How To Make Car Speakers Louder Without An Amplifier?

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Whether this is your first car or you are a seasoned mechanic, working on your vehicle is not only fun and relaxing but can help to boost the resale value as well. One great way to get your feet wet is to boost your car’s audio system. By doing that you can really see some value to your work right away.

Working with the audio system may seem like hard work but with some extra time, you can really maximize the sound you are getting for very little money. Read on for some great tips on how to make car speakers louder without an amplifier.


Dynamat Alternative – Is Dynamat The Best Sound Deadening Material

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Damping is simply reducing the amount of noise that is coming from inside your car that results from the vibration of the car from its motion. The idea behind this theory is that the less sound that is emitting from the inside of your car, the louder your car stereo will sound.

In order to effectively do this, insulation material should be added to the panels of your car. This will cause your car to vibrate less and therefore increase the amount of sound your stereo emits. When adding insulation, focus on your doors, engine, floor, and boot.

Use a Subwoofer

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Subwoofers are a great way to get a similar amplification of sound for your stereo system without spending as much as an amplifier costs. The great part is that these can be used alone or in conjunction with an amplifier, so if your budget later allows, you can always add an amp later on.

Subwoofers allow for additional sound to come out of your stereo system. Make sure to place it in a part of your car that is not likely to vibrate, such as a corner. You then adjust the phase of the subwoofer and ensure it is in phase with the rest of the system. If this is not done properly your car speakers will be competing for sound with the subwoofer, so you may want to have this professionally installed.

Non-Invasive Add-Ons

Car Speakers Louder Without An Amplifier

There are a lot of gadgets currently available that you can add to your car that is non-invasive that will allow for a boost to your sound system. These are easy to use and because they do not require installation, they can be carried around outside of your car.

It is important to do research on each of the available choices out there. Make sure to pay special attention to portability, sound quality, as well as the number of accessible stations.

One great option is portable satellite radio. Another option is to purchase a Bluetooth kit. These allow you to connect your phone to your car stereo system.

Purchase New Wires

How To Make Car Speakers Louder Without An Amplifier?

Wires need to be replaced, just as with everything else. If your wires are in need of replacing, they will affect the electrical signaling which will result in poor sound quality. As a result, you should consider replacing your cable connections, which should be done by a professional.

Ensure the Music You Are Playing is of a High Quality

Unsurprisingly, the quality of the music you are playing has a direct correlation to the quality of the sound you hear through your speaker system.

Therefore, if you are listening to music that requires you to compress a file, it is a good idea to not compress too much. In general, the larger the size of the file, the higher quality the music will be.


We hope these tips have helped to give you some great ideas on how you can make your car speakers louder without using an amplifier. Make sure to drop a comment below and let us know if you have any questions! Or let us know if you have any other ideas that worked great for you!

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