The Ultimate Focal Car Speakers Review [2018]

After extensive research and consultation of the latest Focal car speakers, we have concluded that Focal Access 165 A3 6.5″ is the best option for your car audio upgrade. These speakers feature humidity resistant woven fiberglass cone that offers dynamic bass and accurate mid-range.

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Other unique features of the Focal Access 165 A3 include high sensitivity, excellent power handling capabilities, voice coil cooling system, incredible tweeter heat disposal system, an excellent crossover.




Price for 1 minute

Access 165CA1 SG

Power: Peak W 120

Power: Max W 60

Frequency: Hz 60 ÷ 20k

Sensitivity: dB 92

6.5" PICK

Access 690CA1 SG

Power: Peak W 150

Power: Max W 75

Frequency: Hz 50 ÷ 20k

Sensitivity: dB 91

6.9" PICK

Integration ISS 165

Power: Peak W 140

Power: Max W 70

Frequency: Hz 60 ÷ 20k

Sensitivity: dB 92


Auditor R-165S2

Power: Peak W 120

Power: Max W 60

Frequency: Hz 60 ÷ 20k

Sensitivity: dB 92


Table of contents

Review of Focal Coaxial Speakers

Our 6.5″ Pick: Focal 165CA1 SG

The Focal 165CA1 SG is undoubtedly one of the best coaxial speakers you can ever get for your car. I know this because I have used one. These speakers offer impressive sound imaging thanks to a number of great features and specifications.

The first of those features is the aluminum inverted dome tweeter, which acts as a small woofer cone capable of dispersing high-frequency sounds uniformly with incredible dynamics and fine resolution.

To provide you with durability and dependable bass performance, the 165CA1 SG features stiff, woven glass-fiber woofer cones that enable precise mid-base sounds. The sturdy, lightweight speaker frame will offer you plenty of open space for unobstructed cone movement as well as rapid heat dissipation and vent to cool the voice coils.

You will also love the built-in crossovers that ensure smooth distribution of frequencies to the tweeters and woofers resulting in perfect, natural sound.


• Made from high quality, durable and humidity resistant materials to ensure they serve you for long without requiring replacement

• The 160-watt peak and 60-watts RMS power range ensure they can handle long-term use as well as short-term bursts without damage

• With the high frequency of response of 60Hz to 20000 Hz, you can be sure to enjoy high sound quality

• Each Focal 165CA1 SG is 6.5” size and weight of just 5.2lbs that means it can fit most cars without unnecessarily weighing your car down


• A price tag might be on a higher side for some customers

• While these speakers feature strong construction, their plastic mounting may crack easily if you do not take enough care during installation

Our 6.9″ Pick: Focal OEM 690CA1 SG

Another high quality Focal Coaxial speaker you can check out is the 6×9 inch Focal OEM 690CA1 SG. It features powerful polypropylene woofers capable of producing very clean and considerable amount of bass for your car.

Each speaker offers 300-watt peak power of 150-watt par pair with an RMS of 150-watt of 75 watts each.

It is fitted with a butyl rubber surround which ensures enriched sound reproduction quality of the audio source allowing you to listen to your favorite music for the optimal entertainment of all those using the car.

Like the 165CA1 reviewed earlier, this speaker features Focal’s patented inverted-dome tweeter to dissipate high frequency sounds even with impressive dynamics and superfine resolution. The OEM 690CA1 SG is optimized to allow you to install them easily and quickly.


• The 6×9 inch Focal speaker delivers high-quality, natural sound to enable you to listen to your favorite music without worrying about damaging your hearing

• Optimized woofer for nice low-end sound and technologically advanced tweeter for high-frequency sounds

• The high (150-watt) peak power and RMS (75-watt) power ensure each speaker can handle all genres of music without being damaged


• Compared to other Focal coaxial car speakers, the OEM 690CA1 SG is quite expensive. However, this can be explained based on its great quality

• Some users have complained that the speakers’ maximum volume without distortion is quite low

Our 4″ Pick: Focal Integration IC 100

The Focal Integration 4″ speakers offer you an excellent choice when it comes to upgrading your car’s sound system. It is perhaps the best Focal’s Integration line of speakers.

