Fully loaded with an eight-inch driver and 160-watt amplifier, Alpine’s PWE-V80 is an all-in-one underseat subwoofer system that can slip right under your vehicle’s front seat. Beyond stealthy installation possibilities, the PWE’s preamp circuit in its amp has been designed to squeeze smooth frequencies from your music.


  • Allows you to upgrade and add decent bass to your factory stereo with little hassle
  • Super-shallow design makes it ideal for under-seat installation or into tight spaces
  • Relatively powerful built-in amp


  • A bit pricey compared to competition
  • Because of expense, a larger woofer would present a better value proposition


While there’s nothing quite like a full-sized enclosure housing a couple of massive subwoofers placed in the hatch or trunk of a vehicle, sometimes people like to keep it simple.That’s precisely where self-powered, self-contained sub systems come into play, and Alpine’s PWE-V80 represents a good choice for those looking at smaller eight-inch powered subs.

This ready-to-rock subwoofer is easy to install, so you can upgrade your sound system – even a factory variant – with just a few simple steps.

Included in the box is a wired remote control, power cables and installation brackets.

When folks are looking to upgrade the bass in their ride but don’t want to spend a whole lot, we often recommend two solutions: A subwoofer enclosure housing one or two subs powered by an affordable external amp, or an all-in-one approach by way of a bass enclosure with an amp built in.

While a plethora of sub-enclosure-with-amp packages have come and gone through the market over the years, Alpine’s PWE-V80 represents a modern example of this directive, offering a simple under-the-seat answer without all the fuss.

With its built-in amplifier, the V80 pumps out 160 watts of peak power via a closed, or sealed, enclosure type, its woofer able to plumb the depths of music for impressive low end.


  • Powerful subwoofer in a small package, capable of extreme parameters
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Accurate, deep bass from an under-seat position
  • Built-in amplifier boasts remote for precise bass control

Alpine is a name that hearkens back to the beginnings of aftermarket mobile audio, when it was the brand to have if you were shopping for a factory head unit replacement. Since that time, the label remains synonymous with quality – in fact, ask any serious car audio aficionado or competitor what the first word that comes to mind is when the phrase “premium stereo” is mentioned, and he or she will almost always say “Alpine.”

Though its roots are entrenched in high-quality radios/receivers, Alpine has branched out into virtually all sectors of mobile sound, offering everything from graphic equalizers to amplifiers and subwoofers. The PWE-V80 is a testament to this growth, representing a fine choice in the self-powered subwoofer enclosure category.

Features & Specifications

  • Max Power Output: 160 watts
  • RMS Power Output: 75 watts
  • Woofer Size: Eight (8)-inches
  • Frequency Response: 50-100Hz
  • Filters: Variable low-pass
  • Width: 342 mm
  • Height: 80 mm
  • Depth: 238 mm
Vincent Talbot
Alpine PWE-V80 Review - Under-Seat Bass Never Felt So Good
4.9Overall Score

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