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Sundown Audio SA series is the winner of this roundup of the best 1000-watt RMS subwoofers because it is available in both 10” and 12” sizes, offers decent peak power handling and is equipped with more functionality than the other subs on the list.

However, the other subs on the list are not to be underestimated as well. The 1000-watt RMS subwoofers reviewed below are categorized into 10” and 12” subs to ensure that you pick the right subs for your car. We did the review of 2000W options also.

10-Inch 1000 Watt RMS Subs

Our Pick

Sundown Audio SA-10 V.2

Peak Power: 2500 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 36.14 Hz

This Sundown Audio 1000-watt RMS subwoofer has an FEA optimized engine and coil design that can provide linear excursion of 19mm in one direction by 70% BL and slightly more than 35mm of x-mech.

The motor and coil setup was then connected to an extraordinarily powerful double-layer spider with completely tied-on and increased “XL” tinsel leads, an SPL competition level paper cone, and a sturdy foam surround.

A huge magnet ID shorting belt (faraday ring) is also included in the motor to reduce distortion caused by inductance and inductor variation over stroke. The original SA series’ voice coil cooling mechanism has also been improved.

This system enables a 2.75′′ coil to meet and surpass the thermal efficiency of many rival 3′′ coil drivers without the need for a much bulkier voice coil than is needed for the design. All of these factors combine to make Sundown Audio SA-10 V.2 our top pick amongst all the 10″ subs reviewed here.

Runner Up

Skar Audio DDX-10

Peak Power: 1500 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 28 Hz – 300 Hz

A dual 4-ohm sub (2-ohm is also available), the Skar Audio DDX is designed to be an SPL-grade sound system that could also be used in daily apps, enabling non-competitors to use the same subs as those trying to compete in the lanes.

The DDX-10 is outfitted with a sophisticated airflow cooling system to help diffuse heat, allowing it to provide a steady power supply.

This subwoofer was designed to be extremely loud, despite being modestly classed at 1,000 watts RMS and 1500 watts peak power. The DDX-10 features a paper cone that is competition grade and sewn to the high roll foam surround. It also has pure copper high-temperature voice coil.

All of this makes it ready to tackle serious levels of power, which is why the Skar Audio DDX-10 finishes runner-up on our list. For more info see compared some Skar and Sundown subs.

High End

Morel Ultimo Titanium 102

Peak Power: 3000 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 10 – 900 Hz

The Ultimo Titanium subwoofer was awarded the best subwoofer of the year award in 2014-15 by EISA. Some of the most advanced technologies are used in the new Ultimo Titanium SC, such as the titanium voice coil. Titanium, which is amazingly tight and lightweight, enhances the dynamic nature of the driver for even faster transient reaction, lower disturbance, and enhanced power handling.

The Ultimo Titanium 102 10″ subwoofer has a massive 5.1″ external voice coil wound from thick Hexatech™ aluminum wiring on a titanium former, all meant to enhance this driver’s function for a more accurate response.

The composite cone of this subwoofer combines the sound of paper with the sturdiness of carbon fiber. This cone, stored in a heavy-duty stamped steel box, accomplishes the rigidity required for powerful bass yield while preserving a pleasant, natural sound.

This Ultimo Titanium, which can handle up to 1000 watts RMS, delivers high-fidelity bass that remains true even when you press your system hard. All of this makes the Morel Ultimo Titanium 102 a high-end 10″ car subwoofer.

12-Inch 1000 Watt RMS Subs

Our Pick

Sundown Audio SA-12 V.2

Peak Power: 2500 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 38.8 Hz

The Sundown Audio SA-12 V.2 sub is exactly the same as the Sundown Audio 10” sub reviewed above. The only difference is that it is 12” in size instead of 10”.

The functions and capabilities of this sub are exactly the same as the 10” sub. As a result, we have picked it as our top pick amongst all the 12” subs reviewed here.

Runner Up

Rockville W12K9D2

Peak Power: 4000 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 33 Hz – 1.5K kHz

The Rockville W12K9D2 sub performs impressively when it comes to power. Not only does it offer 1000 watts of RMS power, but it also offers peak power handling of up to 4000 watts and program power handling of up to 2000 watts.

