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Infinity Kappa 303S is the winner of this roundup of the best 3″ & 3-1/2″ car midrange speakers because it has a strong midrange existence and can handle frequency up to 15,000 Hz without distortion, ensuring clean and crisp audio in your car.

However, the other 3″ & 3-1/2″ midrange speakers for cars reviewed also have something unique to offer and they may be a better fit than X for your budget.

We also did a list of 10-inch, 8-inch, 6.5-inch, and 2-3/4-inch midrange car speakers.

3″ Midrange Car Speakers We Recommend

Our Pick

Infinity Kappa 303S

Speaker Size: 3”
RMS Power: 55 watts
Peak Power: 155 watts
Frequency Response: 200-15,000 Hz

With this combination of Kappa 303S 3″ midrange loudspeakers, you can enhance your Infinity Kappa Series audio system. When the power is turned up, this midrange speaker keeps its structure, offering you a strong midrange existence and bringing in all the instrumental and vocal subtleties.

Your music will be presented in a softer, more lifelike manner. And because these small domes can withstand up to 55 watts RMS, they can easily compete with Infinity Kappa or other high-performance parts.

The 3″ midrange car speaker can handle frequencies up to 15,000 Hz without distortion, ensuring clean and crisp audio in your car. All of these things combined make the Infinity our top pick amongst all the 3″ car midrange speakers reviewed here.

Runner Up

Alpine 30MC 3-Inch Midrange

Speaker Size: 3”
RMS Power: 50 watts
Peak Power: 150 watts
Frequency Response: 100Hz-20 kHz

For sound system enthusiasts searching for superior efficiency, the Alpine 30MC is the “icing on the cake.” It is the ideal amplifier for Alpine’s S, R, and X sound systems. For a higher-quality and stronger audio experience, you may add a vibrant third part to an extant 2-way component system.

The Alpine 30MC comes with two compact, sleek speakers that span 3-inches and have a 1 5/16-inch installation height. The shallow mounting height makes it simple to deploy in most automobile applications.

It can be mounted expertly in the doors, A-pillars, and dash to receive midrange vibrations and project them to the front and center of the car. Finally, for a well-balanced performance and optimum center sound staging, you can tailor the crossovers and make fine tweaks to the time rectification. All of this helps the Alpine 30 MC to finish runner-up on our list of the best 3” car midrange speakers.

Top Notch

Hertz ML 700.3

Speaker Size: 3”
RMS Power: 50 watts
Peak Power: 100 watts
Frequency Response: 200 – 20k Hz

These 3″ midrange speakers focus on quality sound by incorporating the most cutting-edge technology and materials available from Hertz.

This 3″ woofer’s remarkable performance is based on a solid, clever core of aluminum alloy speaker box with built-in ventilation. To circulate more air with precision, Hertz uses a “Boundary Free” rubber surround with increased pressed paper and cotton fiber cones.

The V-cone design aids in dispersion and provides audible lows. Superior absorption is also important to the sound of these loudspeakers; reduced resonance decreases distortion for a more realistic sound when powered by up to 50 watts RMS. All this makes the Hertz ML 700.3 a top-notch 3” car midrange speaker.

3 1/2″ Midrange Car Speakers We Recommend

Our Pick

JL Audio C7-350cm 3-1/2″ midrange speaker

Speaker Size: 3 1/2”
RMS Power: 100 watts
Peak Power: 200 watts
Frequency Response: 300 – 10k Hz

This C7-350cm 3-1/2″ midrange speaker is a beast, capable of handling frequencies ranging from 300 to 10,000 Hz, which encompasses most vocalists, piano, and guitar sounds. To make it a flexible player inside a 3-way setup, JL Audio features a mineral-filled polypropylene dome with a specifically designed concave dust cover for optimum damping.

Under any acceptable powering circumstance, a one-of-a-kind milled motor and huge voice coil guarantee little distortion. This loudspeaker will be the star of your ideal system, with an exquisite grille like no other for bespoke installation.

TüN, JL Audio’s newest audio-tuning technology, delivers the optimum tuning solution for maximum speaker efficiency. The C7-350 cm was created by JL Audio to be colorless and neutral, allowing you to use TüN to create the perfect sound for you and your car. For all these reasons, the C7-350 cm is our top pick amongst all the 3-1/2″ midrange car speakers available today.

Bang for the Buck

Infinity Kappa Perfect 300m

Speaker Size: 3 1/2” midrange
RMS Power: 75 watts
Peak Power: 300 watts
Frequency Response: 150 – 10k Hz

The RMS power of the Infinity Kappa Perfect 300m is 75 watts, with a peak power handling of 300 watts. It’s simple to install because it fits into most cars’ regular factory speaker positions. For added strength, these loudspeakers use Injected Carbon Glass Matrix framing and woofer domes made of formed glass fiber. A fabric diaphragm is used in every tweeter to increase high-frequency distribution.

The Plus One+ woofer technology from Infinity extends the cone to the basket’s border, providing you with more contact areas than other similar speakers. This speaker can successfully cover up to 150 Hz thanks to a larger cone.

Overall, this speaker is made with the most cutting-edge tech and parts available. And you can get your hands on it at a reasonable cost, making the Perfect 300m speakers from Infinity Kappa bang-for-buck speakers.

Top Notch

Morel Elate Carbon MM3

Speaker Size: 3 1/2”
RMS Power: 120 watts
Peak Power: 400 watts
Frequency Response: 90-6000 Hz

The Elate Carbon MM3 is a work of art. Morel’s EVC motor layout, which contains a high-performance neodymium magnet arrangement, and the newly designed triple-layer carbon composite cone, are combined in the exclusive 3.5″ midrange car speaker.

The MM3 can play deeper in frequency than other midranges of its size, because of its great power processing and low frequencies, while finding the appropriate balance of acoustical and engineering qualities to deliver a highly flat frequency response, stunningly silky midrange, and harmonic balance.

Additionally, it offers an impressive 120 watts RMS power and peak power handling up to 400 watts. All this makes the Carbon MM3 a top-notch car midrange speaker.

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