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Getting wiring diagrams and color codes for your Sony car stereo is easy with these diagrams and color codes. Please find attached wiring diagrams for single din units Sony DSX-A415BT, Sony Xplod MEX-BT3900U, and Sony XAV-AX1000.

Sony DSX-A415BT (Single-DIN)

16 pin wiring diagram and color codes

This wiring information is taken from the Sony DSX-A415BT manual. Source.

Sony Car Stereo Wiring Diagrams Color Codes sony dsx-a415bt
Sony DSX-a415bt wiring diagram

Front speaker (left): White (+), White/black (-)
Front speaker (right): Gray (+), Gray/black striped (-)
Rear speaker (left): Green (+), Green/black striped (-)
Rear speaker (right): Purple (+), Purple/black striped (-)
Black (Ground wire) – In order to connect the yellow and red power supply leads, you must first connect the black ground lead (earth) to the metal surface of the car.
Blue/white stripedAmplifier remote (this is where you connect the external amplifier). Max. 0.4 A or to power antenna (aerial).
Red (Ignition switch) 12 V
Yellow (Battery wire) – Power is available continuously at +12 V

Sony Xplod MEX-BT3900U (Single-DIN)

16 pin wiring diagram and color codes

This is the 16-pin diagram for the older unit Sony Xplod MEX-BT3900U. Everything is the same as the unit above except it has two more pins. Source.

Blue – Antena power supply
Light blue – A car phone’s interface cable
Blue/white striped – Amplifier remote Max. 0.3 A

Sony Car Stereo Wiring Diagrams Color Codes Sony Xplod MEX-BT3900U
Sony Xplod MEX-BT3900U wiring diagram

Sony XAV-AX1000 (Single-DIN)

16 pin wiring diagram and color codes

We’re only gonna list wires and info that are unique for this unit, all other wires are the same as the above two. Source.

Orange/white striped – illumination signal
Light green – parking brake switch cord (ensure that the parking brake lead (light green) is connected to the parking brake switch cord).
Purple/white striped – reverse in (when connecting the rearview camera, connect the +12 V power terminal of the car’s rear lamp lead.)
Blue/white striped – Amplifier remote Max. 0.4 A

Sony XAV-AX1000 Wiring Diagrams Color Codes sony
Sony XAV-AX1000 Wiring Diagram

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