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While we were doing our homework, we had to pick a best rear-view mirror dash cam for the time being. One model did almost flawlessly, and that’s none other than the TOGUARD 2K Mirror Dash Cam.

From having voice control to a high-quality front and rear camera, it is truly one of the most advanced of its kind, it produces the video you need at the angles that make them look the best. For more information on our top pick, check out its review below.

There are a lot of in-car cameras out on the market, and the variety only continues to become more diverse as each day passes. It’s what can make it hard to weed out the market leaders from the rest so that you can make the smartest purchase possible.

We decided that it was best to put in the leg work to help our readers save time when it came to testing and reviewing various dashcams to reveal the best of their kind. The fruits of our labor are below so that you can use it to your advantage.

Rear-View Mirror Dash Cams We Recommend

Our Pick

TOGUARD CE70 2K Rear Mirror Dash Cam

Video Resolution: 2K Front Camera & 1080P Rear Camera
Viewing Angle(s): 170-degree Wide Angle View
Parking Assistance: Yes

Regardless of the time of day or night that it might be, the TOGUARD 2K Mirror Dash Cam comes with an HD-quality video that provides crisp and clear video. You get 2K+1080P footage, which is higher quality than some of the dashcams on the market today have to offer.

As far as being able to get the view you need when backing up, your TOGUARD camera is awaiting your voice. That’s right, you can enable the backup camera just by speaking, which provides you with a truly hands-off solution that not only makes things easier, but a lot safer as well.

If you want to toggle the viewing angle of either your front or rear camera, easily done with your TOGUARD media dash camera, swipe up or down, as it provides you with a 170-degree field of view on the front and a 140-degree field of view on the rear camera (which is also waterproof).

For those wanting to take their vehicle security to the next level, the parking monitor feature provides you with the opportunity to keep an eye on things every time that you leave your vehicle unattended. It has a low, medium, and high setting that you can manually set the proximity sensor to trigger it to take pictures when people are a certain distance from the front and back of your vehicle.

With a 30-day warranty providing full refunds and a 12-month replacement guarantee, you know that TOGUARD is serious about delivering the best experience possible to their customers. The many happy customers and great track record are two things that serve as living proof that they’re doing business the right way while standing out from their competitors at the same time.

VanTop H610 2.5K Rear Mirror Cam

Video Resolution: Ultra High Definition (2.5K)
Viewing Angle(s): 170-degrees on the front and 140-degrees on the rear.
Parking Assistance: Yes

While this VanTop rear-view mirror dashcam came in second place, this doesn’t mean that it’s not a great offering. It was a close running because this dash camera provides you with the Sony “Starvis” sensor. This sensor provides one with enhanced clarity, even in places where there are extremely low levels of light.

As far as the resolution that it provides, it’s nothing other than Ultra HD (2.5K), which ensures that you have the opportunity to capture license plates at farther distances. You get angles up to 140-degrees on the back and 160-degrees on the front, which is just a little less than our top rearview mirror dash cam contender.

Take things a step further by displaying real-time traffic conditions on the VanTop touchscreen. Get a clear view of what’s in front of you (as well as behind you) at all times. Not to mention, you’re also able to control the viewpoint of each camera with it too easily.

Parking assistance is on-command as well. Helping you see what the best and safest way to park is no longer just a dream. Park-assist lines are activated as soon as the rearview camera is activated to give you the help you need when you need it the most.

The price tag is average in comparison to other rearview mirror dashcams that are out there today. The warranty details aren’t too clear, so we can’t tell you what they are exactly. However, this product does come with the opportunity to add on a protection plan for an additional charge, so you may want to go that route if this is the camera that you end up wanting to get.


Video Resolution: 1080P Front Camera & 480P Rear Camera
Viewing Angle(s): 170-degree Wide Angle View on Front 120-degree Rear Camera View
Parking Assistance: Yes

For those who are on the search for more of a “budget dashcam” to install as their rearview mirror, this TOGUARD 7” backup camera fits that bill. It’s one of the most affordable on the marketing but still made by one of the leading companies in the industry.

You do sacrifice camera size and video quality (1080P on the front and 480P on the rear) to get the cheaper cost, though. TOGUARD’S other models that made the top of our list provide a much better video quality, but it does come at a higher price tag (around forty bucks more at the time of this review).

Anytime you park your car, and it detects motion, it will record for up to 10 seconds. It also features other sensors to record sensitive moments when certain levels of vibration, braking patterns, or other situations justify the need to do so.