The company applies the same technology they use in their other audiophile-grade home and studios audio systems in their Integration line of car speakers.

It features processed aluminum inverted dome tweeter that distributes high-frequency sounds uniform. I love the poly glass woofer with butyl rubber surround.

The IC100- Focal Integration feature high-frequency response, very good impedance and wonderful sensitivity allowing you to enjoy natural, lifelike audio with your car’s sound system. Its peak power handling is 100 watts and RMS power range of 5-50 watts.

You can check more reviews of 4″ car speakers here!


• The IC100 is among well known for providing excellent quality sounds thanks to its technologically advanced features and specifications

• Being two-way speaker means you can enjoy high-quality lows and great quality blended to produce nature like for perfect entertainment

• High sensitivity and sound accuracy ensures the speakers replicate, precisely, the sounds of musical instruments and/or voices as they were present in the original recording

• This is an affordable model of Focal coaxial speakers but it still offers high-quality performance compared to same-priced models


• So far, we have not encountered any reason to criticize this product. I would recommend that you try to research more about this speaker model before you go ahead and buy it

Review of Focal Component Speakers

Our Pick: Focal Access 165 A3

This wonderful Focal component speaker kit consists of a 6.5-inch Access woofer and 4-inch Mid-range both of which has a light and stiff cone and butyl rubber surround.

In fact, the woven fiberglass cone is all-weather meaning you do not have to worry about humidity and other influences interfering with your speakers. The cone is durable and offers dynamic bass and accurate mid-range. The speakers feature phase plug design, which controls the midrange out of the listening axis for additional precision.

Focal Access 165 A3 85mm magnet provides for high sensitivity while 25mm woofer coil ensures excellent power handling to provide you with the tight fine-tuned low end. To prevent overheating and provide reliable and consistent performance, the speakers are fitted with a voice coil cooling system.

The speakers are also equipped with The TN 44 tweeter, which provides accurate treble with the highest level of efficiency. The tweeter has a 20mm Ferrofluid voice coil for incredible heat disposal and power handling.

When it comes to crossover, this Focal component speaker features separate crossover Polypropylene capacitors for high and distortion-free dynamics. It allows you to modify the level control in accordance with location (three-level settings) with an easy switch.


• The Focal Access 165 A3 speakers feature compact, durable and humidity resistant construction allowing it to serve you optimally for extended periods

• Three-way component kit (woofer, midrange, and tweeter) enabling you to enjoy the all-around performance

• Its technologically advanced separate crossover ensure high and distortion-free dynamics and sound quality


• While the sound separation is an excellent idea for larger cars, it may be too much for small car models

• All Focal Component car speakers are costly but the Focal Access 165 A3 is just too expensive. Considering quality, however, it is a worthy investment.

Bang for the Buck: Focal Auditor R-165S2

The Focal Auditor R-165S2 is our bank for the buck choice of a Focal component speaker. It consists of two 6-3/4-inch woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers.

The polypropylene woofers offer cool, deep and accurate bass for perfect lifelike sound quality. The silk aluminum dome tweeters ensure enable significant rigidity and lower audio distortion. It also features a rigid steel basket for added durability and performance.

The system includes mesh/ABS grills and pre-wired external crossover (12dB/octave). You will also like the speaker’s high sensitivity, high-frequency response, and good impedance. You can power the R-165S2 2-way component system directly by your small amplifier or head unit.

Moreover, the phase plug situated in the middle of the speakers ensures increased sound dispersion.


• These Focal car speakers are ideal if you are operating on a tight budget. They come in 2 sets at a very competitive price.

• The Focal Auditor R-165S2 woofers offer deep, cool and accurate bass while the tweeters provide the best high-frequency sounds

• Its construction includes rigid steel basket, which protects the speaker’s components against damage by impact or other force

• Each speaker is equipped with two, high-quality tweeters that offer significant rigidity and lower distortion


The R-165S2 2-way component system is relatively new in the market and so it has not been adequately tested for critical points to be raised. So far, I cannot identify any disadvantage that can stop you from trying out these Focal component speakers.

Also Great: Focal PS 165 Component Speakers System

If you are looking for the best Focal component speakers that will be more than just a replacement for your current car speakers then you can trust PS 165 to deliver.

