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We have a mega guide for you today! We’re going to be going through our top recommendations for 1000, 1200, and 1500 watt categories (we also did a 3000W and 4000W amps review). As always with our round-up, we have our overall winners, bang for the buck, and top-notch entries.

Everything We Recommend

ImageSubwooferPower (RMS)Frequency ResponseClassNumber of Channels
1000 W Pick

@ 4 Ω 600 W
@ 3 Ω 800 W
@ 2 Ω 1000 W
7 Hz - 500 Hz (+0, -1dB)D1
Rockville dB14 4000w...
1000 W Bang

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2 Ohm: 1000 W
4 Ohm: 600 W
15Hz - 250HzD1
Rockford Fosgate R2-1200X1...
1200 W Pick

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400 watts at 4 ohms
800 watts at 2 ohms
1,200 watts at 1 ohm
20-250 HzD1
Taramp's MD 1200.1 Full Range...
1200 W Bang

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1 Ohm: 1200W RMS
2 Ohm:s 675W RMS
4 Ohms: 370W RMS
10Hz to 20KHzD1
Memphis Audio PRXA1500.1 Power...
1500 W Pick

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4-Ohm: 700W
2-Ohm: 1000W
1-Ohm: 1500W
20Hz - 20kHzD1
Skar Audio SKv2-1500.1D...
1500 W Bang

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2 Ohms: 930 W
4 Ohms: 550 W
1 Ohm: 1,500 W
15Hz - 270HzD1

Best 1000 Watt Amps (RMS)

Our Pick

JL Audio JD1000/1

RMS: @ 4 Ω 600 W
@ 3 Ω 800 W
@ 2 Ω 1000 W
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: 7 Hz – 500 Hz (+0, -1dB)
Channels: 1

People seem to be in love with JL Audio’s JX Series amplifiers, with rave reviews from users around the world citing phenomenal performance and value for money.

We expect nothing less from their new JD Series amps, offering serious value for money with superior functionality backed up by serious power. Up to 1,000 watts of RMS can be sent to a sub by the JD1000/1 mono subwoofer amplifier, so you’ll hear and sound the bass booming like thunder. A low-pass variable filter and bass boost help you tune the sub to suit your machine and tone.

Unlike its peers, the input line where the JD1000/1 controls are located. Whereas at the opposite end of the aluminum chassis, the control and speaker links can be found. A 12 dB / octave low-pass filter, and a variable bass boost EQ are only the start of the features.

There are also on-hand dual-range, differential-balanced feeds, able to accept line-level and speaker-level signals. Which should have you sorted regardless of your setup.

Bang For The Buck

Rockville dB14 1000 Watt Amp

RMS: 2 Ohm: 1000 W
4 Ohm: 600 W
Amp Class: D Class
Frequency Response: 15Hz – 250Hz

With 4,000 watts peak output, 2000 watts RMS output, and 1000 watts (CEA-2006 rating power). The dB14 is a class D monoblock high-power amplifier that doesn’t strain your wallet.

The dB series mono amplifiers are running at a stable at 2 ohms. They are both compliant with CEA-2006, which makes it even more competitive when it comes to similar amps in this category that are also CEA certified.

This amp has a 12dB / Octave crossover with differential circuitry that is fully adjustable and will cater to whatever sound you wish to curate. There are other featured included like the subsonic filter, a fully customizable bass equalizer, soft start technology for mute and delay, a phase control switch, and, for added ease, a dashboard subwoofer control.

A full IC-regulated circuit protects the dB14 and has competent peak limiter circuitry that guarantees distortion-free playback. Needless to say, this is a definite no brainer for our bang for buck category


Cerwin Vega CVP2000.1D

RMS: 1000 Watts
Amp Class: D Class
Frequency Response: N/A

For our budget category, you would be expecting to shell out the major bucks for something that is going to crank out what you want. But not so much the Consumer Value Performance range from Cerwin gives you that quality for less than what you would expect.

Enjoy the Vibrant sound experience with the CVP Performance series with a wide range of mono and multi-channel (like 6-channel) amplifiers to choose from at a great value for performance.

Also Great

JBL Stadium 1000 Watt amp

RMS: 1000 Watt
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: N/A

For over 70 years, JBL has become synonymous with quality sound and has been a household stable for generations of audio fans. Their award-winning sound has powered the world’s athletes, stadiums, and favorite artists to help them perform at their best.

With up to 1,000 watts of RMS from a small frame that takes up very little room, the JBL Stadium 1000 mono amplifier could confuse prospective buyers as to how can such a small unit holds so much power.

A low-pass filter clears the way to play clean, heavy bass with your sub, while a bass boost and phase transfer let you get the sound the way you want it to.

JBL provides a wired remote control so that the bass volume can be changed whenever you want it.

