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If you’re wondering where to connect the power antenna wire, remember that the yellow factory wire is where the power antenna lead from your stereo needs to go.

What is the purpose of the power antenna wire?

The amp is turned on by the blue wire. It’s meant to be connected to your source’s blue turn-on wire output or the power antenna lead.

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The blue/white striped remote turn-on wire is also known as the accessory wire, system remote control wire, and so on. This wire is often used to switch on the power antenna or factory amp; it should not be mistaken for the blue/white striped remote turn-on wire.

Should I connect the “power antenna” wire to the “auto antenna” wire?

Yes, the two wires should be linked. This is what permits the antenna to be retracted while the radio is not in use. The presence of a connector for this wire in your wiring harness does not necessarily imply that your vehicle has a motorized antenna. Source.

The power antenna wires are what color?

Mostly the power antenna wires are red or blue. But it is important to check the wiring diagram for the specific car stereo system and vehicle to determine the correct color of the power antenna wire. In some cases, the color may be indicated in the owner’s manual or installation manual for the car stereo.

What happens if the power antenna wire is not connected to the correct place in a car stereo system?

The short answer is it may not work properly. This can result in poor reception or reduced performance of the car stereo system.

Are there any special tools required to connect the power antenna?

In most cases, basic tools such as pliers and wire strippers are all that are required.

Can different car stereo models have different locations of the power antenna wire?

Yes, different car stereo models can have different locations of the power antenna wire. It is important to refer to the owner’s manual or the installation manual for the specific head unit to determine the correct location of the wire.

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