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What Is Dynamat Made Of?

Dynamat is made of butyl rubber with an aluminum coating. Butyl rubber makes Dynamat an excellent sound absorption medium and aluminum backing gives it structural integrity.

Dynamat is one of the most popular sound-deadening materials used in automobiles. It is used on the car floor and doors in the form of sheets as the noise absorption and cancellation medium. Many people have heard about Dynamat and used it. However, they don’t know what it is essentially made of.

Here, we will answer “what is Dynamat made of” and how it outshines other sound-deadening materials.

Dynamat Is Made of _____

Dynamat is made of a synthetic rubber compound called butyl rubber. Butyl Rubber entails a lot of commercial applications. From tires to sealants, and fiber optic compounds, butyl rubber is used in a range of products and processes. Besides butyl rubber, Dynamat also comprises an aluminum alloy as the backing material.

What Make Dynamat Stands Apart Among Other Sound Deadening Options?

There are many sound deadening options for vehicles available in the market. However, no option has been around for so long and remained as popular as Dynamat.

So, what are the properties that let Dynamite outshines other sound-deadening products?
Its answer also lies in what Dynamat is made of.

Its Rubber-based, not Asphalt-Based

Butyl rubber and aluminum construction is the competitive edge of Dynamat. The makers of Dynamat don’t do cost-saving by using asphalt-based material to make their sound deadening sheets. By using rubber instead of asphalt-based material and additional aluminum coating,

Dynamat achieves the following supreme characteristics.

  • The installation of Dynamat doesn’t permeate the interior of the vehicle with a constant “synthetic” or “burning” odor.
  • Butyl rubber doesn’t just make Dynamat a sound deadener. It also makes it heat-resistant. Therefore, a sheet of Dynamat also serves as a heat insulator and keeps your car interior partially safe from the incoming outside heat.
  • Dynamat is a self-adhesive sheet that doesn’t need heating before the installation
  • The aluminum coating improves the installation integrity of Dynamat sheets and makes them more long-lasting than various other sound deadening options.

However, keep in mind that installing Dynamat is a time-consuming process. Also, you will need propriety tape to seal the seams of adjacent Dynamat mats.

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