However, the benefits of this sub do not end here. It also features aluminum voice coils that are 3”, has four layers, and are wrapped with 100 percent copper wire made in Japan. It is one of the most essential components in ensuring that the sub is of high quality and lasts a long time.

The sub is extremely efficient thanks to a high-quality magnet of 190 Oz that is double stacked, a cast aluminum box with a finish that is black sanded, and a paper cone that has not been pressed and has a beautiful finish.

The subwoofer cones are extremely stiff. The subs can handle more power because they are thicker and more powerful than other subs on the market. Thick Foam Surround offers an exceptional audio experience with minimal distortion.

It is able to dissipate a lot of heat as it features a vented hole. Custom rubber boot magnet wraps make the woofer look nice while also protecting the magnet. The custom Rockville installation gasket looks great and makes it simple to keep the subwoofer airtight.

Rockville employs the highest grade black glue capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, allowing the woofers to manage even more power than they are rated for. Due to all of these, the Rockville W12K9D2 finishes runner up on our list of best 12” 1000 RMS subs.

Bang for the Buck

Soundstream Reserve R5.124

Peak Power: 2000 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 20 – 400 Hz

The Soundstream Reserve R5.124 sub will give your car stereo system an abundance of power and bang. The R5.124 is equally comfortable in a sealed or ported enclosure, allowing you to customize the sound for your system. The two 2-ohm voice coils can be wired for either 8-Ohm or 2-ohm amplitude, giving you extra flexibility as your system evolves.

This 12″ subwoofer has an enlarged spruce pulp cone, a sturdy 317-ounce double-stack magnet, and a long-lasting rubber surround that can handle up to 1,000 watts RMS.

All of this cool technology is housed in a sturdy steel frame that’s meant to deliver precise low-end thump. And all of this comes at an affordable price, making the Soundstream Reserve R5.124 the best value for money 12” option.

Also Great

MB Quart RW1-304

Peak Power: 2000 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: N/A

The MB Quart RW1-304 is a 12-inch component subwoofer with dual voice coils that can be hooked up for 8-ohm or 2-ohm amplitude, providing a wide range of system options.

The coated paper cone that has not been pressed produces pleasant bass, while the foam frame that is double-stitched and the purpose-built spider keep the cone in place for increased power handling with little distortion.

A bulky-gauge die-cast aluminum basket that is black powder-coated keeps everything stable and stylish. This sub’s dual 70-ounce magnets and 3″ voice coil allow it to manage up to 1000 watts RMS for amazing low-frequency performance. This sub will withstand the full force of your music. All of this makes the RW1-304 another option to look at.

High End

JL Audio 12W7AE-3

Peak Power: 2000 W
RMS: 1000 W
Frequency Response: 18 – 200 Hz

The JL Audio 12W7AE brings serious efficiency to the desk by incorporating the advancement of the long-excursion W7 configuration with a large 12-inch bore. Some of the world’s biggest critics have called it “satisfying,” “alluring,” and “the new sub benchmark,” and it has achieved these plaudits by providing virtually unlimited dynamics, outstanding balance, and unrivaled sound quality.

The design of the sub produces a super-rigid, ultra-light cone that reacts quickly for precise bass without introducing undesired coloration.

A novel mounting technique allows the surround to wrap around the outer side of the mounting nozzle. Because this method provides a more usable cone area than traditional surrounds, this sub shifts greater air for more profound lows.

Precision engineering matches up the voice coil and the cone of the woofer for amazingly linear woofer motion, resulting in amazingly accurate bass. Air is pumped through ductwork in the frame and drilled holes in the pole piece by the cone movement. Even when you are pushing the system, it will keep the voice coils cooler.

This powerful driver works best with amplifier power levels ranging from 400W to 1000W and is designed to function in a 1.75 cu. ft. (49.6 l) ported box or a 1.375 cu. ft. (38.9 l) secured enclosure.

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