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Is It Possible To Install a Double Din Stereo in a Single Din?

You can install a 2-DIN stereo in your Single-DIN stereo by using a double-DIN conversion kit (which needs cutting your dashboard) or purchasing a single-DIN touchscreen with a floating style to fit in your car.

Single-DIN and Double-DIN are the two universal layouts that you’ll find in many older vehicles. In application, DIN refers to car stereos with dimensions of 50mm x 180mm (single-DIN) or double that height (double-DIN).

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While it’s common knowledge that you can fit a single DIN stereo in a slot meant for a double DIN unit, not many know whether it is possible to do this in reverse i.e. install a double din stereo in a single DIN. We look to end that confusion here by answering if it is possible to install a 2-DIN stereo in a 1-DIN slot.


Many contemporary and relatively modern cars have unique stereo systems that are neatly incorporated into their particular dashboards, but many cars worked off the standard Single-DIN stereos until recently.

Now, many people are looking to install a 2-DIN stereo in their car where the Single-DIN stereo previously occupied space. But, how are they able to make this modification?

You have two options to choose from. A double-DIN conversion kit is the first one. This path would provide you with the most CarPlay-compatible head units, but it would necessitate cutting the dashboard of your car.

Although kits include plastic paddles for rerouting airflow, the entire arrangement is frightening and requires you to cut a portion that isn’t easily replaced.

The second option is that you can purchase a single-DIN touchscreen with a floating style, and there are few choices here. It includes the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX, ATOTO models, or Boss options.

If the specifications of these options don’t fit your requirements, then you’re best off using a double-DIN conversion kit to install a 2-DIN stereo in a 1-DIN slot.

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