Best 1200 Watt Amps (RMS)

Our Pick

Rockford F R2-1200X1

RMS: 400 watts at 4 ohms
800 watts at 2 ohms
1,200 watts at 1 ohm
Amp Class: D Class
Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz

The R2 amplifiers from Rockford Fosgate are known to be the building blocks for great audio systems. Powerful enough to also push the punchiest of speakers and subwoofers (our roundup of 1000-watt RMS subs). By stuffing them with the new functions at an unbelievable price, they have molded the perfect product. Best of all, they are American engineered.

The R2-1200X1 is a 1200 watt, Class-D amplifier primed for performance, capable of working at 4, 2, or 1 mono, this amplifier is powerful. The amp also features C.L.E.A.N. circuitry to help you change the gain levels.

A patented P.O.W.E.R. Supply that produces more power as you crank up the voltage, and an integrated Punch EQ that corrects for acoustic hiccups when cranking up the bass.

Bang For The Buck

Taramp’s MD 1200.1 (1200 Watt RMS)

RMS: at 1 OHM: 1200W RMS
at 2 OHMS: 675W RMS
at 4 OHMS: 370W RMS
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: 10Hz Hz to 20 kHz

In the United States, the name Taramp isn’t a household name, but this is one of the better-known brands in Europe. You can see where the car pedigree coming into play, even though you wouldn’t dream about a budget-friendly bang per buck amp coming from Italy.

Taramps’ founders had modest beginnings in 1999, starting in a small studio. Only by honing in their sound did they began to make their name synonymous with quality music.

The amplifier module MD 1200.1 is the 1-ohm version that can go up to 1200 watts RMS. It has been carefully developed with the most pioneering technology, providing the most diverse automotive sound, by using its FULL RANGE technology.

Also Great

Hertz HCP 1DK

RMS: 740 W x 1 (4Ω)
1240 W x 1 (2Ω)
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: N/A

HCP 1DK is a mono car audio amplifier with a heat sink of an extremely small chassis that can go up to 1240 watts (RMS) at 2 ohms. With high-quality materials, all Hertz Compact Power amplifiers are assembled and feature a by-passable crossover mechanism.

With heat being transmitted to the heat sink and then dissipated through the sides of the amplifier, the dissipation mechanism is not a concern for consumers. The HCP 1DK is configured to operate in multiple configurations giving its users real choice in how they want to curate their sound.

In fact, it has pre-amplified Hi-Pass outputs, providing the ability to create a Band-Pass on the front woofer. The aluminum heat sink offers high thermal performance efficiency; the heat produced by the electronic components is effectively dissipated by using the top side of the heat sink. At all degrees of power, the internal temperature stays constant. Ensuring the components for years to come.

Elettromedia (the Italian maker of consumer audio goods since 1979) founded the Hertz brand in 1998, giving its knowledge and expertise to its amplifiers and becoming a global leader in the market for loudspeakers. Hertz is increasingly developing major advances in the technologies of driver entertainment. Hertz already occupied an existing worldwide role among car audio brands in 2006 and presents its fans with the Hi-Power line of amplifiers.

Also Great

Kicker 46CXA1200.1 1200 Watt Class D

RMS: 600 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (1200 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
1200 watts RMS +/-10% x 1 at 1 ohm
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: 25-200Hz

The Kicker CXA1200.1 has a customizable bass boost with KickEQTM, using a Class-D, giving you as much as a 6dB extra bump with a quick switch of the available CXARC Remote Bass Controller. A strong 12dB crossover and a 24dB subsonic filter are included, enabling you to perfectly tune your machine without added fuss or hassle.

Up to 1200 watts of RMS can be pumped out by Kicker’s CXA1200.1 mono subwoofer amplifier, meaning the sub can really force some serious sound out. As much as the frequency, the consistency of the bass sound counts, because a variable low-pass filter can get optimum output from the combination of sub and/or enclosure, and a fixed filter avoids the intense low resonances that create distortion. If you like, a variable bass boost allows you to add some additional low-end punch.

Top Notch

Kicker KXA1200.1 1200w Mono Class D

RMS: 4 ohms: 600 watts
2 ohms: 1200 watts
Amp Class: D Class
Frequency Response: 10Hz–160Hz

In 1973, KICKER’s legacy started in a one-car garage as a two-man tea. Company founder & president Steve Irby pioneered the mobile-stereo enclosure from his home in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He came from a neighborhood where money was tight but an unwavering passion for music wasn’t going to deter him from living out his dreams. Kicker developed the first full frequency-range speaker box specifically built for cars and trucks.

This KX 1200 watt mono amplifier uses versatile Class D technology for a compact chassis with the dominant power. This amp features an immense variable bass boost of 18dB. It comes with nice quality of life features like a wireless remote switch (included) that gives you access to all the power you need!

