 5000C – 5.25″ Component Booster

JBL Club 5000C

Review The Club 5000C features an acoustically damped, polypropene cone that’s which offers crystal clear, non-resonant sound quality. The cone is also UV-resistant, which allows it to hold its own against the heat and high humidity that are associated with … Read more

Focal Access 130CA1 SG Review

Focal Access 130CA1 SG

Review The Focal Access 130CA1 SG isn’t one of those speakers that require some sort of bolster to unleash their full potential – see more of best 5.25 speakers. This is a completely self-sufficient audio system by every sense of … Read more

Pioneer TS-A4103 – Decent 4×10-Inch Replacment

Pioneer TS-A4103 review 4x10 speakers

Review Pioneer is no stranger to producing quality audio entertainment products for great prices, and the story hasn’t changed with the Pioneer TS-A4103. It’s getting harder and harder every day to find such excellent build and sound quality in one … Read more

Infinity REF 3022 CFX – 3.5″ Of Excellence

Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5 inch speakers

Review Infinity seems to have achieved a great balance between effectiveness, quality, and pricing with the REF3022CFX. The tweeter output level on these speakers – as on other best 3.5″ speakers – can be adjusted between 0 and +3 dB, meaning that … Read more