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Car speakers causing too much distortion? Tweeters making unnecessary loud bass noises? Long story short – you can use devices called bass blockers to reduce this distortion. You might be thinking, what do we know about bass blockers? Don’t worry about that. Because we’ve created a list of the best bass blockers for tweeters and speakers so that you don’t have to surf all over the internet to find information.

The best bass blocker for tweeters is the PAC BB-6PR in our opinion and when it comes to speakers, the top is PAC BB-5PR .

All your queries (how to install bass blockers) and concerns about these little devices will be answered here. The blockers that we’ve listed are of the highest quality and material as well as ranges.

Bass Blockers for Tweeters

Our Pick

PAC BB-6PR Pair of Bass Blocker for Tweeters

Frequencies Blocked: 4 ohms: 0-5600 Hz / 8 ohms: 0-2800 Hz
Power Handling: 50 watts

The BB-6PR by PAC is our top pick in this list for the best bass blockers for tweeters. It comes with black color-coded leads for easy observation. It is encased in heat shrink tubing with insulated wire leads for easy installation and protection.

PAC offers a pair of these blockers for an affordable and small price. It is designed to remove distorted frequencies from the source and produce un-distorted sounds.

This blocker is designed to enhance the performance and power handling abilities of tweeters by removing frequencies beyond their speaker capabilities. The frequency ranges depend upon the strength of the capacitor in place.

At 4 Ohms, it can remove frequencies from 0 – 5600 Hz and at 8 Ohms, it can remove frequencies from 0 – 2800 Hz, thus making it an ideal bass blocker. The power handling of this device is incredible at around 50 watts. You can get one of these to completely solve your car audio distortion problems for a fairly limited price.

Nippon Bass Blocker

Frequencies Blocked: 4 ohms: 400-5600 Hz / 8 ohms: 200-2800 Hz
Power Handling: 30 watts

Nippon is known for its audio solutions. One of their best solutions is the Bass Blocker. It is small in size and white in color, which is good for visual observation.

It is encapsulated between insulated wires and a heat shrink tubing making it electrically protected and safe. The pack also contains two bass blockers. It comes with a power handling of 30 watts which is not that great, however, the frequency removal rate is better than some other bass blockers for this price.

Although affordable, the build quality of this blocker is not in competition with the PAC mentioned above. Even the distortion rate is lesser as compared to our top pick of the list which makes it less suitable for your car audio solution. This is the reason that you could go with the aforementioned bass blocker for a better experience for a small increase in price.

Bass Blockers for Speakers

Our Pick

PAC BB-5PR Pair of 3.5″ Bass Blocker

Frequencies Blocked: 4 ohms: 0-2800 Hz
Power Handling: 50 watts

PAC is also the winner of the list of bass blockers for speakers in our opinion. With these BB-5PR blockers, you can easily reduce distorted noise on speakers that are 3.5” in size.

The blockers come in a pair of red and black which offer good notice. The blockers come with an insulated wire surrounding along with a massive power handling capability of 50 watts which allows it to be connected to more powerful speakers.

It can remove frequencies of around 0 – 2800 Hz at 4 Ohms making sure that any unwanted distortion can be filtered out because it reaches the speakers from the audio source and thus, is one of the best bass blockers available in the market right now.

It comes with a passive crossover for 3.5” speakers. You can buy a pair of these for around $10 and they are absolutely worth the price. For a small price, you’re offered distortion-free good quality bass and other sounds.

AUDIOPIPE 5.25″ 6.5″ Bass Blockers

Frequencies Blocked: 4 Ohms: 0-400 Hz and up / 8 Ohms: 0-200 Hz
Power Handling: 40 watts

The 99 UF created by Audiopipe are renowned for their amazing design and epic build quality.

The frequencies blocked by this blocker in this case for 4 Ohms is 0 – 400Hz and for 8 Ohms is around 0 – 200 Hz. It is specifically designed to enhance the performance and power handling of tweeters and midrange speakers by removing frequencies beyond their capabilities.

One problem with the use of these 99 UF blockers is that the power handling isn’t the greatest. However, it offers safety and protection because of it being encased in shrink tube. The insulated wire leads also make it easier to install.

PAC BB-2PR Bass Blocker for 6″ speakers

Frequencies Blocked: 4 ohms: 0-600 Hz / 8 ohms: 0-300 Hz
Power Handling: 40 watts

PAC, is considered the top company for audio solutions created the BB-2PR to reduce distortion in car audio caused by certain frequencies.

It is designed to protect the speakers from receiving damaging frequencies which might reduce the lifespan of the speakers themselves. You can buy these at a small price and increase the lifespan and sound quality of your audio output devices.

This blocker is designed for use with 6″ and 6-1/2″ speakers. PAC also offers a pair of these bass blockers in one package. It removes selected frequencies from the audio source which at 4 ohms are between 0-600 Hz and at 8 ohms are between 0-300 Hz.

It comes covered with a heat shrink tube and offers protection and safety to the user. It also is covered with green insulating wire leads making the installation process easier.

Audiopipe 133 UF Bass Blockers for 6″x9″ 6″x8″ 5″x7″ speakers

Frequencies Blocked: 4 Ohms: 0-300 Hz / 8 Ohms: 0-150 Hz
Power Handling: 45 watts

One of the better bass blockers offered by Audiopipe, the 133 UF  are very effective in their tracks. Reducing distortion and removes sounds with frequencies ranging from 0 – 300 Hz at 4 Ohms and 0 – 150 Hz at 8 Ohms respectively.

It is designed to work great for 5″ x 7″, 6″ x 8″ and 6″ x 9″ speakers as well. The blocker is covered with a non-poplar cap that reduces damage risks and provides protection and safety. The wire insulation makes it easier to install with speakers.

Only the best quality clear sounds will make way through the speakers and provide amazing musical experience. For a limited price, the power handling isn’t bad either and overall this blocker can help you solve your distortion problems with ease.

How Does Distortion Occur?

Usually, the build quality of speakers isn’t made to withstand higher power and higher volumes of sound. What happens is when sounds of extremely low frequencies or extremely high frequencies reach the speaker, the speaker being unable to provide clarity, starts distorting the audio signals.

This is the reason for distortion in-car speakers, and to tackle this problem, bass blockers were introduced. They proved very well in reducing distortion and are now commonly used for frequency blockade around the world.

What are Bass Blockers and How to Use Them?

To let you know, bass blockers are small devices that are usually connected with large tweeters and speakers to reduce the distortion caused by their high-bass nature. These blockers come in different sizes and can be connected to speakers and tweeters of different sizes as well, so you might get confused while getting one.

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