Best 1500 Watt Amps (RMS)

Our Pick

Memphis PRXA1500.1

RMS: 4-Ohm: 700W, 2-Ohm: 1000W, 1-Ohm: 1500W
Amp Class: D Class
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

The PRX1500.1 mono amplifier from Memphis Audio supplies your subwoofer system with up to 1500 watts of RMS, delivering head thumping bass and while adding some fancy lighting effects upon installation.

To get the most out of the subwoofer and sound, controls concealed under a protective top panel allow you to tune the amp’s signal. The low-pass and subsonic filters pave the way for a smooth bass when you need it and a variable bass boost helps you to turn up the sound.

Power Reference amplifiers show off a bold new design complete with an LED accent. The cover for the magnetic control panel allows for easy modifications to adjust the amplifier without the need for tools. The new aluminum chassis provides enhanced heat dissipation, which helps to improve reliability. It is the power and output Memphis Audio fans have come to expect from their best-selling amp series.

Bang For The Buck

Skar Audio SKv2-1500.1D

RMS:2 Ohms: 930 W
4 Ohms: 550 W
1 Ohm: 1,500 W
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: 15Hz – 270Hz

A competition-grade mono class D subwoofer amplifier, the Skar Audio SKv2-1500.1D was designed to provide unmistakable sound and power output. This model utilizes only the highest quality internal components as part of Skar Audio’s flagship SKv2 series of amplifiers. It features advanced technology that allows it to outperform everything else in its power class on the market.

Whether you are racing in the streets or looking for the very best amplifier to fuel your “regular driver” audio setup. The SKv2-1500.1D is rated conservatively at 1,500 Watts of RMS power, and can deliver more than an astonishing 2,200 watts at full power. This amplifier features an innovative heat sink architecture that enables full cooling, and 4-way safety circuits, in addition to its extreme output capability.

With its built-in user control panel, you’ll have absolute rein over your amplifier, with variable change tunings for gain speed, subsonic filter, bass boost, low-pass filter, and phase control. Versatility is important, and so with the SKv2-1500.1D, you have the option to operate them strapped if needed, which is exclusive to the SKv2.

Top Notch

AudioControl LC-1.1500

RMS: 850 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (1,500 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
Amp Class: D Class
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 30Hz

AudioControl offers answers when you demand the optimal combination of power and output, and their LC-1.1500 is no different. Regardless of installation, with 1500 watts at 2 ohms, you can be confident that you’ll get the power you need to match your beats.

The mixture of high-level and low-level inputs means you have the broadest input voltage set. The only way to treat factory bass settings is with the patented AccuBASS ® circuit by AudioControl. This puts the bass back in your hands.

The Pacific Northwest is a utopia of music and tech. An area is renowned for cool sound and creativity that is earth-shattering. That might justify the award-winning 40-year experience of AudioControl in the designing of superb audio equipment from the ground up.

AudioControl is not a massive company, nor are they tiny, either. They define themselves as a set of obsessed audio enthusiasts creating audio resources for people who enjoy outstanding sound; It doesn’t matter to them if it’s Beethoven or the Beastie Boys. They emphatically believe that great sound will lift your mood, trigger joy and leave you smiling.

Also Great

Hifonics BRX1516.1D Brutus

RMS: 1500W RMS at 1 ohm
Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: 10Hz-250Hz

The BRX1516.1D is a 1500 watt amplifier with a special technology in its housing called the NGSD digital chip. That has Super Class D technology that ensures powerful and low-temperature solutions while providing pioneering high amplification.

Its Ultra-Fi MOSFETS Circuit maximizing power efficiency while improving sound quality. It comes with other features that you would find as standard on any other model: LED power (green) and protect (red) indicators, Built-in system diagnostics, Preamp RCA outputs to daisy chain multiple amps for bigger and bass sound, 3-way protection circuitry (thermal, overload, and speaker short protection).

Protecting the internals is a heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat-sink with an illuminated Hifonics logo, You’ll also find lighted connectors and blue wash of light from the underside of the heat sink.

Also Great

MTX Audio JH15001 Jackhammer Series 1500W

RMS: 4 Ohm: 650 watts
2 Ohm: 1100 watts
1 Ohm: 1650 watts

Amp class: D Class
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 250Hz

I don’t think there is anything more obnoxious in life than a jackhammer. But that isn’t always a bad thing! With their JackHammer Sequence JH15001 mono subwoofer amp, which can bring out up to 1,650 watts of RMS, MTX shows that.

The amp will accommodate loads as low as one ohm, so in several multiple-sub configurations, it’s promised to fit securely and snuggly. Speaker-level inputs allow you to insert the amp with a factory radio into a device, should you desire it. They mount all the tuning controls on the top panel of the amp, so after startup, you’ll have easy access to them.

The sound is tuned by low-pass and subsonic filters that can be customized to your own personal soundscape. With a bass boost, you can add that extra punch if you need it. Which, let’s face it, I doubt you will!

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