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Here, we compare two popular subwoofer series: Skar Audio ZVXV2 and Sundown XV3. Among the many goods that Skar Audio makes are their powerful subs. The ZVXV2 series, which has a maximum wattage output of 3,200 watts, is the greatest wattage sub-series offered by Skar Audio.

On the other hand, Sundown Audio subs are made to last, bang, and sound fantastic. These subwoofers were designed exclusively with sound in mind and put together using the highest-grade components.

While both these subs offer great value for money in terms of available sizes, build quality, sound, and pricing, the Sundown Audio XV3 series is the winner of this comparative review because it is built using the best materials, is available in a good range of sizes, and offers great sound quality without distortion.

Subwoofer Series Comparison

Both Skar Audio and Sundown subwoofers are a great addition to any car. However, comparing these two subwoofer series will reveal which one has the edge in terms of available sizes, build quality, sound, and pricing.

Available Sizes

The Sundown XV3 subwoofers are available in a range of sizes. These include 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18”-inch subwoofers. It means that you can fit most cars with the subs from Sundown.
On the other hand, the available sizes of Skar Audio are less (missing the 10″ option.) than the options from Sundown Audio but good enough for most car owners. These sizes include 8”, 12”, 15”, and 18” subs.

Build Quality

The Sundown Audio name is a respectable one. They enjoy doing things properly. To save money, they don’t skimp on labor or materials. Sundown subs are well-built and outperform other brands in their price range.

Sundown manufactures its products using premium materials. With all of their subwoofers, you receive high-quality audio and longevity. Sundown subwoofers pair well with the majority of bass amplifiers.

On the other hand, subs made by Skar Audio have a cylindrical, non-vented shape. They can offer strong bass without distortion or background noise, thanks to this.


The subwoofer’s quality is the single most crucial factor in creating a satisfying bass sound. For those piercing lows, the subwoofer needs to be very powerful. Sundown subs, which sound amazing in cars, are available for those who want strong bass. Numerous versions are available, all of which offer rich bass and crisp sound.

On the other hand, look no further than Skar Audio subs for outstanding sound quality. As previously mentioned, the Skar Audio subs can offer strong bass without distortion or background noise due to their design or build quality.

Additionally, depending upon the model, Skar subwoofers are driven by either an 80 watts or 300 watts Class D amp and can produce up to 400 watts of power. It ensures an incredibly loud yet clear sound.


You can find a fantastic deal on the best-rated Sundown subwoofers online. They offer free shipping and good pricing on all the top models. The pricing of Sundown subwoofers greatly varies, with lows around $250 and highs around $1500.

The cost of Skar Audio Subs is reasonable. Many of these subs are almost competitively priced without being exorbitant. The price range of Skar Audio Subs is $150-$600.


Here’s the video of Skar ZVX 12″, so you can check it out in action.

If you want to check out Sundown XV3 in action, and also you can see it compared to the previous version the XV2.


Overall, we would recommend you go for the Sundown Audio subs because this series is built using the best materials, is available in a good range of sizes, and offers great sound quality without distortion.

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