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The JL Audio W7AE Series and Sundown X v.3 Series are both premium subwoofer-class products. They feature high RMS power for loud and clear sound. They feature high-quality material builds for a long shelf life. Even though the competition is close, the Sundown X v.3 Series wins.

Available Sizes

The JL Audio W7AE and the Sundown X v.3 series are both available in multiple sizes and variants.

The JL Audio W7AE Series features subwoofers in 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 13.5-inch models. Each model features its own RMS power rating and impedance rating, ranging from 500W-1500W, and 3-Ohm-Dual 1.5-Ohm, respectively.

The Sundown X v.3 Series of subwoofers comes in 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch models. Each model has two variants that feature either dual 1-Ohm or Dual 2-Ohm voice coils. The series features some of the most “potent” subwoofers in the world with an RMS power rating of 2000W.

Build Quality

The Sundown X v.3 Series and JL Audio W7AE Series both feature incredible design and premium construction materials.

The JL Audio W7AE Series features satin-black powder-coated baskets as well as bright anodized surround clamp rings. This design enables the JL Audio subwoofers to edge out the Sundown X v.3 series in terms of impedance ratings.

The design of the JL Audio W7AE series-specific W-cone diaphragm maintains a rigidity-to-weight ratio. They opted to use plastics instead of the more common Kevlar, fiberglass, and aluminum combinations. This gave their design a lighter weight. While the cone is made of polypropylene sheets; flexible material, it maintains enough rigidity by way of its architecture.

The Sundown X v.3 Series features the flagship lineup of car audio subwoofers from the company. It is the first series in their lineup to feature an “ultra high excursion suspension and frame designs”.

These custom-tooled and patented frames support the structure of the subwoofer and give it added strength and stability.


Both these subwoofers are rated for high RMS power and loud and clear sound. However, the Sundown X v.3 Series clearly edges out the JL Audio W7AE in terms of raw power.

Each of the Sundown series subwoofers has an RMS rating of 2000W, while the JL Audio subwoofers feature progressive ratings. The smallest subwoofers in the latter series feature an RMS rating of 500W, while the largest feature a 1500W RMS rating.

When comparing the efficiency ratings, things get a little more complicated. Both feature progressive efficiency ratings, rising as the models increase in size. The Sundown X v.3 Series features efficiency ratings ranging from 81.1 dB to 87.6 dB. The JL Audio series features efficiency ratings ranging from 82.7 dB to 86.3 dB.

At face value, there’s not much of a difference. Yet the JL Audio series gives you the highest efficiency in a smaller 13.5-inch model. The Sundown series gives you a comparable efficiency rating in their 18-inch models.

Depending on how clear and loud you want your car to be, this really is a coin flip between two premium brands.


Price is one area where the choice between these two behemoths becomes crystal clear. The JL Audio W7AE Series starts at $700 and goes as high as $1800 for the 13.5-inch model. However, the Sundown X v.3 Series starts at just $278 and goes as high as $686.91.

This means you can get the highest-end Sundown X v.3 series subwoofers cheaper than the lowest-end JL Audio W7AE models.

On top of that, the Sundown series gives you a 2-year warranty with every product. There’s no contest.


See the JL Audio W7AE 12″ model in action.

And the Sundown X v.3 8″ on the other end.

Final Verdict

By now the winner is clear. The Sundown X v.3 Series subwoofers have a higher RMS power rating, and far greater choice in models, at cheaper prices. When it comes down to value for money, the JL Audio W7AE series doesn’t stand a chance.

The JL Audio series may feature great build quality and great sound, but it pales in comparison when considering the price. The highest-end JL Audio series subwoofer is more than $1000 more expensive than the highest-end Sundown model.

If you’re looking to fit your car with the highest quality subwoofers at a bargain, go with Sundown X v.3. This series doesn’t pull any punches and gives you a great product at an incredible price.

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