In a nutshell, this is a great option if you want a front and rear camera that takes your rearview mirror to the next level and don’t have much to spend, this is the way to go. For a more advanced solution, be prepared to spend a few more bucks as you do get what you pay for in this case.

Poaeaon 1296P Front & 1080P Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Video Resolution: 1296P Front Camera & 1080P Rear Camera
Viewing Angle(s): 170-degree Wide Angle Lens
Parking Assistance: Yes

Coming with a high-resolution display that makes it easier and more accurate when it comes to capturing license plates of other vehicles or street signs, the Poaeaon comes with a price that puts it in the premium side of the market.

It’s a 10” car dashcam that has a video quality of up to 1296P. Keeping that in mind, it’s far from being a low-resolution dashcam. Incorporating GPS tracking capabilities as well as around-the-clock parking monitoring it has the features to take your car security to the next level.

As far as standing behind their work, Poaeaon will provide you with after-sales support as well as a 12-month warranty to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase and that it stays functioning for you over the long haul. In a market with unclear warranties from some models, this is a good thing to see a company providing its customers.

Enable G-Sensor, and when certain activities are detected, it will store and lock the video recording of that particular event. Its loop recording capabilities ensure that you don’t run into any problems recording for continuous amounts of time, unlike dashcams without this capability.

When it comes down to it, this is a great dashcam, and it does provide a greater opportunity than some of the others out there on the market. However, it could use some improvement, which is why we had to give it this position on our list of the best rearview mirror dashcams.


Video Resolution: 480P Rear Camera
Viewing Angle(s): 170-degree view
Parking Assistance: Yes

Last but not least is the Auto-Vox T2, which is a kit designed to make it easy for customers to install a high-quality wired dashcam solution. It does come with the most expensive price tag too, but we don’t see why when other offerings out there today offer just as good (if not better) of a solution at a much more affordable price point.

The Auto-Vox T2 is also strictly a reverse camera, so you won’t have any front dashcam recording capabilities as you do with some of the other cameras that we reviewed. It’s not the way to go if you want to be able to see in front of you as well as behind you with a streaming rearview mirror dash camera.

You get 480P video quality through its waterproof camera that offers a 170-degree viewing angle. By considering all of its features and comparing them with the other offerings we have reviewed here with you today, it offers a slimmer solution with a more expensive price tag. It’s why we chose to go in the direction we did on the reviews above and ranked them in the way that we did.

How to Choose the Best Rear-View Mirror Dash Cams

Knowing what to look for in a dashcam will make the purchase a lot easier than if you were to do it blindly. To help you do this, we’ve covered some of the top things to consider below.

Could you benefit from being able to rotate your camera?

Some cameras come only with a fixed position, but others come with the ability to be rotated freely to provide for better camera views. Think about whether you’d come across situations that could benefit from you being able to control your dashcam’s viewing angle physically.

Do you want to be able to see the front of your vehicle too?

There are two main dashcam types; the dashcams that only offer you a view from the back of the vehicle and those that allow you a view from the front. If you want the best recording experience, it may be wise to opt for the dual-view dash cameras.

The reason for this is that you never know when something on the front of your vehicle needs to get caught on camera. Not to mention, it helps you quickly avoid any hazards that may lie in front of you.

Do I need wide viewing?

With a wider viewing angle, you enhance your safety while providing yourself with the opportunity to get a wider eye on things around you. 120-degrees to 170-degrees are the most common viewing angles of rearview mirror dash cameras on the market today.

Basic cameras that sacrifice quality for a more affordable price tag don’t come with wide viewing angles that capture as much as possible. However, this is one of the most important features that you could be seeking.

Loop recording can ensure consistent, uninterrupted dashcam video recordings.

Loop recording is where your camera will overwrite old video data to continue recording without any interruptions. If you want non-stop recording from your rearview dashcam, this is one feature that you can’t afford to overlook.

Don’t worry; there are cameras out there that can lock certain pieces of video in the event of an accident that’s triggered by G sensors. You must take a look at the features in able to tell whether or not this is a capability that it has or if you need to go with another option.

Easier parking

Parking line sensors are another popular feature for those looking into adding a dashcam into their rearview mirror. It helps make parallel parking as well as other types of parking quicker, easier, and safer. With parking line sensor integration, you’ll easily be able to see the path which you need to take every time. If parking is difficult for you at times, this is the only way to go.

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