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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Car Stereo Head Unit?

Most companies charge from $65 to $100 for an hour of installation. But, that’s just the labor cost. You also need to include the parts that are needed to properly install your new stereo, like the dash kit, wires, and wiring harness. Also, the price varies depending on your car model, and the size of the stereo’s chassis (Single or Double DIN).

We found that the fastest way to find out these things is true BestBuy Car Electronics Professional Installation. You can get your estimates there and also do a full installation.

But if you want to install it yourself, our recommendation is to go to where you get vehicle-specific installation instructions (detailed and illustrated), when you buy a receiver or speakers from them.

A car’s stereo system has 3 major components; a head unit, an amplifier, and speakers. So, to wrap this up we’re gonna give you the estimates for the other two as well.

The car speaker installation cost

The labor cost of installing car speakers will set you back between $65 to $100 at Best Buy Speaker Installation service.

Other things that can add up to the price are:

  • Car model
  • Are you installing standard (coaxial) or component speakers
  • Speaker position – front door, rear deck or tweeters
  • Mounting ring or speaker adapters
  • Wiring harness
  • Wires

Given these estimates you can expect to pay for car speaker installation in total between *$90-$120 for coaxial speakers and *$130-$150 for component speakers.

The cost of installing the car amplifier

Adding an amplifier to your car will set you back between $119 and $129 in labor at Best Buy Car Amplifier Installation service.

Other things that can add up to the price are:

  • How many channels does the amp have (1, 2, 4, etc.)
  • Power Kit (wires)
  • Line output converter
  • Fuse holder

In the end, you’re looking to pay for the for the whole car amp installation and parts somewhere between *$300-$350.

*Be advised these are just our estimates given the info we found online. For the right cost of installation, you’ll need to contact some of the services we mentioned.

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