Alpine S-A60M Review - Alpines New Mono Diamond

Alpine S-A60M – Alpines New Mono Diamond


Small but mighty, this Alpine mono subwoofer amplifier with its small form factor packs a big punch at an approachable price for beginners. Alpine outdo themselves with the S series, offering premier sound building on their 50-year history of entertainment, making this an easy recommendation for those looking for a small but powerful amp.

Its impressive feature set in the small 8-inch box would surprise most users, as it doesn’t; compromise on the customizable options to tailor your sound. At current price, it’s needs to be on your amp watch list.


  • Great entry price
  • Small form factor
  • For enthusiasts and beginners


  • Suitable for compact cars
  • Tinkering with the sound requires some experience
  • Some of the control layout may intimidate new comers


Alpine has a 50-year history in creating great electronics and audio solutions for cars, you can see with the S-A60M that they are trying to target a different audience.

This is a product directly aimed at people who want a better sounding experience with their car audio, who may not be audiophiles but want a solution that will still impress them. This piece of kit I would safely describe as being a beginner/enthusiast range.

As it provides enough customization options if it intrigues someone enough to try it while being at an affordable price rage that if they find it’s not for them and only use the basic features that it was still a worthwhile investment. It’s a tricky balance to make, but the opinion is unanimous, they strike this balance brilliantly.


The controls are well labeled and easy to understand when you look at the device. The controls flank either side of the device, allowing you to rotate or mount the unit with ease regardless of your current setup.

One side of the unit hosts the mono channel inputs, where you would place the power supply. While the other side deals with the signal inputs. The single inputs is a streamlined process and can connect straight to your car’s radio.


  • Class- D Speaker
  • Mono channels
  • Thermal controls
  • Status LED indicators
  • Customisable Speaker level inputs
  • Crossover features
  • Adjustable Gain controls.
  • A custom Bass EQ setting
  • Bass controls to toggle impact


We know how important it is when you’re picking an amplifier to hear what it’s like and get some feedback from other enthusiasts and owners who have used the product before. So we’ve compiled a list of videos that go through the features, samples, and installations so you can see exactly what to expect.

First Look and Review


Audio Sample

Installation – for a slightly different model, but it talks you through the exact routine.

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