How Do I Get My JVC Radio Out of Protect Mode

How Do I Get My JVC Radio Out of Protect Mode?

How do I get the JVC car stereo out of Protect Mode?

You can get your JVC radio out of protection mode by removing all speakers, subs, and amps from it and then reconnecting them again one by one. This way, you can identify the faulty output connection, the one pushing your JVC radio in protection mode.

Have a Step-By-Step Speaker/Amplifier Trial

If your JVC radio keeps displaying a protection mode message right after you switch it on, you need to run a trial with all the devices connected to it. These are the steps you need to take to get your JVC head unit out of protection mode.

  •         Disconnect all the wires connected to the rear of your JVC stereo unit.
  •         Turn on your stereo. If the unit is not displaying the protection message anymore, it confirms that there is a problem with any speaker, subwoofer, or any additional amplifier you have plugged into your stereo unit.
  •         Now, start establishing connections one by one, i.e., plug one speaker and turn on the radio then switch it off, plug in the second speaker, and switch on the unit again. Through this step-by-step trial, you can identify the culprit connection that activated the protection mode on your JVC radio.
  •         Even if the protection message doesn’t go away even after unplugging all peripheral connections, you should look into the power connection of the stereo unit itself. Make sure its battery and ground connections are perfectly secured. If they are wobbly or there are burn marks on the terminals, reestablish those connections and turn on your radio again.

Protecting Send Service Error

Some JVC units display a “protecting send service” error on their screens when they go in protection mode. In that scenario, users usually don’t succeed in getting them out of protection mode by using the above procedure. In this situation, you should try this method.

  •         Disconnect the unit from its power source (battery)
  •         Press and hold the MENU and Skip buttons at the same time and apply 12-volt external power to your JVC radio. This will display “DC ERR” on the screen. If you don’t get this on the screen, repeat this step. Make sure you are simultaneously pressing the MENU and Skip buttons and then powering the unit with 12 volts.
  •         After “DC ERR” displays on the screen, release the MENU and Skip buttons.
  •         Now, press and hold the Skip button again until the screen shows “DC1 ERR”. Release the button.
  •         Press and hold the Skip button again until the display shows “DC1 OK”. Release the button.
  •         Press and hold Advance Display and Pause buttons simultaneously until “DC2” appears on the unit’s display.
  •         Press and hold the Pause button again until “DC2 0” displays on the screen. Release the button.
  • Now, disconnect the external power. Reconfigure the stereo with the battery and press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds. Finally, reinstall the faceplate and switch on your KVC radio. Your head unit will turn on at the factory default settings.
Vincent Talbot