Will 6″x9″ Car Speakers Fit in 6″x8″ Holes?

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Will 6″x9″ Speakers Fit in 6″x8″ Holes?

6”x9” car speaker can fit in 6”x8” holes if you use an aftermarket grill or adapter plate for the installation. You can also trim the mounting panel of speakers or the mounting hole in the vehicle for making 6”x9” speakers compatible with 6”x8” fittings.

6”x9” and 6”x8”car speakers are usually installed in the backdoors of a vehicle. Since both have near-identical dimensions, many users wonder if 6”x9”car speakers can fit in a mounting hole of 6”x8” speakers. The short answer is: Yes, 6”x9” car speakers can fit in 6”x8” holes.

Through aftermarket accessories

You can find speaker grills in the market that let you put speakers of different sizes in holes with different dimensions. You can use those aftermarket grills/adapter plates to fit 6”x9” car speakers in 6”x8” holes.

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Fitting without any modifications

Depending on the vehicle, the speaker model, and the shape of its mounting base, you can fit 6”x9” speakers in 6”x8” holes without drilling new holes or further trimming the existing mounting location. However, when you fit 6”x9” speakers in 6”x8” holes, it often sticks out a bit.

Fitting through modifications

If you can modify the car door or the mounting panel of speakers, you can easily fit 6”x9” speakers in the location of 6”x8” speakers.

Trim the mounting panel of speakers in line with the given hole size, or modify the metal sheet (around the existing hole) in which the speaker is supposed to be mounted:

Place the 6”x9” speaker on the hole, and draw a circlea round its inner basket on the sheet.

Now, get a Dremel cutter and trim down the gap between the circle and the mounting hole. This will expand the mounting hole and then you can easily install 6”x9” speakers in place of 6”x8” ones.

For a professional finishing, rub the grit sandpaper on the rough edges of the newly trimmed/expanded hole.

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