The Alpine CDE-172BT is a one of the best single DIN head units with various options for listening to music and powerful preamp outputs. With good equalizer settings, satellite radio, and support for all kinds of smartphones, it’s sure to provide all the entertainment you need.


  • Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free calling.
  • Various audio and visual options.
  • Pandora radio control.


  • The screen has bad glare in direct sunlight


Our pick the Alpine CDE-172BT offers all these features in a sleek price-worthy design that enhances the audio experience of anyone in the car.

This head unit allows the user to control where to send high and low frequencies for the best audio experience. It doesn’t limit your options as you can listen to your favorite music, audio files or audiobooks from CDs or a USB in the best quality thanks to the 6 preamp outputs.

The 3-band equalizer enables you to fine-tune the sound produced, creating a customized that you can enjoy. Some tweaking and extra wiring are needed if you wish to control this unit using the steering wheel. An adapter is required, but for most users, it’s worth the hassle. Moreover, it might not be the easiest to install.

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Smartphone Compatibility

If you’re tired of AM/FM stations, you can control the Pandora radio stations on your smartphone using this unit. These stations open doors to an unlimited collection of music based on your own choices and recommendations. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone, you can easily connect it to the head unit so you can listen to audio files in all the available formats.

Moreover, smartphone compatibility means that you can access other apps and features on your mobile while keeping your eye on the road. However, if you’re using an iPhone, you should check the “Details” section before buying this unit to make sure that your device is compatible.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Nowadays, car owners don’t think of Bluetooth connectivity as an extra feature. Connecting your smartphone to the head unit allows you to stream your favorite tracks or get directions from the maps app on your phone. Moreover, the unit features a mic that reduces the surrounding noise, so the other party can hear you properly when you’re having a phone call.

Enhanced Visuals

In addition to the impressive sound quality, the display will add to the overall experience thanks to the aesthetics of this unit. The color illumination is adjustable so you can guarantee that everything looks and sounds just the way you like it.

However, the screen has bad glare in direct sunlight, which is a common issue with single-din models like this one.

If you’re looking for a high-quality option with impressive sound quality then this might be the one for you. In spite of the high price and somehow tricky installation, it’s a good bargain given all the features included in a single din model.

Features & Specifications

  • Single DIN Receiver with CD Player
  • Power Specs:
  • RMS Power: 18 Watts x 4 Channels
  • Peak Power: 50 Watts x 4 Channels
  • Preamp Outputs: 6-channel 4V outputs (Front, Rear, Subwoofer)
  • Bluetooth Specs:
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • Supported Profiles: HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • 1 Front USB Port
  • 1 Front Auxiliary Input
  • Smartphone Features:
  • Pandora Internet Radio for iPhone and Android
  • Works with iPod, iPhone, and Android
  • App Direct mode for iPod and iPhone
  • Siri Eyes Free control
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio Ready
  • Steering wheel remote and wireless remote ready
  • 1-line high-contrast LCD display with RGB colors

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Alpine CDE-172BT - Best Buy Unit!
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