This 6.5-inch woofer features the new Flax cone that provides neutral audio devoid of coloration with more dynamism and natural reproduction. The PS 165 has a new futurist design with Black Mat Aluminum baskets engraved artistically with Focal’s logo for modernism and unwavering tradition.

Similar to other Focal speakers, this unit features the Focal’s patented processed magnesium/ aluminum inverted dome tweeter for excellent sound dissipation, smoothness, and definition without directivity.

To ensure the tweeters perform excellently for longer, Focal has equipped them with new and unique Poron suspension. 80-watt nominal power with 160 watts maximum power ensures great bass and improved sound quality.


• Focal PS 165 is highly sensitive and offer high-frequency response allowing you to listen to your music loudly without distortion

• It features unique and patented Flax Cone technology that is lightweight but very powerful

• The new aesthetic and functional design will not only improve your car’s interior but also ensure you have the best listening experience

• This Focal component speaker model is an affordable version compared to its counterparts but that does not mean its performance is questionable


• Focal is a French Company but some users have complained of getting a Chinese-made version of the Focal PS 165.

• While the speakers perform great at high volumes, the tweeters may distort at moderate volume.

Also Great: Focal Integration ISS 165

You cannot go wrong with the Focal Integration ISS 165. This 6.5-inch 2-way speaker kit from the Integration line of Focal speakers has what it takes to improve your driving experience.

The speaker’s 4-Ohm impedance delivers a 93 dB efficiency enabling it to produce complete, lifelike sound from whatever powered head unit or amplifier you are currently using. You will also appreciate Focal’s high-quality aramid fiber inverted dome tweeter with waveguide technology to high definition, smoothness and precision combined with optimal staging and controlled directivity.

Another component worth mentioning is the high precision separate crossover with modifiable tweeter level control as well as midrange controls.


• The ISS 165 is very good in power handling and so you do not have to worry when playing any genre of music

• It is capable of producing smooth, high definition and precise performance thanks to the technologically advanced tweeter


• Certain genres of music are best to listen for loudly but this unit may not allow you to achieve the high volumes without first bottoming out

Also Great: Focal Access 165 A1

The next time you think of installing a new sound system in your car, you need to check Focal Access 165 A1. It is fitted with 165 A1 woofers that are built it with stiff but light cone amalgamated with butyl rubber surround.

The woofer is capable of offering a degree of quality. The cone performs optimally in all weather conditions including hot and humid environments.

The speaker has impressive power handling capabilities and reliability due to its extra-large voice coils responsible for deep, accurate bass. It also boasts of strong, rigid chassis that is non-resonant and non-magnetic.

The components speaker is fitted with aluminum inverted dome tweeter technology that provides for appreciable rigidity and lowers distortion.

Focal Access 165 A1 separated crossover features polypropylene capacitors that ensure high and distortion-free dynamics. Even more beautiful is the level control two-way systems that allow for refining the tuning of the tweeter in any location.


• Equipped with technologically advanced components capable of providing very high sound quality for optimal listening experience.

• Each of the speakers is fitted with extra-large coils that ensure for deep, precise bass

• The 165 A1 feature inverted dome tweeter technology which not only provides for rigidity but also ensures minimal distortion

• Fitted with great quality crossovers that ensure proper controls and fine-tuning.


• Some users of the Focal Access 165 A1 have complained about the sharpness of the sounds produced by the tweeters

• Compared to other Focal component speakers reviewed here, its Imaging may not be as great although some users may not agree

Focal Coaxial Speakers Vs Focal Component Speakers

You can choose between Focal coaxial speakers and Focal component speakers. What is the difference between the two? I will educate you.

Generally, a coaxial speaker consists of a woofer featuring a tweeter suspended either on a pole extending from through the middle of the woofer or on a bridge above the woofer. The crossover consists only of a simple capacitor that is in line with the tweeter. High-quality coaxial speakers feature outboard crossovers.

Component speakers (at times known as separate speakers) consist of several different speaker components that work together as a unit.

The main parts include woofer with the 1-inch tweeter and an external passive crossover. Generally, component speakers are considered higher in quality while coaxial speakers offer the advantage of being more affordable and offering more centralized sound.

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