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With the AudioControl ACM Series ACM 1.300 you can achieve an incredible music system, which you can mount almost anywhere thanks to its compactness. We were pleasantly surprised by its easy installation, as well as its power and bass (especially at 1/4 gain). It is one of the best combinations of a line output converter and an amplifier.


  • Small and compact
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Very powerful


  • The crossover only has 3 configurations
  • Tuning is a bit difficult
  • Accubass is difficult to understand


For people with small cars it is always a headache to find a subamplifier to improve the bass and power of their music equipment…The ACM-1.300 is a compact solution from AudioControl, with up to 300 W RMS to your subwoofer (giving you power that has surprised us for how small it is).

To give you an idea of its size, it’s about the size of a hand. Making it one of the most compact and quality options we can find.

It also has several high level inputs that are activated by signal detection, this allows it to work with any stereo system (even many factory radios). You won’t have to change your radio to improve your music in the car!


The AudioControl ACM-1,300 features Class D amplifier technology, giving it outstanding quality for its price. To make it easier to set up, an LED indicates when we have adjusted it for optimum performance when applying the amplifier’s gain. So if you’re an expert in amplifiers, you’ll be able to set it up just right.

We think it’s a very good idea for Audio Control to place all the connections on one side, making installation even easier.

It has adjustable AccuBASS circuits that will restore and improve the impact of low frequencies.

In addition, we recommend that you get a remote control (with ACR-1 cable), so you can adjust the bass from your seat, without having to move.

What do we find in their box?

AudioControl ACM-1.300 owner’s manual

Mono amplifier with 30 ATO fuse installed

Quick Start Guide


The controls of the ACM-1.300 are located under its removable protective panel, which must be removed with small screwdrivers (not included in the box)

We will also need a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the controls. It has:

A GTO Signal Sensor: If you are using factory stereo units or units without preamplifier outputs and a remote power cord, we recommend that you leave this signal sensor on, so the amplifier will turn on when it receives a signal from this unit. (When it has not received a signal for a while it will turn itself off)

Gain control: It has an LED that lights up when the maximum gain is optimal, making it easy to configure.

Low Pass Frequency Control: A switch that has 3 channels, lets us set the low frequencies. Linkwitz-Riley: 80Hz, Bypass or 120Hz.

AccuBASS control: (somewhat difficult to set) which allows us to improve the bass, has two dials. Threshold: to select the level at which AccuBASS will start working. Level: to adjust the level of the AccuBASS

(Optional)* Remote control: (must be purchased separately) this is a 161ACR1 cable


Output power: 175 W RMS x 1 a 4Ω
300 W RMS x 1 a 2 Ω

Best Frequency Response: 10-22k Hz
Amplifier Class: D
Bridgeable: Yes
Bridge power:
Minimum Impedance Bridged —
Minimum Impedance Unbridged 2
Width (inches): 9-1/2
Height (inches): 1-13/16
Depth (inches): 3-9/16
Input Voltage 14.4v
Signal / Noise Ratio 102 dB
Warranty: 5 years


Here you can see a video in which he gives us a review of the amplifier, where you can see their connections, appearance and above all, how the device works.

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