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Among many safety features, car audio equipment use fuses to protect their circuits from voltage and current ups and downs. Those fuses are usually tied together in a fuse holder— a device that incorporates fuses safely and securely in electric circuits.

Car audio fuse holders guarantee a robust current path to connected components. Also, a holder makes it easy to replace the fuses after they get blown while successfully protecting the audio circuits from voltage/current surges.

Just like good audio equipment is essential for a good on-road stereo experience, you need top-quality car audio fuse holders for its protection. Here, we have researched, shortlisted, and reviewed 7 of the best car audio fuse holders available on the block.

AGU Fuse Holder

Rockford Fosgate RFFAGU

Fuse Type: AGU
Number of Fuses: 1
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 4 AWG

If you are looking for a single in-line fuse holder for your car audio equipment, consider this option by Rockford Fosgate. This AGU-type fuse is a custom tooled fuse made of 100% solid brass with platinum plating. Moreover, high-pressure processing (HPP) is used for the plating to improve the corrosion resistance of the fuse.

The fuse is flexible enough to be used with multiple wire sizes. Also, it boasts a heat-resistant housing so that it can withstand the aftermath of one blown fuse after the other. In short, it will remain usable for a long time. Fosgate RFFAGU also comes with pre-drilled holes that make its installation hassle-free.

MAXI option


Fuse Type: MAXI
Number of Fuses: 1
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 4 AWG

For MAXI type inline fuse requirements, this JL Audio fuse is certainly worth considering. What caught our eye upon the evaluation of JL Audio XD-MFBW was its top-quality polycarbonate base and cover. This material selection provides the holder good temperature resistance that ensures it doesn’t melt when the connected fuse is blown.

The marine-grade Stannum (tin) plating on the metallic parts of the JL Audio fuse holder further improves its reliability. The other impressive bit about JL Audio XD-MFBW is its flexibility for different wire sizes. Its agile wire routing and propriety OmniSert terminals ensure that you can use it with a variety of gauge sizes.

For thick wire connections

Kicker 46FHS

Fuse Type: Mini ANL/AFS
Number of Fuses: 1
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 1/0 AWG

If you are using powerful audio equipment that uses chunky wires, you might want to consider Kicker 46FHS as your car audio fuse holder. You can use the holder for wires as thick as 1/0 AWG.
It is worth mentioning that this Kicker fuse holder is not just for thick wires. You can use it with any gauge size up to 8 AWG as long as you integrate an AFS fuse into the holder.

We also like this fuse holder for its tight durable connections. It uses patented Versa-Gauge connection points. These connection points feature oversized screws (convex-shaped) that ensure durable, uninterrupted connections. Moreover, its negative-post adapter collar further tightens the wire/fuse grip.

ATC box option


Fuse Type: ATC
Number of Fuses: 6
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 4 AWG (input) 12 AWG (output)

This fuse box is for all those car owners who want to tie together multiple car audio fuses into a single protective platform. JOYHO fuse box is not a regular fuse holder. Besides holding six fuses, it also stands out due to its other features. For starters, it features LED light indicators that can promptly tell you about the working status of fuses.

Moreover, the manufacturer has used different materials for different parts of the fuse box to maximize its performance. Its bass and cap are made of top-grade PBT and PC polymers respectively. Then, its terminals are made of nickel-plated copper, and screws are made of stainless steel.

For 150A ANL Fuse

InstallGear 0/2/4 Gauge in-Line 100A Fuse Holder

Fuse Type: ANL
Number of Fuses: 1
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 1/0 AWG

If you want a single clear, heat-resistant housing for a 150A audio fuse, consider this InstallGear fuse holder. This ANL-type fuse holder boasts good construction with wiring compatibility from 1/0 to up to 4 AWG wire gauges. This fuse holder is different from many similar models because it doesn’t use terminals to hold the wires securely.

Its highly temperature-resistant base and cover make sure that the holder maintains its shape even after experiencing multiple fuse blows. You can also get the same InstallGear fuse for 100A and 250A fuses as well.

For 300A ANL Fuse

InstallGear 0/2/4 Gauge in-Line 300A Fuse Holder

Fuse Type: ANL
Number of Fuses: 1
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 1/0 AWG

This InstallGear fuse holder features a similar feature as the one reviewed above. It also boasts a no-terminal establishment of the connection. It is also suitable for wire gauges between 1/0 and 4 AWG. Similarly, it also boasts a temperature-resistant base and see-through cover.

The main difference between this InstallGear fuse holder and the previous one is that it is designed for 300A fuses. The other distinction that we have picked up is its cleaner design. Despite being a 300A fuse holder, it has a sleeker body.

12-Fuse Holder

Blue Sea 5029

Fuse Type: ATC
Number of Fuses: 12
Maximum Input & Output Gauge Size: 4 AWG

This fuse box/holder is a perfect solution for automotive and marine vehicles where you need to streamline fuses of multiple pieces of electric equipment. This holder can accommodate 12 circuits, which means it can hold and tie together 12 ATC-type 1-30A fuses.

Its polycarbonate cover is temperature-resistant and comes with labels so you can easily identify the fuses of different connected devices. We also like this fuse holder for how its screw terminals have captive lock washers to ensure maximum vibration resistance. This imperviousness to vibration helps in establishing rock-hard connections.

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